Ahh, cars. They truly are one of humanity’s greatest inventions, and there’s never been a more exciting time to be a modern driver. That’s because the motoring world as we know it is evolving at a more rapid rate than ever.

The gas powered metal box on four wheels has undergone aesthetic changes through the decades. But for the past 130 years or so, the basic principles of the modern car have stayed fairly constant. However, there’s no question that we are in the middle of a major transition, and it’s something that all drivers should be excited about.

So what will the future look like for people behind the wheel? Let’s take a closer look.

Greener Driving

Times have changed. As a society, we are more environmentally conscious than ever. This has led to immense progress in the bid for renewable energy sources, and driving has become one of the biggest priorities.

After all, the sheer volume of vehicles on the road has skyrocketed over the past 20 or 30 years. This has played a crucial role in the emergence of hybrid vehicles, and we’re now starting to see electric cars find their way onto the market too.

The truth is that the industry is still a long way away from being completely sustainable. Greener cars are becoming more accessible for drivers, especially in the most developed countries. Let’s face it; the chance to reduce our individual and collective carbon footprint has to be a step in the right direction.

Smarter Vehicles

At a glance, it doesn’t feel like the technology used for cars has progressed massively. But it has. From the mechanics of engines to the durability of bodywork through anodizing services, cars are better than ever. Right now, in-cabin evolutions are at the height of everything.

Over the past decade or so, Sat Navs and Bluetooth systems have become essential items that are no longer reserved for the upper market. Meanwhile, advanced assisted driving has made life behind the wheel easier than ever.

The next phase of the evolution is to introduce driverless cars. This is a concept that the biggest motoring companies are already making great strides in. Give it another 10 years, and the future will be here.

Greater Safety

We might not always appreciate it, but safety should always be the top item on any driver’s agenda. After all, millions of drivers encounter accidents every single year. While even the best cars won’t remove danger completely, it can reduce the risk of serious damage. That should be an incentive for everyone.

The prospect of driverless cars could go a long way to boosting safety. In the meantime, items like parking sensors can go a long way to stopping low impact collisions. Superior seatbelt and airbag tech have been key factors in the increased number of motors receiving the top rating at safety testing.

The technology surrounding collisions and their inevitable impact will only continue to improve. If it helps reduce the number of accidents, as well as the number of injuries, the roads will be a far better place for everyone.