2909, 2017

Relocation, Relocation: Should You Move Abroad?

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The planet is colossal, and when you live in one place all your life, you only ever experience a small part of it. Sure you can travel, but you never really get to know and understand a place in the same way and living and working there. Perhaps you want to make a huge change in your life, or maybe living abroad has always been the plan for you. Either way, upping sticks and moving to another country has plenty of benefits. Here are a few things to consider before packing your bags.


Is Moving Abroad The Right Decision?

There’s no right or wrong answer here, everyone’s circumstances are so different, so it all depends on you and where you are in your life. If you’re young and single for example, you’re likely to find it easier to move away than someone with a family and strong ties to where they live. If you’re at the start of your career and moving abroad can improve your job prospects, that’s fantastic, but for others, it might be more difficult to change or move their career. But that’s not to say it’s impossible, just spend some time thinking about it and whether moving abroad is definitely the right decision for you. If you’re relocating due to work for example, is the company stable? If they have had financial issues before then, it could give you a reason to stop and reconsider. https://www.forbes.com/ provides information for more things to think about when you’re relocating for work.

Why Relocate?

When you’re deciding whether to move your life to another country, it makes sense to have your reasons set out. Perhaps you want to become more cultured, see a new part of the world […]

1508, 2017

Viable Long-term Travel Options For Everyone

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Many people dream of long-term travel. If you’re here now, you’re probably one of those people. However, many people also believe that long-term travel simply isn’t doable for them, and is only suitable to those who have a lot of money and no job to hold them back, or commitments such as children. The truth is, anybody can travel long-term if they want it enough. Some of the options here could very well work for everyone:


Find Ways To Earn A Living On The Road

One popular way of long-term traveling is to save up a lot of money, go traveling, and when your money runs out, repeat the process. However, it can take people an awfully long time to save up the amount of money they need to make it work. Some people will only have a few months to get in the traveling they want to do too, and may not be able to go again later on. If you can earn a living on the road, you can travel, add to your travel fund, and waste no time in getting started!

Some people who travel work online and use that as a way to top up their savings. There are so many things you can do online, from writing articles to creating logos. Alternatively, you could make something and sell it, perhaps even offer massage services or alternative healing! Find something you’re good at and use that to help you. Some people who begin traveling long-term will start a blog to document their travels. While you shouldn’t rely on this as a source of income, it may very well help you to earn more if you’re consistent with it, as well as enjoy more travel […]

1407, 2017

Should The Qatar Situation Put You Off Of The Gulf?

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The Arabian peninsula  is a great getaway destination, and it has been for a number of years now. If you want luxury, get to Dubai, if you want fun, head to Abu Dhabi. There are a lot of experiences to have and a lot of memories to make. The set of destinations within the peninsula are some of the most incredible cities on the planet – contained within Oman, the United Arab Emirates and other countries within the area. The truth is, if you want an unforgettable vacation, you should consider flying over to the Gulf.

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However, the situation in the Gulf took a turn for the worse over the past few months. In fact, it’s currently going through one of its biggest diplomatic crises in years. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt and Bahrain have decided to cut diplomatic ties with Qatar after a very serious accusation indeed. The accusation? These countries believe Qatar is attempting to make a power play in the region through support Islamist groups that attempt to fracture the current hold of power. It’s very serious – all of the countries have halted traffic with Qatar, threw out Qatari diplomats and has ordered citizens of Qatar to leave their countries. The situation in Qatar isn’t exactly stable either – citizens of the country rammed supermarkets with business fearing that trade to Qatar would be cut off.

There doesn’t seem to be much sign of the situation improving in the near future, but there are no signs of escalation. It could be that Saudi Arabia are sidestepping criticisms by pointing the finger at Qatar. There is a lot at play here and a lot to take into account. Unrest and armed action seems very, […]

1306, 2017

Champagne Lifestyle? Travel Ideas For Even Lemonade Budgets

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We can all dream of that champagne lifestyle from time to time. The thoughts of going on holiday every few weeks to wonderful and exotic destinations. Drinking champagne while the sun sets or performing yoga move and meditation as the sun rises. However, not all of us are fortunate to have a bottomless pit bank balance. If only dreams could come true, or money grew on trees. However, it is possible to have a champagne lifestyle when it comes to travel. Making informed decisions and carefully booking things can help you reap the rewards of amazing trips as and when you can take them. We thought it was time to share with you exactly how you can enjoy the champagne lifestyle on lemonade budgets.

