Kerry Wood – Number One Programmer

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Kerry wrote his first computer program in 1982 at sixteen years of age and more than two decades later he has designed and created a medical program which has achieved a number one ranking in the United States. The path Wood took to get here was far from typical.

In 1984 when Kerry Wood graduated high school, hardly anyone had a computer in their home and the term “personal computer” was nothing anyone would have understood, so when Kerry had made his mind up that he wanted to go to college to study programming, many in his life thought he was nuts. “I remember being told that computers were just a fad and that there would never be a serious career to be had in that field,” said Kerry Wood. “I could find no real support to pursue what I knew I wanted to do.”

Relying on his family to help pay for school, Kerry Wood signed up for some business courses at a local college. He was miserable and knew he had to do something different with his life and began having conversations with military recruiters. Kerry Wood joined the United States Air Force and went to basic training in San Antonio, Texas, at nineteen.

After completing basic training, Kerry Wood was then shipped off to Biloxi, Mississippi for additional training. Shortly after arriving in Biloxi, Kerry received orders that he would be assigned to Shaw Air Force Base in his home state of South Carolina upon completion of training. Kerry Wood never made it to Shaw. Kerry Wood was sitting in class one morning when men in dark suits entered the military classroom and asked for Kerry by name, and requesting that he leave with them. […]