There were 125.7 million hospital visits in the US last year. That figure increased by around 9% in the previous twelve months. We wanted to find out a little more about the reasons for the rise. Experts say the health care system in this country needs drastic reforms. 7.3% of people who visit the hospital end up staying overnight. So, it’s a good job we currently have 902,000 beds available at any one time. However, it would seem we’ll need more during the next few years to deal with the unexpected increase in admissions. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons more people are visiting the hospital than ever before.



  • Workplace/personal injuries

A significant number of people who turn up at hospitals in the US do so because of a physical injury. Many of them are related to workplaces and other public areas. The personal injury lawyer industry has a role to play here. As more people learn about their right to compensation, we can expect to see more admissions. Citizens realize that medical evidence is essential when fighting a case of that nature. So, they are more inclined to visit the emergency room and document their injuries. We also need to consider health and safety as a prime cause. More companies than ever before are placing their workers at excess risk.


  • Alcohol and drug abuse

There are millions of alcohol and drug addicts in this country. The number has increased every year for a long time. Hospitals now report they are dealing with more addiction cases than ever before. Lots of people build a physical dependence on alcohol. When they don’t get their daily intake, their bodies can begin to shut down. If that happens, they have to visit a doctor as soon as possible. Thanks to Obama Care and the social health schemes in place, many of those folks don’t have to pay the full price for their treatment. That encourages them to make more hospital visits than they otherwise would have done.



  • Heart attacks and strokes

America is one of the fattest nations on earth. 68.8% of all adults in the US are considered overweight. 35.7% are considered obese with 6.3% experiencing extreme obesity. So, it makes sense that hospital admissions due to heart attacks and strokes are on the increase. We need to do more as a society to stop that trend. If people start to consume healthy foods, they will encounter fewer issues of that nature. Indeed, there are many government-run schemes in place to help those in need.

As you can see from that information, something needs to change fast for US citizens. We are currently in the middle of an epidemic that shows no sign of slowing down. People must start to take care of themselves if they want the healthcare system to survive. Sure, most people have medical insurance of some sort. However, that doesn’t make a difference when you consider the fact that most of our beds are already full.