Can Carson Wentz become a Franchise Quarterback?

Name Position School: Carson Wentz, Quarterback, North Dakota State

Games Watched: Jacksonville State, North Dakota, Northern Iowa

Measurables: Wentz is six foot five and a solid two hundred thirty three pounds with excellent ten inch hands to go along with his frame. He ran a 4.77 forty which is slightly faster than Goff but not enough to turn heads or cause a defense to have headaches. Wentz has the ideal body to play in the NFL, but he also had a broken wrist that caused him to miss a large chunk of the 2015 season. His measurables are excellent for a prototypical NFL quarterback.

Strengths: Wentz has an adequate arm that can make every throw in the book but it is not a very good arm. Wentz can lead a comeback drive and can lead a team to victory. He does not make many boneheaded throws and usually makes the right decision. He can work through progressions and

Weaknesses: Wentz is not a fast processor of information and in the NFL that problem will be magnified. His arm strength is only okay and will not be able to challenge defenses on all levels of the field in a dangerous manner. In addition to not processing information fast, he also has extremely slow feet in the pocket and cannot reset as fast as Goff can.

Summary: Usually small school prospects are more polished because of the continuity on the staff and the benefit of staying in school or four to five years but Wentz looks to be an exception as he is raw. Wentz checks many of the prototypical boxes that a team values in a prospect but he does not have the mental side of the game pat down and also does not have the transcendent physical ability to offset this. North Dakota State is a respected program and the FCS is better than many people think, but it is also a lesser level of competition than the FBS and playing for current five in a row champion NDSU is like being the great white shark in a smaller lake because NDSU is better in the FCS than Alabama is in the FBS. Wentz has many attributes that can lead to success but he is in no way a week one starter his rookie year. He should go to a place where he can sit before taking over as the QB of the future. Somehow he has received a mysterious boost that is leading to him possibly being taken at number one overall. Wentz is worthy of a second round grade, but a team late in the first round could select him and make a good choice. There is no way he falls that far however, and this will be an interesting experiment.