Duke Energy is receiving massive push-back
from the Landrum and Campobello communities
in the Upstate of South Carolina.

If it was not clear to Duke Energy before the meeting this evening at Landrum High School, it should be crystal clear now.

We were unable to find anyone who turned out to this meeting because they were supporting the Duke Energy initiative to build a power substation in Campobello in order to run 14 story tall high voltage towers through Landrum in an effort to feed more power to the Asheville, North Carolina area.

Approximately 1100 people turned out for the meeting which was held in Landrum High School’s auditorium. The large crowd was problem considering the auditorium only has a seating capacity for 600. As the maximum capacity was reached and the doors were closed, about half of the remaining crowd outside left while nearly 300 remained, determined to be heard. Even if they couldn’t get inside, many just wanted a chance to sign the roster so Duke Energy would know they were here.

The crowd of people which gathered in Landrum this evening (inside and perhaps even more-so for those left outside) were all very passionate and carried the same message; that Duke Energy should utilize existing right-of-ways and not litter their pristine landscape with new development.

Several legislators were there to help with their constituents needs, including State Senator Tom Corbin, and Representatives Mike Burns and Doug Brannon.

Despite some individuals attempting to discourage him, Senator Tom Corbin has put forth effort in hopes of derailing this Duke Energy project. As he left this evening, he vowed he would continue to fight on behalf of the people in the Landrum area.