Preview of Islamic immigration
paints a frightening future for our country.

The United States suffers with too many illegal Mexican immigrants entering our country in a seemingly endless flow, but perhaps we should be more worried about the Islamic immigration. It has been tougher for Muslims to pour into the U.S. like they have been in the European countries, but none-the-less, they are still pouring in – often aided by our own government, placing them in refugee settlements like the one recently started in the Upstate of South Carolina, or the one that’s been around for years like the one in Minnesota, where several so-called refugees have joined ISIS.

In one breathe they say they are peaceful, and in the next they will be calling for the death of infidels. They are spreading globally like an epidemic and some other counties are becoming at serious risk for losing their identities.

Even in Russia, their population has continued to explode to the point there are too many of them for the government to really do anything effective and some believe Russia could become an Islamic state within the next two decades. As the problem continues to grow there is an ever increasing population or Russians who have just about had enough.

How bad is it? They are literally praying in the streets because the mosques are so full that they simply can’t hold any more of them. There are so many, in fact, that it is causing areas of Russia to be effectively shut down during prayer time. Russians are upset because this interrupts daily routines several times a day, stopping traffic, preventing people from going to or from work, school, etc.

Islamic Immigration

Islamic Immigration

One gentleman who goes by the name Sergei, stated, “I am getting sick of seeing these people (Muslims) doing this. If people (Russians) think that Islam is so peaceful the why are all the extremists (terrorist) only that religion. Think really hard about that.”

This immigration problem that Russia and many European countries are experiencing allows us to gain insight, a preview, of what is rapidly coming to the United States. Who will be our modern day Paul Revere and shout the warning? “The Muslims are coming, the Muslims are coming…”

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