The job of the police force is to protect citizens and stop unlawful behavior and criminal acts. When an offense has been committed, the police must also arrest those that are guilty or are under suspicion of carrying out those crimes. Of course, there are times where some citizens get arrested even though they are innocent. In those cases, they could simply be at the wrong place at the wrong time!

We all like to think that we’d never get on the wrong side of the law. But, if you were ever to get arrested, would you know what to do or what rights you could exercise while you’re in custody? Here is what you need to know.

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Don’t panic

Yes, it might be easy for someone to tell you that, but it’s important that you don’t panic if you ever get arrested. The process of arresting someone is a formality that police officers have to carry out, even if they suspect you’ve done nothing wrong, as strange as it sounds!

Depending on the situation, you may even get arrested for your own protection. If you’ve been accused of committing a crime, it’s important you keep your wits about you. That’s because you need to defend yourself against any accusations; more on that in a moment.

Know your rights

Despite what you may hear in the media, everyone has rights when they are in custody. It’s vital that you know what yours are if you ever become arrested for a crime, regardless of whether you’ve committed it or not.

You usually have the right to:

  • Get free legal advice, paid for by the government;
  • Make a telephone call to a loved one, friend, or lawyer;
  • Seek medical help, in case you’ve been injured or are otherwise unwell;
  • Remain silent when questioned during official interviews.

Charged with a crime? Get a lawyer and ask for bail

If the police decide to charge you with a crime, you must have adequate legal representation. That’s because you need to start building your defense before your trial gets to court. After you’ve been charged, you may get held in jail until your trial date.

In many cases, it’s possible to get let out on bail until then. Usually, the courts will determine if there is a low risk of someone absconding during their time on bail.

Unfortunately, many people can’t afford the often high amounts of bail required, so they use the bond bail services of companies like Acme Bail and AIA Surety.

In a nutshell, a bail bond means that a bonding agency will pay the court your bail, and you get charged a percentage to cover the loan.

The onus is on the bonding company to ensure you turn up to your court date on time. Otherwise, they may hire a “bounty hunter” to track you down and bring you to the police.

Final thoughts

If you’re innocent of a crime and you’re confident that you can clear your name, it’s important you know how the arrest process works. That way, you can formulate a plan to become exonerated and hire a good lawyer to represent you.