It’s a global economy, and it can sometimes feel like the world’s getting smaller and smaller all the time. While this can lead to some pretty complicated trade agreements and outsourced jobs, it also means that there has never been more opportunities to up sticks and relocate to a brand new country, taking your job along with you. However, while the actual process of setting up the move might be relatively straightforward, the decision to do it or not is more complicated. Curious about a move? Take a look at some of the things you need to think about before you go.


What’s the Motivation?

If you’re an American, then your reason for looking overseas might extend little beyond the word “politics”, whether you’re on the right or blue side of things. Temporary grievances can play a factor in your decision, but you shouldn’t base the outcome on them. They’re the little things in life, because they’ll be over before you know it. Instead, think about why you’re interested in moving, and specifically the country that you might be moving to – is it a professional move? Do you love the culture? Do you really want to move there, or would it be enough to visit the place before returning back to your home?

Is Your Family Ready?

If you’re young, free, and single, then you can move on to the next point. But if you’re not, if you have a partner or family, then the decision will get all the more difficult. It won’t be just about your motivations, it’s about what they’ll get out of the move too. General wisdom shows that children who spend a portion of their young lives living in different cultures are worldlier, more open to change, and a host of other positive attributes. But if they’re settled in school and have a strong group of friends, yanking them out of that climate and away to a far-flung land might do more damage than good. The best thing is to talk to your children with your partner and see how they’re feeling.

Financial Considerations

The company you’re going to work for should help you out with advice on where to live, flights, and other steps of the relocation process, but you should also be on top of financial matters yourself. You don’t know the place you’ll be moving to so well, and thus you won’t know the ins and outs of life there. Choose the most comprehensive expat insurance to protect yourself and make sure you have your own savings available should the company you’re working for neglect to tell you about any big expenses.

Regretting What You Don’t Do

In the end, you’ll know in your heart what feels right. Most people, later in life, regret the things that they didn’t do, but it might well be that keeping your family right where they are is the correct decision. Either way, you’ll have explored all the possibilities – and may be in a position to go at another time in your life should you stay put!