PNN – Back in March, President Donald Trump tweeted out a claim that he had been wiretapped by the outgoing Obama administration. At the time, President Trump wrote “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” The legacy media was instantly dismissive of the claim. Now we are learning that President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort was wiretapped once in 2014 and once in late 2016, and that this latter round of wiretapping apparently continued into early 2017. While this does not verify that President Trump himself was wiretapped, to see such a prominent member of his campaign surveilled via a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court order should give any reasonable person pause. The Manafort wiretap revelation may be one of the most significant news stories of any presidential administration in recent memory.

Trump’s Original Wiretapping Tweet.

And yet, despite this shocking revelation, the legacy media continues to dismiss Trump’s claims. In a CNN article entitled “Donald Trump still has no evidence that his wiretapping claim was right”, Chris Cillizza claims that the wiretapping of Manafort isn’t enough to validate President Trump’s claims, as he had specifically said that Trump Tower had been wiretapped. What CNN neglects to report is that Manafort had a residency within Trump Tower, and it is not yet clear if that residence was included in the wiretapping, or if it was limited to Manafort’s home in Alexandria, VA. What also remains unclear is whether or not the wiretap picked up any phone calls between then President-Elect Trump and Manafort. Should the wiretap have included Manafort’s Trump Tower residence and it captured any conversations between Manafort and Trump, then Trump was indeed correct about his main assertions.

Let us assume for a moment, however, that neither of those things are true–that the wiretap did not extend to Trump Tower and that it never caught any conversations between Trump and Manafort. Is it not of grave concern to anyone that the FBI, under the Obama administration, was spying on the political enemies of that same administration? Imagine the headlines that we would see if the Trump Administration’s FBI was caught doing something along these same lines. Would the legacy media be splitting hairs about the technicalities involved, or would they merely be calling for Trump to face repercussions? Surely it would be the latter, given the constant negative media coverage of President Trump so far.

Given the news about the Manafort wiretap, it seems that a future revelation about surveillance on President Trump himself could be on the way. There’s no way to know for certain, but it is no longer a possibility to be mocked, despite what CNN and other legacy media outlets would have you believe. Pending further information about the wiretapping, this could become a scandal on par with Watergate, and it is time that we started to discuss it like one. Those who do not wish to take this seriously should in turn not be taken seriously themselves, be they politicians or pundits.