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It’s easy to see credit cards as bad news because they are pitfalls. One minute you are paying for a holiday, and the next it costs you thousands of dollars in interest. There’s no doubt that pieces of plastic are not as benign as they look. However, cards aren’t just laminated rectangles that ruin peoples’ lives. They also have positives, and one of them is protection. Sometimes, paying with a credit card is safer and more secure than any other payment method, and that’s not an exaggeration. Indeed, here are the four examples to keep in mind the next time you dismiss a CC out of hand.

Failure To Supply

Most of the time, you buy an item in a store and walk out with it the same day. Thanks to the internet, customers are purchasing goods and services remotely with no need to shop in a store. Although it’s easy, there is an element of danger as the eCommerce site might not follow through on their promises. When you buy clothes or electrical goods from the internet, you want to know they will turn up in due course. With a credit card, you have a safety net because the company has an equal responsibility to provide the service. If they can’t, the card people will offer a full refund and you won’t lose money.

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The World Wide Web is a dangerous place, and suppliers often misinterpret their goods which impacts consumers. Sometimes they do it by accident, and other times it’s intentional, but it’s a hazard to avoid nonetheless. Zooming in on images and reading the description are two solutions, yet they aren’t foolproof. Sadly, it isn’t possible to bypass scams and lose money all of the time. By paying with a credit card, the same insurance applies to misinterpretation of goods as it does to a failure to supply.

Debt Relief

Say the worst happens and you overspend: what are your options. You can contact the supplier and negotiate a deal. You can juggle payments and chip away at the interest each month. Or, you can ask a friend or family member for help. They are all good options, but the best choice is credit card debt relief as it reduces the overall balance. It even minuses added interest in a measure which helps to provide additional assistance. As the name suggests, this method only applies to credit cards and not to debits. No one likes to think it will happen to them, but, if it does, at least you have a way to fight back.

Major Purchases

The typical purchase isn’t a big deal, which is why people use debit cards. However, there are things which you will buy which need a contingency plan. Take a vacation. You’ve bought the plane tickets, have the accommodation sorted, and are ready to fly. Then, the airline cancels at the last minute and you’re out of pocket. Because the holiday was over $100 (most likely), the card has an insurance policy. What’s better is the fact it covers purchases up to $30,000.

So, do you still think credit cards are all bad?