1507, 2015

Bad Scott Walker Ad

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Bad ads… very, very, very bad ads…
Article Sponsored by Compingo Marketing:

We will be taking the opportunity of the upcoming presidential primary election season to analyze many of the campaigns and where they do things right and, more often, where they screw up because that’s just what they do the most… they screw up.

Like I’ve previously disclosed, I’m a Scott Walker fan and I believe his campaign completely screwed up in making a summer announcement that he is running for president. Now they are pushing out some of the worst political ads I’ve ever seen.

This ad (below) which is actual size in pixels is so poorly design, it’s difficult to believe a campaign on the presidential level put this out when we wouldn’t even let an ad go out this bad for someone running for school board.
Okay… WHO is running? WHO? For the 4% of people out there who are hardcore politicos, you will know exactly who this is.  There are probably some others who can figure it out because they’ve seen him somewhere, but Scott Walker’s name ID in South Carolina (where these particular ads were targeted) is not good. Most people have no clue who he even is if you say his name.  With BUSH and TRUMP nonstop in the news cycle, not only has Walker’s announcement been drowned out, he’s not even upping his own name ID with his own ads. This just seems entirely incomprehensible.
Who came up with that creative messaging? When I mentioned to people the other day that Walker just announced he was running for president, the response I received 100% of the time was, “I thought he was already running…”  The average […]

1407, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight

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Batman: Arkham Knight – A Disappointing Closer to a Good Series
The Batman: Arkham series has become one of the most beloved franchises of modern day gaming, and before we talk about the most recent entry – and the “final” one, if you believe Rocksteady Games, who develop the series – we need to talk about why that is. The first game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, was the first time a video game managed to nail the feeling of being Batman, and it did so with a perfect mixture of rhythmic combat, 3D “metroidvania” exploration, and stealth. When you were punching a criminal in the face you felt like Batman. When you were solving a riddle or hunting down a new item, you felt like Batman. When you were sneaking by armed guards so that you could knock them out from behind, you felt like Batman. Asylum will forever remain a classic because of this. The plot was decent as well, but even if it wasn’t, the game-play alone would have been enough.

The next logical step in the series was to move away from a closed location (the titular Arkham Asylum), and into an open world environment. In comes Batman: Arkham City, which gave players a chunk of Gotham-turned-prison to run around in. In terms of game-play, the only big change was the open world, and this was mostly a good thing. And yet, there was a feeling that it was inferior to its predecessor. It felt less polished and perhaps a little too open. Losing the tight spaces of the asylum and giving players more freedom made for an overall looser gaming experience. But the plot was still good, the game-play had yet to get old, […]

1207, 2015

Stolen iPhone Content Tragedy!

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Contents of iPhone is stolen and you won’t believe what was done with it!
Once publicly posted on the Internet; an Internet group begins days and days of harassment.
(This group is so vicious that our source has requested protection of his identity)
We live in an increasingly technology centered world, and it’s become standard for people to store large volumes of personal data on their computers and cellphones. All it takes is one mistake, however, and all of this data can be made public.

On Wednesday July 8th, 2015, a posting on an anonymous message board shared a personal victory with his cohorts: he had stolen 22 gigabytes of personal data from a stranger on a bus. His method was not advanced or high-tech; the stranger had merely requested to use the thief’s laptop USB port to charge his dying iPhone. The thief, seeing an opportunity, agreed. The moment the iPhone was plugged in, he went about downloading its contents onto his own hard drive. For the purposes of this article we will be censoring all of the sensitive information/imagery. We have no desire to harm the victim of this crime, nor do we wish to bring them more unwanted attention, but we do hope the reporting of this incident can help save others.

What was in that 22 gigabytes of data? The victim’s full name, nude images of his girlfriend, scans of his driver’s license, and an image of his Social Security card, with the number in clear view. All of it was shared with thousands of strangers on the internet. It was […]

1207, 2015

How Reddit Died

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Reddit is Dying as a CEO Change Comes
too Late and Users Flee for Greener Pastures
Reddit has been called “the front page of the internet,” as Digg was called before it. Reddit outdid Digg, however, and left it a shadow of its former self. Sure, it still operates and some people still visit it, but it has become an internet relic. People still visit Myspace, after all, and none would argue that Facebook hasn’t crushed it either way. But now it looks like it is time for Reddit to be crushed. The question is: by who?

