Crime overall has been declining for some time, especially violent crime, which is good news for society. But some of the latest data from credit rating agency, Experian, suggests that it’s not all good news. According to their report, we’re seeing a greater number of frauds being perpetrated, especially online where security is still playing catch up.


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One of the things they cite as having a significant impact is the fact that fraudsters don’t actually see their victims suffer. Sure, they siphon a few hundred dollars out of their bank accounts, but it’s never anything more than a few numbers on a screen leaving one account and getting deposited in another. In other words, the reality of the human suffering caused by crime has been bypassed.

Experian has put together some of the fraud trends that it sees playing a significant role going forward. Here’s what they found.

An Increase In The Rate Of Detection

Fraudsters have been ahead of the game for a long time, but Experian is predicting that they are going to get caught in increasing numbers as detection rates rise. According to their estimates, frauds detection rates are going to increase from 24 to 35 per 10,000 applications. Given those odds, however, you might still favor the fraudsters.

Improvement In Identity Theft Protection


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Thanks to more secure international payments provided by sites, like, Experian says that identity theft is on the decline. According to data collected by the company, third party identity fraud now accounts for more than 47 percent of all detected fraud cases. That’s up significantly from around 30 percent since 2013.

Mortgage Applications Have High Fraud Detection Rate

Mortgage providers have been cracking down on mortgage fraud recently, mostly thanks to improvements in the application process. Mortgage fraud has the highest rate of detection of any financial product, pushing 79 detections per 10,000 applications, as of 2014 according to

Current Account Application Fraud

Current account application fraud is currently at epidemic levels. But according to estimates, detection of this type of fraud is increasing by more than 60 percent, year on year, catching the criminals who are trying to game the system.

Card Application Fraud

Millions of people apply for credit cards every year to get access to credit. But some people ask for cards, never having the intention of paying the money back. Credit card fraud, therefore, is when a criminal gets hold of a credit card, is able to use it, but has managed to pass themselves off as somebody else to the credit card provider. Experian says that this type of fraud is a big problem in the industry. But thanks to improvements in detection, the industry is fighting back. Credit card issuers are now detecting 30 fraudulent applications per 10,000, making it the third highest rate of frauds in the country.



The agency also said that 79 percent of those frauds were discovered to be third party fraud attempts, again highlighting the importance of keeping personal data safe and secure.