Get yourself a private charter plane

A private plane may sound expensive, but when done right, you may surprise yourself. Of course, not every trip could be traveled in this way, but looking online or even on a private jet charter app you may be surprised with what is on offer. Perhaps you could save this option for a special occasion.

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Choose a swanky destination

When it comes to going on holiday location can be everything. It will make or break your vacation. So try and ensure you choose a swanky destination if you are looking to showcase a grand lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that you have to stay directly in the action, but enjoying the vibe and atmosphere can often be enough. Looking online you may find some of the most sought after vacation hot spots to enjoy.

Try and tick off your bucket list

Many people have a bucket list that they hope to complete throughout their lives. So why not make it your […]

1505, 2017

Five Ways You Can Improve Your Life With Travel

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Traveling to new places is one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you can do with your time, and seeing different parts of the world really allows you to grow and expand your mind. When you understand that the life and culture that you know only makes up a minuscule part of human existence, it can really broaden your horizons and encourage you to see things in a whole new way. Visiting five-star hotels and dining in high-end restaurants while you’re away might be fun, but there’s more to travel than an indulgent annual vacation. Here are some of the different ways you can experience travel, and maybe even improve your life in the process.

Volunteer In a Poor Part of the World

Volunteering abroad is something many people aim to tick off their bucket lists at some point. As well as gaining new experiences and padding out your CV, the most important thing is you get to make a genuine difference to those less fortunate. It could be building orphanages, teaching children basic skills, helping animals or the community. You get to see and live in part of the world that you’d never have considered as a vacation and learn a great deal of new things. Seeing how some people live will also make you realize just how lucky you are, something you might never have stopped and considered before. If you’re from America, you would need to speak to a lawyer regarding U.S. immigration, since you will need the right visa to be allowed to study.

Study Abroad

There are many reasons to study abroad. Maybe the education where you live isn’t the best, or even if it is- there might be even better education abroad. […]

305, 2017

What’s Behind Malaysia’s Soaring Immigration?

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Malaysia is a nation with plenty of history, culture, and exotic charm that lures in thousands of foreigners each year. In fact, many people decide to make the country their new home and enjoy their lives in a place that offers almost year-round sunshine! It’s also no secret that the people of Malaysia are some of the friendliest you will ever encounter on your travels.

The country is full of natural treasures waiting to be explored and provides the perfect base for those seeking employment opportunities in Asia. In recent years, Malaysia has experienced unprecedented immigration. But, what are the reasons behind the country’s explosive growth in migration?

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It’s the gateway to Asia

Malaysia is geographically well-placed to other important Asian nations such as Singapore, India, and China. It’s also quite close to Australia and New Zealand as well. Because of its location, you are afforded a wealth of travel and job opportunities in the region.

Many people that migrate to Malaysia enjoy visiting the neighboring countries for their vacations. Having said that, the country has a plethora of unique and exotic landmarks and places of interest to visit!

Healthcare is virtually free

One of the advantages of being a permanent resident of Malaysia is that you can gain access to a wealth of healthcare options without paying much money (if any, in some cases). Unlike many Western nations, Malaysia has a network of government-funded hospitals and clinics that make healthcare accessible to virtually all of the population.

For those with insurance policies, the private hospitals and medical centers in the country boast some of the world’s best physicians, doctors, and facilities.

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Housing is very affordable

Assuming you are moving to the country and get a well-paying job or are retiring there […]

2103, 2017

Beach Benefits: Why Oceanside Living Really IS Good For You!

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Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to living somewhere. While many people enjoy living in the middle of a bustling city center, others may prefer the peace and serenity of the countryside. And then you’ve got those that enjoy residing in a coastal location.

You may have heard some people tell you that the “sea air is good for you” – well, it turns out there’s some truth to that saying! Living in an oceanside town offers a variety of health and social benefits, many of which you’d seldom get living elsewhere. Sure, the price of living somewhere like that may be higher than what you’re used to. However, the advantages often far outweigh the cons! Here’s why:

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Less stress

The thing about living in the middle of a busy city or town is that it can often be stressful to your health. For a start, you’d probably spend much of your time queuing for things because it’s such a densely populated area. And things don’t get much better when you’re in your car! You’ll also find that city center dwellers tend to work longer hours and seldom enjoy their free time, probably because they don’t have much of it!

