After a two week break, the South Carolina House will reconvene and they are expected to take up H.3114 (South Carolina Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act) which would prevent abortions after 19 weeks.  Bills like this have been attempted for a decade with no success.

The biggest abortion proponent in the House has been SC Democrat Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter who criticizes pro-life Americans as hypocrites on the issue of abortion. As previously stated by Cobb-Hunter: “(Republicans) plead passionately for life for those fetuses who are yet to be born. When that fetus becomes a child and is delivered, that compassion does not seem to have the same level of interest.

The biggest abortion proponent in the Senate has been SC Democrat Senator Brad Hutto of Orangeburg, who blocks bills banning any type of abortions in South Carolina year after year, yet during that time, people like Senate Candidate John White have funded Hutto. Remarkably, Hutto “allowed” H.3114 to pass the Senate on March 8, 2016, but not without taking the podium and letting everyone know he was not in favor of it.

No matter how many times politicians oppose pro-life legislation; they continue to remain in power with people like attorney John White funding them. In fact, White has personally donated $80,000 to politicians in the past decade (this does not include donations by his law firm or law partners which is substantially more), of which thousands have gone to democrats who regularly oppose pro-life legislation (including both Hutto and Cobb-Hunter), yet White claims (politically) that he is pro-life:

John White Tweet

People not politics?

The unborn are people too!