It might sound a little odd, but if you’re looking to generate an extra income for yourself, then selling scrap metal could be a good way to go. So if you are having a clear out of your home, here are some of the things that you shouldn’t immediately just throw away. If they metal in them, even if they’re not working anymore, junkyards and recycling businesses will pay you pretty good money for them. So think before you throw; could it be worth more?


Small Household Items

You have to think about household items carefully, before deciding if they can just be thrown away. Think about a broken set of Christmas tree lights, for example. Do you know that they have pretty valuable copper components in them? Toasters also contain copper wiring, as well as other metal components. Would you normally have just thrown them out? Probably. But if you look up the price of copper per pound you would see that just throwing them out would be a mistake. You could have a lot of money on your hands!

Large Household Items

As with smaller household items like a toaster, larger household appliances and items are going to have precious metal in them too. So yes, your refrigerator may have stopped working. But it doesn’t mean that it is no longer valuable to you. You tend to get a little more for your money if there isn’t much plastic left, so if it is safe to do so, try to remove the plastic coverings where you can. But check all elements. Even somewhere like the copper in the power cords can be valuable.

Collect Abandoned Items

Getting rid of ‘junk’ can be quite tricky for some people, as certain materials do have to go to certain places. So some people do just dump it on roadsides or by fields. If you do see things that have just been dumped, and it is safe to do so, checking them for scrap metal could be a good way to generate some extra money. Even things like old metal fencing can be taken and used. Even if something is rusting it can still be valuable and sold on, as it will still have the metal elements in there that you’ll want to sell.


Car Parts

Old parts from cars can be great for any budding scrap metal aficionado out there. The reason why is because they are mostly metal; they don’t tend to have lots of other parts. If one piece has different metals in it, try to divide it up into smaller pieces so that the metals are all separate. The reason being is that you’ll get more money for them when they are done in this way. So it can be an easy choice and can generate quite a bit of money for you too. Don’t forget about screws and bolts either. They might be pretty small, but they can all add up to give you a good second income.