When you live near the beach, your pace of life will slow down quite noticeably. When the sun is shining outside, you’ll feel better about yourself and not let things get to you so much.

Plenty of fun things to do

You’ll be the envy of your city-dwelling friends if you move to the coast! As you can appreciate, being so close to the ocean gives you a wealth of water-based activities that you can participate in.

Swimming is one obvious example, of course, and so is boating or […]

803, 2017

Living The Dream Down Under: Why Australia’s So Hot For Property Investment

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It’s no secret that property still offers one of the best investment vehicles for anyone looking to make a profit on their money. We all know that the global economy can be best described as turbulent. Political issues such as Brexit and the new Trump administration in the U.S. also have an effect on the economy of many countries, not just the United States and the UK.

Even during times of hardship, property has always given people a steady return. Let’s face it; everyone needs a place to stay, whether it’s for a temporary stay or somewhere to call home. Out of all the countries, Australia curiously seems to offer investors the best returns on their investments. So, what is it about the land down under that appeals to people with money?

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Australian city apartments offer the best returns

Many of Australia’s cities are experiencing a lot of growth. As a result, much of the population wants to move closer to central city areas as they offer a wealth of career opportunities.

As you can imagine, apartments tend to attract high premiums when it comes to rental income. They also increase in value virtually on an annual basis without fail! To investors, city apartments offer the best returns for rental income. And they can also expect to make a healthy profit if they sell the properties on; even after a short period.

The lifestyle is attractive to foreigners and people within Australia

Australia has a reputation for a more laid-back attitude towards things. As a result, people are generally happier and less stressed out than in other nations. Because those qualities are so attractive, there’s a higher chance of renting out properties to people.

These days, there is a […]

1502, 2017

Should You Take The Plunge And Relocate Overseas

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It’s a global economy, and it can sometimes feel like the world’s getting smaller and smaller all the time. While this can lead to some pretty complicated trade agreements and outsourced jobs, it also means that there has never been more opportunities to up sticks and relocate to a brand new country, taking your job along with you. However, while the actual process of setting up the move might be relatively straightforward, the decision to do it or not is more complicated. Curious about a move? Take a look at some of the things you need to think about before you go.

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What’s the Motivation?
If you’re an American, then your reason for looking overseas might extend little beyond the word “politics”, whether you’re on the right or blue side of things. Temporary grievances can play a factor in your decision, but you shouldn’t base the outcome on them. They’re the little things in life, because they’ll be over before you know it. Instead, think about why you’re interested in moving, and specifically the country that you might be moving to – is it a professional move? Do you love the culture? Do you really want to move there, or would it be enough to visit the place before returning back to your home?
Is Your Family Ready?
If you’re young, free, and single, then you can move on to the next point. But if you’re not, if you have a partner or family, then the decision will get all the more difficult. It won’t be just about your motivations, it’s about what they’ll get out of the move too. General wisdom shows that children who spend a portion of their young lives living in different cultures are […]

2401, 2017

Ever Wanted To Be An Explorer? Incredible Tech That’s Changing The Way We See The World

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It’s amazing to think about a time when the idea of exploring the world was a distant fantasy. Back when the edges of the maps still weren’t filled in, and people still thought the world was flat, the very idea of being able to know what’s out there was pretty much impossible. But now, there’s one thing that’s changed all that: technology. With each new technological advancement, our ability to explore the world has become more and more incredible. There are few areas of the world that people aren’t able to explore anymore. And the most amazing thing? The rest of us can experience all of that wonder from the comfort of our own homes. Here are a few incredible pieces of tech that are making the easier than ever for human beings to explore the world.

Google Maps and Google Street View

This one might seem a little simpler than the rest on this list, after all, it’s just a glorified atlas! What’s so special about that? But think for a moment about the sheer amount of incredible work that went into building the worldwide database of locations and images that Google Maps and Google Street View use. Just ten years ago, the idea of being able to type in any address in the world and have a perfect image of it appear in seconds right before your eyes sounded like something out of science fiction. Not only can you figure out where you want to go but you can see exactly what it looks like. There are few things more entertaining that googling far off places and seeing them appear on the screen in front of you.

Underwater drones

Image From Wikimedia

It’s amazing to think just how […]