A DC source has disclosed that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s serious health issues stem from rampant alcoholism. This explanation sheds new light on the string of bizarre behaviors which Hillary Clinton has displayed over the course of her campaign. Many have speculated that these behaviors are due to some form of serious illness, and alcoholism could very well be considered such, but this situation is even worse:  it seems that Hillary is not only suffering from alcoholism but also alcohol withdrawal syndrome as she keeps trying to quit.

Hillary Clinton Alcoholism
Image Source: NY Times

The symptoms that many have attributed to various hypothetical illnesses, such as her seizure-like head movements, her wild-eyed expressions, and her inability to stand or walk for extended periods of time without some form of support, can all easily be explained by severe alcoholism. But there are smaller, more subtle aspects of her condition that until now have just seemed like harmless quirks.

Hillary Clinton Alcoholism
Image Source: Wonkette

For months Mrs. Clinton could often be seen wearing sunglasses at a variety of public events, regardless of the weather. This is a classic way to lessen the sharp pain of a hangover by dulling the light coming into your eyes.

Then there are the aforementioned seizure-like head motions. While we cannot say for sure that these were seizures, it would make sense if they were, as alcohol withdrawal syndrome can cause sufferers to have mild seizures. What’s more concerning is that, according to the Epilepsy Foundation, prolonged alcohol abuse has been linked to the development of epilepsy in some people. If Clinton’s seizure-like behavior is indeed from epilepsy, that too would not be entirely surprising, as her erratic bursts tend to happen most often when she is surrounded by reporters or large crowds, both of which tend to be loud and bright with flashing lights, which can put an epileptic at risk of going into a seizure. This may also help explain why Mrs. Clinton has avoided holding a proper press conference since December, as the onslaught of camera flashes may do her serious harm.

As others online have already noted, Mrs. Clinton seems to have trouble standing, walking, and getting into vehicles. Alcoholics are notoriously shaky (which is why some people refer to alcohol withdrawal syndrome as “the shakes”), and Mrs. Clinton would not be the exception if she is indeed an alcoholic. She seems to need help walking up stairs and getting into vehicles, and she seems to constantly steady herself on railings and furniture when given the chance (the latter of which can be seen in a video from the Associated Press).

Hillary Clinton AlcoholismImage Source

Mrs. Clinton has also publicly admitted to being on thyroid medications and a blood thinner called Coumadin, which is a form of Warfarin. The latter can be dangerous if taken with high amounts of alcohol and doing so can lead to various nasty symptoms, such as vomiting, dizziness, headaches, and/or a feeling of weakness. This all serves as a plausible explanation for Mrs. Clinton’s shaky behavior.

We can go even further here and look at what Mrs. Clinton herself has accidentally revealed by way of her leaked emails. WikiLeaks recently published a particular email in which Clinton and Cheryl Mills go over “discussion fatigue,” and Clinton calls Mills’ information “spooky descriptive.” It’s hard to read that without wondering what exactly Mrs. Clinton could be referring to other than her own behavior. While this may not have a direct link to alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal syndrome, it is necessary to ask the following:  if someone who is already suffering from decision fatigue were to be an alcoholic on top of that, would the two issues not simply feed into one another? After all, making decisions while drunk doesn’t typically yield good results.

Anyone could go far beyond what we’ve discussed here, with other ties alcohol could have to Clinton’s actions. Another WikiLeaks released email shows that Clinton seems interested in the drug Provigil, which is typically used to promote alertness, combat fatigue, and even treat narcolepsy. Could she be trying to fight the decision fatigue she’s facing, or, perhaps, trying to combat the sluggishness which comes with a hangover? If one reviews the large chunks of time she’s been taking off lately they could even begin to wonder whether or not she has been suffering from bouts of delirium tremens, which is a common symptom of alcohol withdrawal which can leave a person experiencing everything from disorientation to full on hallucinations for days at a time. And, what about the most fringe speculations of people like Paul Joseph Watson that the media quickly writes off as conspiracies? Is there not too much smoke here to not at least wonder if there’s a fire nearby?

Certainly, not all of Mrs. Clinton’s behavior, such as her coughing fits, can be explained by alcoholism or alcohol withdrawal syndrome. But, plenty of her oddities do fit the bill and, it is still entirely possible she could even be simultaneously suffering from something else entirely unrelated to her drinking.

Do you still think we’re off base? Google “Hillary Clinton Drinking” and you will find there is no shortage of images of her consuming alcohol.

The American people deserve to know about Mrs. Clinton’s health before they vote. An alcoholic going through severe bouts of withdrawal should not be given the most powerful political seat in the world.