It’s a new year and time to focus on what makes you happy and what you can offer the world in regards to your skills and talents. If country singing has long been your passion, and you’re constantly given requests from friends and family; it might be time to start pushing your potential career in entertainment forward. If you’re aiming for Nashville; the hard work and dedication must begin now, and you’ll need to expect plenty of highs and lows along your journey. People reach success in country music in a variety of ways; however, there are always similarities between the different stars. There are plenty of ways to be proactive about your potential career, so make sure that you do all you can from here on in to reach your country dreams.

Firstly; you need to ensure that you have the talent to move forward with your singing; try to perform to someone with professional expertise so that you can get some honest feedback from someone other than those who love you. The entertainment world is full of the already rich and famous and extremely competitive, so if you don’t impress who you need to and you haven’t the natural skills; you won’t get very far. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who feel that they have what it takes to get themselves on the road to Nashville and give their country singing career the best chance possible.

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Perfect Your Sound

All country stars have that recognizable twang in their voices; however, if you’ve listened to Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton, or any of the other well-known singers, you’ll understand how unique each of their voices is. Once you’ve honed your specific sound; start utilizing companies like Nationwide Disc so that you can listen to yourself in various situations to see how your voice travels and sounds. Hand out Cds to those in the business, strangers in the right places, and play them to your loved ones in the car or your home; you be able to gauge if you’re onto something potentially successful and if there are a market and audience there for your voice.

Keep Writing

It’s all very well cover your favorite star’s songs; however, being able to pen a great and catchy track of your own will set you apart from thousands of others. Therefore, it’s worth practicing your writing just as much as you do your singing so that you have a backlog of original songs to impress those you need to. Check out Rolling Stone for some great tips on writing songs, and get your pen and paper at the ready!

Perform, Pitch, And Grow Your Fans

Now is the time to practice by performing whenever and wherever you can. Take every opportunity to pitch your music, audition with your songs, and steadily grow a fan base and audience who can access your music when they want. Utilize sites like YouTube to upload your performances and keep putting your hard work out there so that your Nashville dreams can become a reality.