Before we discuss a successor, let’s retrace what’s been happening on the path to Reddit’s destruction. Having witnessed many of this firsthand, I do not have sources to cite for every event I discuss. I have attempted to provide relevant sources whenever possible, however.

Some have said that problems started as early as three years ago when the popular subreddit (user created/run board that everyone can post to) r/reddit.com – a space where people could talk about pretty much anything, including Reddit itself – was shutdown. It still exists as an archive (https://www.reddit.com/r/reddit.com), but users can no longer post in it. This took away a common forum for discussion about Reddit’s policies. Following that, many other popular subreddits saw their ownerships change for various reasons, and some were concerned that certain users had control over too many subreddits at once.

Sometime later, the popular subreddit r/IAMA (which has a double meaning, as IAMA stands for “Informal Ask Me Anything,” and IAMA is “I am a,” combining to mean “I am a ___, Ask Me Anything”) became less open. It used to be a platform where anyone could hold a Q&A, but now it […]

1007, 2015

Faster than a Speeding Bullet to Pluto

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Pluto Bound: Faster than a speeding bullet
What is currently traveling at approximately 10 miles per second?

The New Horizons spacecraft which is nearing Pluto, just 9 ½ years into its journey. The science and wonder of this is impressive and fascinating on so many levels, but the shear speed in which we’ve been able to get to Pluto amazes me.

Pluto is 3,000,000,000 miles away – that’s three billion for those short-changed by a government school.

The spacecraft has traveled there in just 9.5 years.

This means it has covered an average distance of 315,789,493 miles per year.

That breaks down to an average distance of 865,176 miles per day.

Breaks down further to traveling 36,049 miles per hour.

Or 600 miles every minute of the day.

Or 10 miles of distance travel per each second for nearly a decade. Compare this to the average bullet traveling from a gun at 2500 feet per second, which means the spacecraft is traveling more than 20 times the speed of a bullet.

The craft will take some photos of Pluto and its five moons as it passes by which will give us amazing sights and information which we’ve never before been able to obtain. “We’re not planning to rewrite any textbooks,” said Alan Stern in a New York Times documentary regarding the mission. “We’re planning to write them from scratch.”

New Horizon won’t slow down for Pluto, it will snap photos as it passes by, then it will keep on moving right out of our solar system and continue to explore for us. Along the way, it is carrying the ashes of Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto 85 years ago.

1606, 2015

Native Advertising

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These are the pieces you must have at a minimum and you
must have them all working together as part of your marketing arsenal!
Article sponsored by Compingo Marketing Firm:

Marketing has changed quite a bit over the years, but lately it has been changing rapidly, like technology, and this is no coincidence as marketing quickly takes advantage of the latest technologies to sell, sell, sell…

Now, with all the firms out there pitching marketing, most are not technologically savvy enough to truly take advantage of the latest trends and techniques and to make things even more complicated, marketing has actually become a strange merger between art and technology. Most don’t realize just how difficult it is to find a technological artist who can make the best out of what’s out there.

Now when we talk about art, we’re not just talking about logos and pretty layouts, but rather we are talking about having a decent command of the English language as your most successful marketing is really being driven as much by relative content as it is technical savvy.

Native Advertising is not a billboard, neon sign, obnoxious pop-up ads, or anything remotely among those lines. What Native Advertising is, is the ability to blend in to the consumer’s environment, to be a part of their world without intruding, to be helpful, to build confidence, which ultimately will lead to a comfort/trust level by the time the trigger is ready to be pulled on a purchase.

