From driving Democrats out to vote in a Republican Primary Election to invoking the name of the very popular Congressman Jeff Duncan:

Political campaigns in South Carolina can rival dirty politics anywhere else in the world (nothing to brag about).

In Carol Burdette’s last run for South Carolina District 3, she was 17 points behind incumbent Senator Kevin Bryant. Her campaign made up most of the difference by driving democrats out to vote in the Republican Primary Election, closing the gap to almost nothing using this unscrupulous (but not illegal) tactic.

Bryant ascended to Lt Governor following the appointment of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations and the ascension of Lt Governor McMaster to now Governor. This chain reaction generated a need for a Special Election for the vacant seat in Senate District 3 and Burdette is running again.

Things aren’t looking good for Burdette this round either, so in the last hours of campaigning a robo-call goes out across the district from Friends of Jeff Duncan, encouraging folks to vote for Carol Burdette. Just a minor little problem; Congressman Jeff Duncan had nothing to do with it and with the speed of social media, everyone is learning of it via this Facebook post from Congressman Duncan:


With the Runoff Election taking place from 7AM to 7PM on Tuesday, April 25, the Burdette campaign has been pulling out all the stops.  They also triggered this mailer:

The mailer is blasting Richard Cash for saying that Burdette “Isn’t pro-life.”  The campaign was already reeling from the blowback on this one because Richard Cash had actually defended Burdette as being pro-life which can be seen in the following video.

For the Record

Some people have asked about Carol Burdette’s negative attack ad. It was as best egregiously deceptive or at worst a flat out lie. To set the record straight this is a video of the only statement I have made about Carol Burdette’s pro-life or second amendment record.

Posted by Richard Cash for SC Senate on Saturday, April 22, 2017


But… for the record, we asked the following of Ms. Burdette when she ran last time:

1) What is your opinion of planned parenthood selling human body parts?
2) Were you aware that United Way has been funding Planned Parenthood?
3) Can you state definitively whether or not any upstate United Way donations have been used in funding Planned Parenthood?
4) Does United Way have the intention of continuing its partnership with Planned Parenthood?

Please include anything else you may want to say or have people understand in regards to this issue. We look forward to hearing from you.

This was the reply we received, which seemed rather canned and NOTHING to acknowledge question regarding the selling of body parts and NOTHING which indicates she has a pro-life stance:

United Way of Anderson County does not provide funding for Planned Parenthood.

Funds raised in Anderson County go back into our community to improve the lives of individuals and families here in Anderson County.  For a complete listing of our funded programs, visit our website at

Neither of South Carolina’s 28 local United Ways nor the United Way Association of South Carolina support Planned Parenthood. In fact, in South Carolina donors do not have the option to even select Planned Parenthood as a designation.

At United Way of Anderson County, we are working daily to help kids get educated, ensure families can thrive and that communities are healthy.

If you would like more information on United Way Worldwide’s stance on this issue, please visit