During the last couple of years, millions of people have purchased online movie streaming packages. There are lots of reasons for that, some of which we plan to explain in a moment. The shift means many different changes will soon take place in the industry. For example, Internet service providers are working hard to roll out fiber optic broadband at the moment. That is because lots of customers complain that their internet becomes slow when they’re watching movies. With that bit of luck, that is something that will improve for everyone in the next twelve months. So, why have we replaced the DVD with online streaming? Let’s find out.


DVDs are expensive; streaming isn’t

Everyone knows the price of a new DVD can be somewhere in the region of $15. That’s shocking when you think about the fact that most people only watch them once. At the end of the day, who wants to see the same film over and over again? The price of DVD products is a prime factor in the move towards online streaming. We saw the same type of thing with the end of network television. Most people can get a subscription for around $10 per month. That allows them to watch as many films as they like for thirty days. Only a fool would purchase DVDs when they can get a much better deal elsewhere. Also, the move towards streaming has meant that fewer people are downloading titles illegally. That is because they don’t feel the need as the price is right.

There’s a much better selection of titles online

Big online streaming apps like MovieBox allow users to select from hundreds of different films whenever they use the service. That means people will encounter and enjoy movies they might not have otherwise come across. If they were to buy the same number of DVDs, they might have to remortgage their properties. Also, just take a moment to imagine how much space all those products would require. Most people like the minimalistic look at home these days. You’d never managed to achieve that if you needed large shelving units filled with hundreds of movies. Do yourself a favor and jump on the bandwagon. There is a better selection, and you’re guaranteed to find something worth watching.


Streaming is less wasteful

People worry about their effect on the planet these days. Indeed, many folks try to become as green and environmentally-conscious as possible. Buying DVDs is not a good way to save mother earth. The processes used to create the disks are harmful. So are the techniques and materials used for the case. If you want to do your bit for the environment, streaming movies is a wise move. You don’t create any waste, and there is no need to recycle anything. The same goes for CDs too! Services like Spotify mean that people no longer have to purchase lots of plastic products to listen to their favorite tracks.

You should now have a good idea about the top reasons online streaming has replaced DVDs. Is that where the evolution of home cinema stops? Well, only time can tell. However, it does seem as though we have now reached the most efficient means of film watching. That said, there’s no telling what inventors might come up with in the future. We’ll just have to wait and find out.