It seems that University life is still alluring for American students. As predicted just a few years ago, college admissions are continuing to rise. Education is big business, and the thought of a bigger pay packet at the end of studying is an attractive proposition for young people. So why is it that, according to EdSource, so many high school students feel unprepared for what lies ahead?

There are many reasons to be worried about life on campus. Despite all the great stories from older siblings and parents about parties and other activities, young students fear loneliness. After spending so many years with close friends close to home, there is the prospect of traveling hundreds of miles away alone. And kids today are far more clued up when it comes to the value of money. They know their college fees are hurting Mom and Dad hard! That puts pressure on them to do well.

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Of course, there are plenty of worries, fears, and concerns that every eighteen or nineteen-year-old might face in life. It’s new. After a lifetime of a sheltered childhood, the realities of adulthood is thrust before them. So where can they turn to become better prepared for these new experiences and responsibilities?

Fortunately, there are dozens of resources. Some of the best ones are easily accessible. They include:

School Counsellor – This resource is thought to be underused. They can offer a wealth of information about career options, life away from home, lifestyle and relationship choices, and more.

Dedicated Online Resources – These aren’t just enormously helpful, but also the preferred option for many. If you’re looking for hints and tips to ace the admissions process for college, then try them. You can find the most important criteria for colleges via College Prep Options. Websites like this can also help you find college aid funding.

Student Journals & Magazines – Many good titles have websites with articles published, or you can head to your local library to read a copy.

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Does Social Media Help?

Social media gives several different platforms to find out more about college life. However, students should be wary about the information from these sources. Photos, videos, and blogs might offer only a narrow view that fails to fully represent a typical day at college. There is no guarantee that any of it is genuine or that information is true, so select your sources carefully if you’re looking for reliable insight.

Of course, social media is the perfect way to connect with people you haven’t yet met in real life. It’s important to be wary of revealing too much personal information. You can strike up a dialog about your application and even your acceptance. Getting to know others going through the same worries as you can help. There are usually FaceBook pages and groups that are relevant to the college you’re applying for. This might be a handy way to make friends before you arrive.

Applying for college can take weeks of coaching, preparation, and hard work. But once accepted this new phase in a student’s life is about to begin. Can you ever feel fully prepared for something like this?