Most of us are generally optimistic when it comes to life and family. We tend to think that no matter what the situation in our particular family, things will work out alright in the end. But the evidence goes to the contrary. It’s not an exaggeration to say that modern parenting is in serious trouble today. But it’s not for the reasons we’re used to hearing. Here are some of the greatest problems facing the American family today.

We Fear Our Children

Imagine this. You’re in the kitchen with your child, and you’re making them a drink. A pretty typical situation so far, I think you’ll agree. You bring over the cup, and the child doesn’t look happy. It’s the wrong cup, and you know they’re about to throw a fit. What do you do?


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Most parents at this point go white as a sheet. They do an immediate about-turn and find the cup that the child wants. If they don’t, then the child will have a tantrum, and that will ruin the rest of the day. But is getting the right cup a good solution? Or does it just teach them that

Who’s The Daddy?

According to a study by John Moore’s University, one in twenty-five fathers is not the biological father of their child. It could be lower than that, of course. Often people only go in for a paternity test because they’ve got a reason to be concerned about parenthood. But the figure could also be a lot higher. Many women refuse routine DNA tests because they are worried that their infidelity will be revealed.

The rise of the paternity test is fuelling the research. And in the future, we can expect this to be a bigger issue. The price of paternity testing is coming down all the time. And in a few years, having a test done will represent a trivial expense. Most men will opt for the test, and many will find out the truth about their families.

The Village Is No More

Once upon a time, the raising of a child was seen as a community act. When parents weren’t around, instructing kids was left to teachers, doctors and neighbours. In fact, anyone with any standing had an interest in raising the next generation properly. But where is this “village” of people today?

In today’s world, children are almost exclusively instructed by their parents. And this is problematic for a couple of reasons. One, kids have free rein when they’re out of sight of their parents. Other members of the community are generally reluctant to say anything to unruly children. And most of the time it’s out of a fear of how the parents might respond. Parents often don’t want other adults telling them that their child behaves badly. It ruins the perfect image that they’re trying to project of their family.

And two, parents don’t get any support from the wider community, something that did happen historically. As a result, families are more stressed and more cut off from everybody else.