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When does a few too many drinks become an alcohol problem? Self-diagnosing an alcohol addiction isn’t always easy. Men and women are recommended 14 units a week, but many of us go over this limit, sometimes in a single binge session. More often than not, it’s not how much we drink, but the effect that this drinking has on us and other people determines whether there is a problem or not. Here are just a few of the common danger signs.

Your friends and family are worried about your drinking habits

If friends and family are expressing their concerns, then this generally a good sign that you should curb your habits. You may still feel you are fully-functioning and that your friends and family only feel this way because they are not drinkers themselves, however, your behavior could still be leading people around you to feel concerned and uncomfortable. Talk with these friends and family members try to determine the root cause of their concern – it may be something more serious.

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Drinking has got you in legal trouble

If you drinking behavior is getting you in trouble with the law – either getting into fights, partaking in vandalism or drinking whilst driving – this is a sure sign that you should reassess your drinking habits. A criminal record could lead you to lose your license, job prospects or affect where you can travel. You may be able to make a legal claim if it is a one-off offense and the stake are serious – specialist criminal lawyers such as The Fenster Law Firm could be worth investing in. From here, limit your drinking and take steps to rebuild your reputation by going to AA meetings or helping others in the same boat.

Alcohol is causing your to abandon important responsibilities

Forgetting to pick up kids from school, sleeping in on a work day, forgetting important events or neglecting your partner for drinking could all be signs that you need to cut down. Talk to your family, friend,s and employer to understand the effect that your behavior is having on them and then take action to kick your bad drinking habits. The likes of Dry Out Now are great for help and therapy support.

Your drinking habits have put you or someone else in physical danger

This is the number one reason to knock drinking on the head. If alcohol is causing you to behave recklessly and injure yourself or is causing damage that has raised concern from doctors, you should get help to stop your alcohol consumption causing further damage or putting you into an early grave. Similarly, if you are putting others in dangerous situations or getting violent, you should also quit the booze.

You rely on alcohol to de-stress

A few drinks on a Friday after work to celebrate the end of the week doesn’t count, however, if after every day you’re hitting the bottle simply to de-stress, this may be signs of a dependency. Consider other healthier activities which may be able to alleviate stress such as exercise, listening to music, going for a walk or socializing.