After your home, your cars, and their maintenance are often your biggest expense. Therefore you don’t want to be making costly mistakes when you’re driving them, some of which may cause damage to more than just your wallet. The following are some examples of things to be mindful of, while you’re out on the road, in your vehicle.

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Your Speed

If you’ve got a car with speedy capabilities, or have to be somewhere in a rush, then it can be tempting to put your foot down and race to your destination. However, traveling at speed, over the limit in that area, can and will cost you dearly. If you are caught going over the speed limit in your state, it is likely to result in an expensive penalty ticket. When you become a repeat offender, you can have your license taken away; this could cause a damaging impact on whole life. If you rely on your car to get to and from work, or, driving is part of your job; when your license is gone, so is your livelihood. A loss of income can cause you to fall behind on bill and mortgage payments, and you’ll spiral into debt quickly; which can be difficult to get out from under.

Aside from a fine or a ticket, you are putting everyone else on the road at risk; speed limits are set in place for a reason, and it’s to keep the public safe. So, it’s worth being a little late for your restaurant booking, over putting yourself, your family, and others in any financial risk; or worse, risking their well-being and health. For a state by state guide to the speeding laws, check out this list, and ensure that you’re abiding by the law.

Your Awareness

Your ability to drive, after safely passing your test, resides in your overall awareness to what you’re doing, your reactions, and your response time. Jeopardizing any of these key attributes is a foolish risk, and can result in costly damages to your finances and health. Driving when you’re under the influence is a guaranteed way to get yourself into an accident, write-off your vehicle, and potentially end up in the hospital. Life does happen, and if you do find yourself facing court, you’ll need to find a DWI lawyer to protect your rights; however, it’s best not consider “one for the road” at all.

Being drowsy, or unwell, are other ways in which your awareness can fail you; so try and ensure that you’ve had enough sleep and rest before heading out on a car journey. This will make sure that you’re not dropping off at the wheel, and you’ll help to prevent expensive collisions and accidents on the road.

Your Surroundings

Even if you’re fully alert, and driving at a legal speed; you should always remain vigilant of your surroundings. Faulty traffic lights, potholes, and roadworks are all situations out of your controls; however, you can control your driving when you approach and encounter them. Therefore, you should ensure that you’re prepared for any road issues ahead, and you’ll save yourself money and stress in the meantime.