All too often it’s our actions that impact our health. That’s not to say every health problem is a result of our actions. The healthiest people can fall prey to the worst diseases. Even so, most of us don’t help ourselves in the health stakes. Careless living and a reckless lifestyle make it a lot more likely that you’ll fall seriously ill. We’re told this time and again, yet still, we act as though it could never happen to us. As humans, we have an immense ability to believe we’re invincible. If that sounds like you, it’s time for a wake-up call. Nobody is invincible, and that bad behaviour will soon catch up with you. It may seem like fun and games at the time, but you’re bound to regret it when things get serious. Some things just aren’t worth the consequences. If you’re unsure about the negative impact your actions have on your body, take a look at this list to get some idea.


Smoking is one of the main behaviours that can damage our health, yet there are an enormous amount of smokers out there. Despite health warnings being plastered everywhere, people continue to smoke unawares. It’s not that none of us knows the risks of smoking, it’s just that we’re happy to pretend they aren’t there. The only way you can wake up to the risks is if you’re ready to see them. Make yourself ready today by doing a little research of your own into what happens to your body when you smoke. We all know that cancer is one of the main risks of smoking. You may not be aware that there are hundreds of more health risks you open yourself up to when you smoke. Cigarettes can have an effect on circulation, heart health and brain functioning. They can also cause major teeth problems and premature ageing of the skin! The amount of chemicals in smoke is about as bad as it gets for your body. Do what it takes to open your eyes, then get to work and quit!

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Alcohol abuse can ruin your health in so many ways. Though socially acceptable, drinking is still a hidden danger we’re all more aware of than we let on. The trick with alcohol is moderation. Heavy drinking on a regular basis can have significant health repercussions. Alcohol is poison to the body. If you want proof of that, just think about how awful you feel the morning after a night out. Not good, right? No wonder. Alcohol poisons the body, and the more you drink, the more extreme the damage can be. Again, alcohol opens you up to various forms of cancer. It also carries significant risks of liver damage, heart disease and stroke. Not to mention that behaviour such as drink driving puts you at risk as well. An accident from driving drunk could cause injury to you or somebody else. If you’re responsible for a death when drunk behind the wheel, you’ll ruin your life in a different way. Next time you order that second drink, take a moment to think things through.


Drugs are another poison many people put into their body without thought. The main risk with drugs is that you have no real way to know what’s in them. You should never put anything into your body without knowing what it is. Illegal drugs are often mixed with harmful substances such as plastic and glass. That’s not to mention the risks of the drugs themselves. Overdosing on certain drugs can lead to death or serious illness. You’re also open to many mental problems when you take large amounts of drugs. Excessive use of drugs in a short amount of time can lead to issues such as drug psychosis. Even casual drug use can lead to problems such as depression. It’s also important to consider the risks of the drug user lifestyle. To get drugs, you have to buy from dealers, which holds risks of its own. You will go to dangerous places and put yourself at risk just to get those drugs in the first place. You also put yourself at risk when you’re on those drugs. You won’t be in control or aware of what’s happening around you. There’s nothing to stop people stealing your belongings, or hurting you.


Sex is different to the other items on this list, but it can be a reckless behaviour with health risks just the same. In a loving relationship with someone you trust, sex can be a beautiful thing. If you have sex often and with many different partners, it can become dangerous. The main risk of promiscuous sex is STDs. Unless you get an std test after each sexual partner, you can’t be sure that your behaviour hasn’t led to diseases. If you’re undiagnosed and continuing your behaviour, you’ll be passing those diseases on to other people. The best thing you can do is ensure you use protection each time. That way, no amount of sexual partners can put you at risk. Using protection also helps avoid pregnancy. Make sure you’ve always got some with you to prevent any accidents!

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Last, we’re going to look at the risks of overeating. There are many reasons for extreme eating, but they all carry the same health hazards. Whether you’re overeating for comfort, or just like food, your behaviour could lead to serious problems. Obesity is a huge problem. The strain that overeating has on your body is extreme. All your organs have to work a lot harder to keep a larger body healthy. Think about the pressure being overweight can have on your heart. Overeating can also lead to problems like diabetes. This disease can have a devastating effect on the body and leave you on medication for life. The best way to stop overeating is to get to the bottom of the behaviour. Once you know why you eat, you can take positive steps to stopping the behavior.