A look at political donations by
Congressional Candidate Thomas Mullikin.

WHO: Thomas Mullikin (Lawyer)
WHAT: Congressional Race
WHEN: Ongoing
WHERE: SC District 5

Always follow the money; people tend to spend the money they earn on what’s most important to them. In the case of Thomas Mullikin of Camden, he’s not unlike many politically-minded attornies as he donates to politicians regardless of party affiliation.

Thomas Mullikin Donations

Going from left to right, top to bottom; an examination of the political values financed by Thomas Mullikin.

Kay Hagan (Democrat) – former US Senator from North Carolina.
Thomas Mullikin donated on two separate occasions, totaling $1,262.00.

Hagan was a huge supporter of Obamacare. Even as late as the end of 2013 when 160,000 people had received cancellation notices of their insurance policies, Hagan still boasted on her website that if you “liked your plan, you could keep it.” It was her staunch support of Obamacare which led to the end of her political career.

Inez Tenenbaum (Democrat) – former SC Superintendent of Education
Thomas Mullikin donated on six separate occasions totaling $2,100.00when Tenenbaum ran for US Senate.

Tenenbaum was in her second term as State Superintendent of Education when she ran for US Senate. Under Tenenbaum, the SC Department of Education put the state of South Carolina in debt by $1.75 BILLION.

John Spratt (Democrat) – former SC Congressman for the 5th District
Thomas Mullikin donated on four separate occasions totaling $2,850.00. This donor relationship spanned 19 years (1989 to 2008) after Mullikin briefly worked for Spratt.

Spratt served as a Democrat Congressman for 28 years in the same district which Thomas Mullikin is now running for office. He was finally removed from office after supporting Obamacare, then losing his seat to Republican Mick Mulvaney.

Bennie Thompson (Democrat) – current MS Congressman for the 2nd District
Thomas Mullikin donated on a single occasion in 2006, $1,500.00.

Thompson has a 0% score with the National Right to Life Committee (NRLC) and a 100% score with the pro-abortion group NARAL Pro-Choice America.

Thompson also scores and F with the NRA.

Thomas Mullikin (Republican?) – current SC candidate for the 5th District

Mullikin is an environmental lawyer who believes in manmade global warming, despite the fact that more than 30,000 scientists have debunked it, and Climategate exposed the fabrication of data by climate scientists. Mullikin boasts of his relationship with Al Gore on this issue.

Mullikin has previously worked for Fritz Hollings (Democrat), John Spratt (Democrat), and Al Gore (Democrat).

Ted Vick (Democrat) – former SC Statehouse Representative for the 53rd District
Thomas Mullikin donated on two separate occasions totaling $1500.00 for Ted Vick’s run for the 7th Congressional seat in 2012.
Thomas Mullikin donated on one occasion totaling $1,000.00 for one of Ted Vick’s Statehouse runs.

Ted Vick is probably best known for drinking and driving with The State Newspaper calling Vick, “the poster boy for DUI reform.” Vick withdrew from his congressional race after being arrested for DUI and still managed to win reelection to his Statehouse seat.


Debbie Halvorson (Democrat) – former IL (Chicago) Congresswoman for the 11th District
Thomas Mullikin donated on five separate occasions totaling $5,850.00.
Thomas Mullikin’s wife (Virginia Ann) also gave Halvorson $2,400.00 for a total of $8,250.00 donated from the Mullikin’s to a Chicago Democrat.

Longtime organizer of snowflake protest:

Debbie Stabenow (Democrat) – former US Senator from Michigan
Thomas Mullikin donated on two separate occasions totaling $1,500.00.

Stabenow has been a strong advocate for many years for the so-called “Fairness Doctrine” which is extreme anti-free speech legislations designed to shut down conservative media.

Lindsey Graham (Republican) – current US Senator from South Carolina
Thomas Mullikin donated on 10 separate occasions totaling $5,700.00. There are two incidents of refunds from the Graham campaign totaling $850, for a total net of $4,850.00 in donations.

Graham won his last election by a smaller margin than any statewide candidate in 2014.

Mullikin has donated to many other Republicans, such as John McCain and even a handful of conservatives. Mullikin certainly has the right to give his money to whoever he likes, but should someone who gives so much to Democrats be allowed to run as a Republican?

The fact is; we have open primaries in South Carolina, meaning anyone can vote or run for office on any side they like.  Think of it as parties without borders – and without borders, do we actually have individual parties? Perhaps that’s the reason most people have the view there’s no difference between the two parties? Unfortunately, with no rules at all for people to declare their party affiliation, the burden is completely on the voters to determine what side of the political aisle a candidate truly sides with.

So, if you were on a jury, deciding on the evidence presented, would you convict the environmental lawyer, Thomas Mullikin, of being a Democrat?