“The road to Hell is paved with
good intentions.” ~Unknown

It has been more than 13 months (07/21/2015) since I wrote about the Donald Trump Phenomenon where I referred to Trump as the Republican Party’s Frankenstein. (Not likening Trump personally to Frankenstein – merely pointing out the success of his campaign was an abomination of Republican actions, or lack thereof.)

GOP Creates Trump Frankenstein

Just when all those wannabe candidates were just getting into the race to be the GOP’s nominee last summer, I laid out the case for Trump. But, was I actually a Trump supporter? Nope, I actually voted for Dr. Ben Carson.

Ben Carson Vote

Did I believe Carson was going to be the nominee? Nope, never actually thought he’d make it but he was my choice.  My analysis of Trump’s campaign was void of emotion, as it didn’t (and shouldn’t have) matter who I desired to win if I was to make an honest assessment. The Primary Election process was the window of opportunity for those on our side to disagree and get behind whoever they wanted for whatever reason.  That window is now closed and it would be just plain silly for me to be so angry/upset/etc that I couldn’t let go of a candidate that didn’t make it.

As we move toward the General Election in November, of the two choices: #NeverTrump or #NeverHillary – I just don’t understand how that can be a difficult decision. But, there are many who claim to be Republican or Conservative who have joined the left in the #NeverTrump mantra citing they cannot vote for Trump on “principle.” Seriously?

The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) has been so closely divided on many conservative (Christian) issues. We’ve lost some (gay marriage) while barely winning most issues with a 5-4 split (Conservative/Liberal).  With the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, the court is in limbo at 4-4. If Hillary is elected, it will immediately go to 4-5 and she will get at least one other pick with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg who will turn 84 shortly after Hillary is elected which will move SCOTUS to 3-6. And, it is entirely possible Hillary will get another pick or two, but even at 3-6, we will never regain what that court will take away.

Hillary has even said she believes it would be a good idea to appoint Obama to SCOTUS… Let that one sink in #NeverTrumpers, as YOU WILL OWN THAT and MORE.

The Second Amendment, public bathroom policies, prayer in public places, and much more will likely be settled in such a way that they will be lost issues in this country to never be regained. Just how “principled” is that?

What about Christian business rights? You will have sold that down the river with your “principles.”

The policies Obama has set in place will be allowed to continue and Christians will, in the very near future, have far less liberty (if any). Harassment of Christian organizations will escalate to unimaginable levels (supported by SCOTUS) as much of the Bible will be declared “hate speech.”   When you say #NeverTrump, this is what you are advocating for.

Many of us constantly worry about Israel’s survival in the Middle East, but we are about to enter an era where Israel will have to worry about the survival of the United States because there were #NeverTrumpers who simply weren’t worried enough to stop Hillary.

Does it even matter to the #NeverTrumpers how much is at stake? Does it factor in at all that with Trump we have a chance and with Hillary we have no chance?


Interesting Side Note from SamualJohnson.com:

Although many people believe that Samuel Johnson said “The road to hell is paved with good intentions,” he shouldn’t get credit for this one.

Johnson said something close, but he was following in others’ footsteps. In Boswell’s Life of Johnson, in an entry marked April 14, 1775, Boswell quotes Johnson as saying (on some other occasion), “Hell is paved with good intentions.” Note, no prefatory “the road to…” Boswell’s editor, Malone, added a footnote indicating this is a ‘proverbial sentence,’ and quoting an earlier 1651 source (yet still not in the common wording).

Robert Wilson, in the newsgroup alt.quotations, provided two other sources prior to Johnson. John Ray, in 1670, cited as a proverb “Hell is paved with good intentions.” Even earlier than that, it’s been attributed to Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1091-1153), as “Hell is full of good intentions or desires.” Just how it got to the road to Hell being paved this way, and not Hell itself, I don’t know.