A big debate for many years now has been as to whether women really have the same rights as men do. While they can now vote, and work in any industry a male can, there are still many misogynistic views about where a woman’s place is, within the family or society. This article is going to explore a few examples of this, to let you make your own mind up on the situation.

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Let’s be honest here, if you see a female working on a construction site it’s going to shock you, but why shouldn’t women be doing that kind of work? Many men have taken to doing what society used to call “a woman’s job” like hairdressing and nail technicians, so why should it be any different for women? The problem here is that many men feel the need to protect women, which is a very nice gesture, but it’s very restricting for women. Or you could take the alternative view on a woman in a construction site which is that she’s going to be gawked at by male passersby and possibly even her work colleagues.

It’s definitely something to ponder on, isn’t it?

Custody of children

A point more in favor of women here, or is it? Over the last fifty years or so, men have fought for their rights to have custody of their children if they are no longer with the mother of said children, and so they should as children should have the access to both of their parents (unless one is dangerous or the many other reasons that can stop you from having access to your children). Regardless of your sex, you should always visit a mother’s rights attorney to find out what kind of rights you have to see your children. Unfortunately, if you’re unmarried and you haven’t established any kind of parental role, you could lose out on custody of your children.

One point to women here, apart from extreme circumstances.

Roles at home

The role of a woman within the home is also something that is greatly debated around the world. The way society used to see a woman is that they should stay at home and keep it running while the man goes to work and earns the money. Thankfully, many places around the world don’t conform to that fake rule anymore and both parties go out to work, and depending on the line of work, each sex will be paid the same. However, when a child is introduced into the equation it’s likely that the tables do turn back a little to the woman staying at home being in favor, over the man. Women are often more maternal so it is understandable but why shouldn’t we be encouraging men to be the ones who stay home with their babies?

This point sways in favor of each sex here, doesn’t it?

Here we have three ideas that sway either way and then one that’s equal. Do you think that women are treated equally? Let us know below!