PNN – Former President Jimmy Carter has offered to serve as a negotiator with North Korea on the United States’ behalf, with his goal being a peace treaty between the United States and North Korea. While President Carter has been to North Korea for negotiations before, sending him there now would be an unquestionably bad move, despite what some legacy media sources would have you believe about his past “successes” in the region.

President Carter’s first trip to North Korea took place in 1994, during the Clinton Administration. The negotiations concerned North Korea’s nuclear program. As an eventual result of these negotiations, the United States helped North Korea to obtain light-water reactors, which the Clinton Administration claimed could not be used to make nuclear bombs. This was objectively false and the Clinton Administration demonstrably knew this, because hardly a year later they were condemning Russia for attempting to supply light-water reactors to Iran because they feared Iran would use them to make nuclear weapons.

In short, former Presidents Carter and Clinton both played a significant role in helping North Korea obtain the resources that eventually became the hydrogen bombs that they seem to have and are using to threaten ourselves and our allies with today. As of Thursday, October 12th, it seems as though they have tested yet another hydrogen bomb, which makes for their second hydrogen bomb test this year. One cannot be sure, but perhaps without our government’s assistance in the 90s, North Korea would not have the same level of nuclear sophistication that they have now.

President Jimmy Carter wishes for a peace treaty with North Korea, and that is admirable. True peace would be wonderful and few people genuinely want to see a war. That said, we cannot risk North Korea developing a greater nuclear deterrent. Should they succeed at such a venture, we may eventually find ourselves in a position where we are unable to intervene should they attempt to reunify the Korean Peninsula. If we do not act now, the entirety of Korea may one day end up under the rule of a communist dictator with a long history of human rights abuses. Even if a peace treaty with the North Korean regime was enacted, we could not have any real assurance that they wouldn’t keep developing nuclear weapons. Now is not the time to wait and find out. Let us hope that President Donald Trump understands this.

Banner photo:  Jimmy Carter greets US actor Kirk Douglas during a visit to the White House on March 16, 1978. Courtesy of the White House.