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Buying a car is one of the biggest splurges of cash you’ll ever make, probably only second to buying a home. What’s more, the amount you have to spend on a new car – or a newer car – can be largely impacted by how much you get for your old beast, your beloved vehicle that has kept you on the roads for the past five-plus years.

As such, getting the most out of your old car is hugely influenced by how you go about selling it. Of course, it may not be money that you are after, it may be a quick sale or even a unique experience. So read on to find out the different options available to you.

Going It Alone

As with everything, the internet has allowed anyone to reach everyone, and this is no different in the realm of car selling. Selling privately is typically the way to get maximum bucks for your car, but it can also be extremely time-consuming. That’s why we recommend you advertise your car on every platform possible; shop windows, for sale sign in the windscreen, eBay, Facebook, AutoTraders, everywhere. The more rods you have in the water the better your chance of landing a fish. Just make sure that you describe your car correctly in any advertisements to stop you getting stung.

Dealing With A Dealer

The easiest options are to go with a quick part-exchange and trade your car in for a newer car. Saying this, some dealers may not be willing to negotiate a part-exchange deal and may only buy cars outright, which tends to be a relatively quick and simple process. Of course, you won’t get as much money for your car as a private sale because, well, the dealer needs to make a profit. Typically speaking, you’ll get between 10% and 20% less than a private sale.

Places That Buy Any Car

These now seem to make up around 70% of all television adverts these days, which proves how successful they are and how much competition there is around. However, websites like pride themselves on being the easiest way to get a sale. You typically type in your car’s license plate number and they’ll give you an estimated value. However, research shows that only around 9% of customers actually receive this figure after an inspection.

Time To Go To Auction

If you’re looking for an experience, or if you have got a unique and/or classic car, then this could be the best option for you. There are risks attached, such as auction fees and the fact your car may not reach the reserve price. Apart from that, though, it is one incredible experience, full of excitement and, possibly, big bucks. After all, it only takes two people to fight it out over your car and you could pocket more than your car’s market value. A lot more.

Sorry To Say It Is Scrap

There are a lot of reasons as to why your car may not be sellable. It could anything ranging from the fact it has been involved in a crash or simply has a monstrous amount of miles on the clock. But just because it is what many would deem written off, doesn’t mean you can’t collect some cash for it. Companies like specialize in buying junk cars no matter what caused them to be junk. Of course, the market can fluctuate, and often depends on what the prices of scrap metal are at the time, but something is better than nothing.