It’s tough to find a good review on the new
Superman vs Batman movie…

Barely into it’s first weekend at the box office and it’s already being viewed as a flop.

I maintain; there is no such thing as a good Ben Affleck movie.  Just the other day, someone insisted that Good Will Hunting was good Affleck movie, to which I replied, “Good Will Hunting is a great movie, but it’s not a Ben Affleck movie, it is a movie that Ben Affleck just happens to be in…”

First, this guy (Affleck) is a flaming liberal idiot. He’s to the left of Bill Maher and how anyone can squeeze themselves into the small space to the left of Maher is actually feat within itself.

When I first heard there was going to be a Superman vs Batman movie, my first thought was, “can’t wait to see it!” Upon hearing Affleck would play Batman, my thought quickly turned to, “no way I’ll bother watching it. No way it can be good.”

Love it when I’m right, but what I love even more is this YouTube video of Ben Affleck being told about the bad reviews.  The interview is very real (as is the look on Affleck’s face), but some genius added in some perfectly timed music along with a panning effect and produced this priceless gem: