It’s true that you’re most likely to be injured in your house, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get injured elsewhere. Another common place is literally the area just outside your house and within your inner city. Often we don’t think of our hometowns as dangerous areas, but there’s a lot of injuries that can arise from being in them. Overall, that means that when we go out and about, there’s a lot of risks we can get ourselves into. These are a few of the most common injuries you can receive when you’re enjoying the outside world.

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Spraining Your Ankle

The act of spraining an ankle means you go over your foot or otherwise use it in a way that hurts. It can be caused by a variety of factors, including the wrong kind of shoes, walking problems, health problems, but also the environment we find ourselves in.

So we know that a sprain is incredibly easy to do and that the uneven environments around the world that we live in don’t help this either.Yet, often people cannot be at fault for this, though it’s always worth a try to have a look at your options if an ankle sprain puts you out of commission for a while.

This can be more easily avoided if you have good reflexes or take the time to train your reflexes. Similarly, if you work on your balance and keeping your center of gravity stable when you’re in different shoes and on uneven surfaces, like cobbles, you’re going to fare better.

Breaking a Collarbone

When we fall, this is usually the place that takes the brunt. You’re usually aware of this kind of break, due to the acute pain and sensitivity of the neck and head area. It usually happens to people on a bike who crash and can be better avoided again with quick reflexes and environmental awareness.

Getting Hit By a Bike

It’s a danger to be on a bike on a public road, and it’s a danger to be on a bike when you’re on the sidewalk as well, despite these being your only options. On the other side of the equation, that means it’s quite easy to be hit by a push bike as a result. Yet with this one, you can also get good compensation if this happens as there’s a more of a clear fault here.

So a cycling accident isn’t always the fault of someone on the bike, considering a lot of public and city work activities take place in the designated cycle lanes in the wider communities. Being aware of your environment and the potential hazards when it comes to wheel transport when you’re outside is key to avoiding accidents like this, so make sure when you’re walking you’re not always looking at a phone and any music you’re listening to is at an acceptable level.

Hazards exist everywhere, but when you know how common they are you can better prepare for them.