Accounting is one of the cornerstones of running
a successful business. If the finances are not
in order, then the business is doomed to fail.

Here are the tools and methods that are used to improve business accounting.


Freshbooks is one of the leading accounting programs on the market right now. You need an extensive and tested system like this to look after your books. If you are still persisting with paper records, it is really time to make the change. A good accounting program can make your life so much easier. It divides up the different areas of accounting and makes sure that everything is counted properly. The great thing about Freshbooks is that it can be used on mobile devices as well now. This means that anything you do can also be taken on the go, so you won’t be inconvenienced when away from the office.

Counting Scales

If your business deals in cash a lot, then counting scales can be very useful. There is nothing more dull and annoying than having to count lots of coins. But if you have a set of scales that can recognise the different weights of different coins and count them for you, things will be easier. You can get these kinds of coin counting scales from places like Central Carolina Scale Inc. You are then able to speed up the whole process of dealing with cash transactions. Not every business uses cash a lot, but many shops and cash and carries do.

Separation of Different Forms of Income

For a business, there are many different forms of income to deal with. There is income that is revenue from sales, and then there are things like loans. It’s vital to keep these forms of income separate from one another. If they are not kept separate, you could get a false view of how the business is doing. A loan is not a form of income that should be included when working out your net income. A loan has to be paid back, so make sure that you make a clear distinction. You should make sure that the accounting software you use takes this into consideration. If it doesn’t, use a different type of software.


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Payment Chasing Mechanism

If you are forever chasing payments, it can be easy to let things slip through the net. You don’t want to spend all your time working out which invoices have and haven’t been paid by a client. But, at the same time, you don’t want to simply let these issues slip through the net because that makes you miss out on the cash you are owed. So, you should use a computer program that schedules all your owed payments. When something has not been paid for, you can get alerts. This then allows you to chase the right payments at the right time, making your life a little easier. There are plenty of apps and types of software that can do this job for you.

Minimum Profit Forecasts

Every business needs to make a profit at the end of each month. If this isn’t happening, then the business won’t survive for very long. If you ask me, the very best way to do this is to make forecasts. These forecasts should tell you how much money your business will have to make in order to make a profit at the end of the month. This is good because it puts it in simple terms and gives you an exact cash amount to aim for. If you know that you are struggling to break even, then you will have to either make cut backs or find new streams of revenue. Of course, this forecast will represent a minimum figure, but you should be aiming to make more money than that.

Track the Cost of Wages

One of the biggest costs for any business is wages and labor. This is something that you need to be very careful to keep track of as a business owner. The payroll has to be tightly controlled. For a start, it’s important to make sure that you can afford to pay everyone that your business hires. If your business is making a loss after all the wages have been paid, you’ve got a problem. That’s why it’s vital to plan out the cost well in advance of starting the business. You can’t afford to not to pay people who you have hired though. You could face legal action and industrial tribunals if you fail to pay the wages that you owe to people.