Does Trading the Farm Work?
Analysis of the Blockbuster Rams – Titans Trade

Four years ago, the Rams held the second overall pick and traded back to sixth with the Redskins so they could select Robert Griffin III (RG3). Now the Rams paid the painful price to move up from fifteen to one to select a quarterback in this year’s draft.

The terms of the trade were the Titans receiving the 15th (1st round), 43rd and 45th (second round), and 76th (third round) selections this year from the Rams as well as their 2017 first and third round picks. The Rams receive the first overall selection from this year as well as the Titans’ 113th (fourth) and 6th (sixth) round selections this year. These types of trades usually leave the team moving up devoid of a core to build around the player (usually a quarterback).

However the Rams four years ago moved from second to sixth to fourteenth and received a bounty of players. The Rams selected Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Pead, Rokevious Watkins, Alec Ogletree, Stedman Bailey, Zac Stacy, and Greg Robinson as a result of the big trade and the smaller trades with those picks. Michael Brockers turned out to be a solid defensive tackle for the Rams. Janoris Jenkins was a very good player before he left this off-season to get paid by the Giants while Isaiah Pead was a disappointment who is now with the Dolphins. Watkins is out of the NFL. Ogletree is an average player while Stedman Bailey was an okay player who got shot in the head and looks to make a comeback this year. Stacy was very good in 2013 and dropped off in 2014 before the drafting of Todd Gurley and being traded to the Jets as a third stringer. Greg Robinson was the second overall selection two years ago and has struggled but still has potential. The point of the rundown was to show that while the Rams received eight selections, not all of them worked out and their core is still flawed.

Now that it is established that the haul the Rams took was mediocre, let’s look at what the Titans can do. No one knows how the Titans’ new GM will draft or how his selections will turn out. The Titans have their franchise quarterback in Marcus Mariota but not much else, so this will let the Titans rebuild with room for error.

The only question is which quarterback the Rams will take – Jared Goff or Carson Wentz? According to Greg Gabriel, most coaches prefer Goff while most personnel men prefer Wentz. The Rams are not revealing who they select until draft night and there have been conflicting reports about if they have made a decision. The Rams needed a splash pick to enter Los Angeles with and each quarterback offers different marketing opportunities and skill-sets. Goff is from California but lost many games; Wentz is from North Dakota but played for powerhouse North Dakota State. Wentz checks the prototypical NFL quarterback checklist while Goff is a different product. With that being said, Goff is not extremely eccentric, fast, short, or physically freakish. Goff is the better quarterback in the long term and will definitely be the better of the two next year. Goff has experience playing with little help and a horrendous offensive line.

I would not have made the trade, and Jon Robinson escaped with a bag of gold on his hands. However if I were Les Snead (the Rams’ GM) I would run to the podium to select Jared Goff. The question will linger for two more weeks, and then the world will know the Rams’ cards.