Right now, there is a major shift happening in how we market our businesses. Gone are the days when you had to have a website to be real and any old website will do. Websites are now a key part of your marketing package and […]

1306, 2015

Control the Data and Control the Free World

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Control over voter data through corporate systems like i360 is dangerous…
Even though this will be the first time I have written about i360, some of you have had to listen to me ad nauseam regarding the dangers of a mass collection of political data by a single corporation (Koch Brothers). I was glad to finally see someone else talking about this issue, even though it was Yahoo News which tends to have a pretty liberal leaning.

Most of you would not believe the capabilities we have within my own company in regards to data collection. The thing is; it’s not “us” that is actually implementing this mass data collection – there are many companies who are doing the actual collecting – knowledge is power, especially when you know how to gain access to all that data and put it together in the most useful ways possible.

For years we’ve played things pretty close to the vest, not really disclosing how we get some things done in campaigns, like the statewide race last year where we won 14 counties on a measly $30,000. Yes, we lost that one… but it was still fun having people ask, “How on earth did you manage to win 14 counties on 30 grand?” It’s all about the data and being able to properly target people. We’ve spent much time attempting to explain this to Republican candidates and have had too many tell us they don’t want move forward because they “don’t understand.” So, what I am going to attempt to do is explain the “outcomes” of what happens when data is properly used in campaigns.

The most drastic financial disadvantage we have ever faced but won the most votes was the Statehouse race […]

2604, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Drone Legislation

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In an all-in-one strike to restrict the people and allow more government intrusion into our lives… AND… in typical Columbia fashion, in their rush to save us all from ourselves, they seemingly forget to think through (again).

Okay, so maybe we don’t want our neighbors just flying around over our property, but to allow the government access to our property without the over-site of having a warrant issued… well that just sounds more like something a certain senator out of Lexington would do, so we were shocked that she wasn’t the primary sponsor as she has been on a roll with government intrusive legislation recently, but rather it was another liberal; Democrat Senator Vincent Sheheen.

The drone technology is still too new, and to begin writing any restrictive legislation at this stage is not just bad idea, but very short sided.  What do we tell employers like Amazon who want to develop the drone technology to eventually deliver small packages? We’re sorry but that will now be illegal unless you follow all the roadways so as not to fly over someone’s property?

And, what about search and rescue? There are non-governmental groups which get called out more than most people would like to know to search for missing people, children, Alzheimer patients, lost hikers, etc.  Where using drones can make the difference between life and death, what do you tell these people and the families of those who are missing? Sorry but it’s illegal to use these efficient tools in South Carolina?

This from Brian Adams who volunteers in search and rescue efforts:
The South Carolina Senate Judiciary Committee is currently considering Bill S498 designed to prevent unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV’s) from being flown over private property and being used […]

2603, 2015

Fun with Drones

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Olivier C builds custom shells for drones in Star Wars fashion. He’s build the Millennium Falcon and others with his latest creation being an Imperial Star Destroyer. This is awesome work and really a very cool piece of tech…

1903, 2015

Jetpack Crash

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Did you lose your favorite website in the past 24 hours?

Years ago, web developers scoffed at WordPress. It was just a silly little tool to build simple little websites… That was then, this is now and WordPress has continue to grow, develop, and even become a preferred platform of search engine giant Google. Developers now look at WordPress as a useful tool, something that often gives them a head start in development as there are endless development possibilities and Search Engine Optimization built right in, with some premium themes giving an optimization edge that can put even the novice ahead of their competition with little effort.

One of the greatest things about WordPress can also (occasionally) be its downfall; it is like a giant development pool where everyone is welcome to come jump in and develop pieces they are good at which can interact with other pieces.  For example, you may choose a theme that looks good to you but depending on what functionality you desire, there are seemingly endless plugins which have been developed to work with most themes. There are plugins which help remove SPAM comments, plugins which help with eCommerce, plugins which enable to you place a variety of interactive objects on your site without have to have a professional developer on retainer.

I would be surprised if Jetpack isn’t the most popular plugin as you would practically be a fool to try to run a WordPress site and not utilize all the tools in Jetpack.  It has been described as the “Swiss Army Knife of Plugins” and I couldn’t possibly think of a more accurate description. It gives you site stats, makes sharing posts across social media a breeze and dozens of other […]