The following email went out the Republican Party rank and file this week:



I am writing to let you know that I have decided to seek the Republican nomination for Attorney General (AG). In South Carolina, as in most other states, the AG is elected and runs separately from the Governor to ensure independence. The Republican primary will be June 12, 2018, and the general election will be November 6, 2018.

I plan to make an official announcement in early January but I wanted to let you know now. If you have time to read a few more paragraphs, I’d like to offer a short explanation.

The AG is a critical position in our form of government. The AG is the State’s chief legal counsel, chief securities officer, and chief prosecutor. The AG is responsible for protecting the public interest and holding everyone else accountable. The AG’s office has over 200 employees, including nearly 75 attorneys, and a budget of almost $60 million.

A competent AG must be dedicated, honest, fair, and trustworthy. He must be a successful, independent, seasoned professional and must know where politics belongs and where it does not. He must be relentless and utterly unafraid to challenge the “powers that be.”

I am 59 years old. I’ve practiced law for 32 years. I have prosecuted and defended cases of every size, length, and degree of complexity on both the plaintiff and defense sides as part of law firms big and small (Covington & Burling in D.C. and the Wyche Firm and later Nelson Mullins in Greenville) and for the last 13 years on my own. I’ve even worked pro-bono for about ten months in the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s office as part of a docket reduction project.

Frankly, I’ve appeared before more judges than I can count and squared off against lawyers from all over the country. I’d estimate I’ve handled a couple thousand matters over the years and have actually tried close to a hundred cases to juries, judges, and arbitrators. I haven’t won every case, but I’ve done pretty well.

While I have mainly been a courtroom attorney, about twenty percent of my work has been advising clients and handling complex transactions, particularly in the software and technology areas. I have spent extensive time working on-site at Michelin and AGFA assisting their in-house legal staffs. And I served as General Counsel and then CEO for a venture-funded internet start-up years ago. I also authored, on a pro bono basis, a “Simplified Contract” to clarify and streamline the process of buying and selling residential real estate in South Carolina.

Outside of law, I served two terms on the Greenville County School Board and on various private company and non-profit boards and chamber of commerce and school committees.

I love South Carolina and have deep roots here. I grew up in the small, wonderful town of Saluda, where the main stoplight marks the intersection of Highway 121 and Highway 378. My mother taught high school English for 42 years, and my father was a dairy farmer and a veteran of World War II and the Korean War. My parents and grandparents and great-grandparents all lived in that area and worked hard, mostly as teachers, preachers, and farmers.

I met my wife Joan at the University of Virginia, where I earned my degree in biochemistry with “high distinction” in 1981 as a scholarship student. I earned my law degree at Northwestern where I was a member of the Law Review and also on partial scholarship.

Joan and I came home to South Carolina in 1989, choosing Greenville after living in Chicago, Charlotte, and Washington, D.C., because we knew it would be a great place to raise our family. Today, three of our four grown children live here as do our three adorable grandchildren.

South Carolina is a truly wonderful place, but the corruption in our State capital threatens us, our reputation, and our way of life. The AG is the one officer who must do everything in his power to prevent and punish corruption. Our current AG has failed in that duty. In fact, he has actively worked to block others from pursuing corruption.

The first antidote to corruption is a new AG who is dead-level serious about challenging the status quo and prosecuting malfeasance, regardless of title or influence, and who has the ability and the WILL to make that happen.

This is a challenge I relish. I cannot imagine anything more professionally or personally rewarding than using what I’ve learned over 32 years of law practice on behalf of the public of my home state to nail politicians who abuse the public trust. I’m eager for this fight.

Getting there is a big mission. I am not a politician and I have no head start. And I have no interest in AG as a stepping stone to run for governor or senator or any other office. My interest is solely in being the kind of relentless Attorney General that South Carolina needs and deserves.

I need your help and support. Turn me loose on Columbia, and I will not disappoint you.

Thank you.

William Herlong

P.S. I am told that I must learn to ask for campaign contributions. I am going to put a substantial amount of my own resources in the race, but my resources alone certainly won’t be enough. I respectfully ask that you consider making a contribution to my campaign. Because this is a statewide race, the maximum for an individual or company is $3,500, but I would be grateful for any contribution.  To use a personal check, click HERE. To use a credit card, click HERE. Thank you.