Taking to the seas is a dream for many people around the world. Being able to roam freely and sail around the world is something that man has enjoyed doing for many years, yet the novelty still hasn’t worn off. Did you know that millions of people around the world choose to live on their boat? While this might not be something you’ve ever thought of, this article is going to explore whether living on a boat could be the dream you didn’t know you had.



In this day and age, the material and quality of our boats have improved by far. The strength that boats can withstand is incredible. With the millions of gallons of water surrounding it, and being able to stay together during rough waters, it’s incredible how durable they are. Aluminium is one of the most favorable materials to use in a boat because of how lightweight, yet durable it is. If you want to find out more, here is an interesting post about aluminum in boats that you can read.

New locations

Another fantastic reason to consider living on a boat would be the vast amount of locations that you can visit, especially if you’re the one actually sailing the boat. Imagine waking up one day to views of snowy mountains and then the next day waking up on crystal blue waters. What an incredible experience that would be for everyone living on the boat. Another bonus is that if you wanted to explore, you could simply anchor down your boat and return to it after a day of adventure. The perfect option for those who love to travel our wonderful planet.


Imagine sailing along and seeing a pod of dolphins swimming beside you? Or looking down into the water to see a killer whale following your boat? The amount of wildlife that you will encounter will be breathtaking, and certainly, make you feel closer to our mother earth especially if you’ve got the chance to swim or touch these wonderful creatures. Not only that, imagine waking up to dolphins calling each other in the distance, with the gentle sound of the water lapping upon your boat. Pure heaven!

Less expensive

Living on a boat can work out to be dramatically less expensive than renting an apartment in the city. For example, if your usual rent would cost you $1500 a month, the charge for your boat being at a dock would probably work out to be almost a grand cheaper each month. Definitely worth considering if it’s going to save you a lot of money!


Finally, with the vast amount of places that you could visit, you could turn traveling into a career by blogging and documenting all of your experiences. Or, if you have a large enough boat, offering to sail people to different locations in exchange for money could be a new career that’s actually a hobby of yours.

Take these ideas into consideration and let us know whether the idea of living on a boat sounds good to you or not below!