Iran will no doubt continue to develop in nuclear technologies. They will develop nuclear power plants, nuclear missiles, and their people will not care one bit that they stash their nuclear waste in multiple areas of their country. Will that nuclear waste do harm to the Iranians? Not one bit, as the technology has been perfected to contain nuclear waste for its lifetime.

Contrast this to our state of South Carolina, where not only can we not move forward with nuclear power in a timely manner, but things regarding nuclear could not be more screwed up. Our state’s power needs are growing and we’ve been shut down on both the coal and the nuclear front of energy development. The dangerous nuclear waste is piling up at the plants we do have because the Obama Administration will not allow the Yucca Mountain facility to open.

Perhaps the worst offense regarding nuclear in our state, is the disposal of low-level nuclear waste; this would be waste from stuff like nuclear medicine (frequently used in cancer treatments). People in our state, including Governor Nikki Haley, have become so anti-nuclear, that they are willing to shut down the ability to dispose of nuclear medical waste. The end result of such lunacy will eventually lead to people being denied necessary medical treatments. Nikki Haley has vowed to veto any legislation which would allow South Carolina to continue to dispose of nuclear medical waste at our Barnwell Plant.

If we cannot even win the fight on the disposal of nuclear medicine with a so-called Republican governor, how are we ever supposed to win the battle to provide enough energy in South Carolina?