Electric prices all over the world are changing. Some of the cause is due to environmental issues. In other parts of the world, the hikes are due to political agendas. In America, the Environmental Protection Agency is set to rise bills nationwide. This is to turn electricity providers toward non-coal resources. The Electricity Security and Affordability Act is currently in debate. It’s  set to fight more for the average citizen’s purse but there’s little denying we’ll keep seeing rising bills. What are the causes and how do we fight it? Does the answer lie in “going green” as many environmentalists will tell you? Or is it unfair to expect us to do all the work?

Electricity Prices

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Understanding electricity prices

The bills we pay towards electricity can be difficult to understand due to the myriad of factors going into them. By asking the right questions, you can divine some of the answers yourself. Costs of electricity are going to be a rising part of politics in the future, so be prepared to understand and form opinions. The World Resources Institute recently published ten questions that can help you do just that.

It is economic to go green?

It’s no secret that lobbyists are pushing for tighter regulations on electricity prices. However, in a bizarre twist of fate, the regulations are anti-consumer. They hike prices for the sake of an environmental agenda. Alternative power technologies could have a lot of potential, but is the technology ready to use? One of the most touted green tech solutions is LED bulbs. But are they worth the huge increase in prices? What are the savings long-term through the life of an LED bulb compared to the conventional?

Do we have to do it all ourselves?

One of the reasons so many people have to spend so much bills on house lighting is the lack of street lighting available on a lot of our streets. Street lighting poles aren’t overly expensive, and having more of them on the street could reduce the need for quite so many private lights. Many places in the country still lack the kind of public lights that could reduce how many private outdoor lights need to be used. With rising electricity prices, it only means that consumers are footing even more of the bill than they should be.

Fighting the rising energy bill

The fact that energy bills are on the rise seems to be an entirely foregone conclusion. Many people are instead turning to home altering means of keeping their costs down. While this is a good solution and generally beneficial, it puts too much of the burden on the consumer. Meanwhile, lower income families who can’t afford these upgrades deal with extortionate energy bills.

With the battle between the EPA and the ESA act, we can’t tell which way our energy bills will be going immediately. Whilst the ESA is getting surprising democratic support, there are still plenty of lobbyists pushing to block the act. Time will tell which side wins out, but it’s not difficult to be pessimistic about our energy bills.