It’s becoming more common than ever for people to take time off from the workplace due to extreme stress. In fact, 83% of Americans are under extreme stress at the workplace. After all, a lot of employees are struggling with issues like bad work relationships and poor support in their role. And while some pressure at work is good to spur you on to do a great job, too much of it can lead to you getting excessively stressed out. And as it says on, some employees are even turning to drink and drugs to deal with the stress they are experiencing at work. When stress isn’t dealt with quickly, it can then lead on to serious mental health conditions. In fact, here are some conditions people have to deal with due to extreme workplace stress.

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It’s a scary fact that more people than ever have to deal with anxiety in their life. In fact, one in four young women has been linked to the condition. And while there are a number of factors that can cause anxiety, stress is one of the top factors. After all, when you become overly stressed, you can start fearing even the simplest of tasks. And you can become so anxious that it affects you on a daily basis. And work can actually play a bit part in the condition developing. After all, with stressful situations like meetings and targets, it’s easy for people to become so anxious that it leads to the condition. And medical professionals claim people believe it’s not a real condition so they don’t speak up. But to help the condition, they recommend you speak with employers. After all, your boss might be able to ease your workload to assist you with the situation. Or even allow you some time off to recuperate, so you are back on the mend.

Bipolar Disorder

While there are many reasons for bipolar disorder to occur, it has been linked to excessive stress. And in some cases, it’s due to the workplace stress that they are facing. Distinguishing between depression and bipolar disorder can be challenging. But with bipolar, you can also have symptoms of mania. In fact, hallucinations and racing thoughts can be signs of the condition. You can find more common symptoms of the disorder on sites like Medical experts say that if you get treatment for the disorder, it can become a livable condition. And make sure you limit the stress in your life to help with the condition.


A lot of people are finding that workplace stress is causing them to be at higher risk of depression. After all, going to a job you find extremely stressful day after day can make you feel low and cause you to lose interest in other parts of your life. And once you suffer from depression, you are more at risk of health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. Medical professionals recommend you get signed off if you are suffering from depression. That way, you can have time to recuperate and get the help you need to start fighting the condition.

And remember that employers have to acknowledge mental health conditions as they would any other condition, so don’t be afraid to speak up.