Jayron Kearse – Safety from Clemson

Games Watched: North Carolina 15, Florida State 15, Notre Dame 15

Measurables: Kearse is an athletic freak at six foot four and 216 pounds. He ran a 4.62 forty time and a 7.06 three cone time. Despite this, he struggles in changing direction fluidly. He has arms as long as offensive linemen at 34 and a quarter inches long.

Strengths: Jayron Kearse has an intimidating size coupled with great speed and acceleration. He has the ability to punish receivers with huge hits. He theoretically can cover well although his lack of agility hurts him in this aspect. He is the nephew of Jevon “Freak” Kearse and inherited his athleticism.

Weaknesses: He has elite athleticism but does not use it. His size causes him to not be that agile. His tackling is terrible because he arm tackles, tackles high, or flat out misses the tackle. He does not have instincts and hesitates to get involved in contact. He also had a couple of tackles that could be penalties because they were on the head or shoulders. His angles are terrible and often times he runs straight into the blocker. He cannot disengage blockers. He will often hit the wrong hole when it is a running play. What is most frustrating about him is his effort. While taller players give the illusion that they are loafing because of their long legs, with Jayron Kearse it is not an illusion. You could visibly tell a difference from when he was ‘on’ and ‘off’. That is one of the worst traits a player can have.

Summary: Teams should not touch him until the sixth or seventh round and even then it would need to be in an established backfield where he can learn and grow in a NFL environment. A team will fall in love with his athleticism and potential only to be sorely disappointed. He has the potential to be excellent but it probably will not happen due to issues with tackling, instincts, and effort.

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