Getting older is now more normal than it used to be. Seniors are expected in average to live longer, over 19 years longer after their 65th birthday according to the CDC, and consequently, for many people, life doesn’t have to stop when they retire. However, this doesn’t mean that your health and wellbeing shouldn’t concern you any longer! Indeed, elderly people are more likely to suffer from certain issues that are related to their health and the natural weaknesses that develop in their body and mind. Check the most common risks for those over 65-year-old.

Getting old is not easy!

#1. Arthritis

While this is not a deadly disease per se, over 49% adults over 65  are affected by arthritis. This can lead to constant pain and a lower quality of life as arthritic patients will tend to limit movements and activities in an attempt to manage their pain. Gradually a life of exclusions is created, in which the elderly person is likely to stay confined at home, increasing health risks by the loss of an active life. Additionally, reducing joint movements is not linked to a reduction of pain, as many can hope, but to a continual increase.

#2. Heart Disease

Heart disease and stroke are the number one killer of elderly people. Chronic heart conditions affect 37% of men versus 26% of women over 65, increasing their risk of poor health. The most common risk factors for a heart disease are high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. Consequently, elderly people should monitor these carefully and work with a doctor to reduce their risk. A healthy lifestyle is not just for the young generations!

#3. Alzheimer’s

You have certainly heard of the Alzheimer’s disease. It affects about one person in nine, making it appear like a rather low risk with only 11% of patients over 65. However, it is a disease that is difficult to diagnose as many elderly people lead a solitary life. Additionally, Alzheimer’s make seniors more vulnerable to abuses, especially in nursing homes where they are taken to release families, so do check for Nursing Home Neglect. Every year sees more than 2 million of cases of elder abuse from broken bones to bedsores, often inflicted to those who are not in a state to complain.

#4. Mental Disorder

According to the World Health Organization, over 15% of older adults suffer from a mental disorder. Most commonly, seniors fall victims of depression, but there are other disorders that can affect their living conditions. Left too often undiagnosed, mental illness causes 18% of suicide death for seniors in the USA every year.

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#5. Fall

Every 15 seconds a senior is rushed to an emergency room for a fall. Every 29 minutes a senior dies from a fall. Falling is a grave cause of death for an aging population where bones shrink and muscles lose their strength. Keeping active as an elderly adult is vital to avoid severe injuries when you fall.

#6. Poverty

It’s a terrifying fact that over 45% adults over 65 live with incomes lower than the poverty level. This takes into account their financial resources and value benefits, versus their expenses such as taxes, medical bills, housing invoices, etc. This represents for too many seniors a loss of medical attention as they cannot pay for it and severe malnutrition, both leading to unavoidable health risks.