Every country has its own sports culture. Within larger countries, it can also vary from one end of the nation to the other. It’s always interesting to note the differences between countries in any area and sports is no different. People love to compare the UK and the US, from a sense of humor to food. Where sports is concerned, there are some significant differences.

The Sports

An obvious difference between the two countries is the preferred sports. American football is clearly big in the US, but it doesn’t really register in the UK, especially when two types of rugby are available. The US loves baseball and basketball, while the UK prefers soccer and cricket.

Professional Levels

In the US, high school and collegiate sports are a big deal. You can get a full ride at college if you’re good enough at your chosen sport. In the UK, people are much less interested in the lower levels of sports, although they might attend events for younger players, especially because they’re cheaper.


Sporting events are often big social occasions in both countries. But while Americans love to engage in tailgating and socializing around the stadium, Brits are much more likely to fill out local bars and pubs. Perhaps this is partly because stadiums in the UK are often more central and easily accessible by public transport.

Betting Odds

If you enjoy placing a sports bet every now and then, it’s important to note the differences between the US and the UK. Betting odds work differently in each country.


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