2303, 2016

Tech Advancements Navy Personnel Couldn’t Live Without

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The US Navy performs some of the most complicated reconnaissance work imaginable. They also help to protect our country from threats at sea. Over the last 100 years, we’ve seen some pretty amazing technological advancements in the industry. People employed by the Navy are now safer and better equipped than ever before. We’re going to discuss some of the most important tech improvements in this post today. The information should help you to achieve a new level of appreciation for engineers working in the field. At the end of the day, our military often makes used of the latest devices and tools before they become available to the public.



Ships and submarines use radar to determine their locations and keep a close eye on other sea vehicles. The technology allows them to avoid collisions and detect enemy personnel. It’s also used to spot large marine animals like whales in the case of submarines. Without radar technology, the US Navy would have struggled to beat the German military during World War Two. There would also have been many more fatalities during training operations since that time. While radar might have been invented a long time ago, it’s still as important today as it ever was.

Torpedo Seals

Submarines are limited to the number of weapons they can carry. So, most will hold a stock of the strongest projectiles available. The issue is that firing them at high speeds can cause safety problems for people working in the underwater vehicle. That is why engineers have developed at high pressure shaft seal technology. It protects the propulsor bearings from saltwater exposure and ensures the weapons fire properly. Without such tools, there would be many more accidents under the water. Indeed, the […]

1603, 2016

How Technology Improved The Online Gambling Experience

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People have gambled online ever since the internet first became a household commodity. However, the landscape has evolved beyond all recognition since those early days. We wanted to take a look at some of the ways in which technology has helped to improve the experience for people who enjoy a flutter. The information on this page will shed some light on the situation and draw your attention towards the most important factors. With a bit of luck, you’ll leave us with no doubts in your mind about the role played by technology in the modern gambling world.

Faster bet placing solutions

Most gambling websites are responsive, and that means users can access them using their smartphones. Some even release custom applications to make their customer’s lives easier. Representatives from https://www.appnovation.com/ say that’s the biggest advancement in the last five years. It means people can place bets at the click of a button if they’re logged into their accounts. It doesn’t matter if they’re commuting to work on the train or sitting down at home for a hot meal. There are no restrictions on when or how someone can access their favorite gambling portal. In the past, people would have to visit their local bookmaker or casino. Thankfully, those days and long gone, and now people can place bets anywhere.

Wider range of gambling options

The first gambling websites were associated with top casinos. So, most of them only allowed users to bet on standard slot or table games. These days, the situation is far removed from how it was back then. People can now bet on almost any sport or competitive gaming tournament. Managers at http://www.greyhoundbettingonline.com/ know that many individuals love heading down to the track. However, allowing gamblers […]

803, 2016

Are Doctors Playing God?

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As both medicine and science continue to evolve, it’s easy to worry whether a line is going to be crossed. People worry about whether doctors and scientists are taking medical procedures too far. If they are affecting the natural order. However, these people should remember that their own logic is against them. Essentially if there is a higher power somewhere watching over our actions it could prevent us reaching this level. Therefore, if you believe in a higher power you must also believe what is supposed to happen has happened. However, this argument doesn’t stop people fretting about the medical advances. Whether that is gene manipulation, transplants or even cloning. Let’s look at some of these issues and think about why people are afraid of these advances.


The first thing that you should understand about cloning is that it is already possible. To an extent, we have successfully cloned living tissue and complete animals. Dolly the sheep being perhaps the most prominent case of animal cloning. Make no mistake, the technology, and the science is there. Orphan Black isn’t quite as far fetched as most people would like to believe. In fact, many researchers argue that cloning has happened more often than we would like to believe. Think about back alleyway organ transplants. We know this happens more often than anyone would like to admit. They have the technology and the knowledge to do this. Therefore, there is no reason to believe that with access to tech and knowledge cloning has not already occurred on humans. The question is, would cloning a human be crossing an ethical and moral line. It actually follows into the next example. If you can clone humans, you can breed people […]

803, 2016

Why Are Engineering Students Becoming So Successful?

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Recent research suggests that engineering
students and graduates are very high in demand.
Some of you might be thinking, ‘what are the other trades-persons doing wrong?’ We aren’t. We are thinking, ‘what are the students doing right?’ They must be doing something right to have the engineering firms so flustered, but until now it wasn’t clear. We took a closer look to see what we could find. Here are a few reasons why engineering students are becoming sought after and leaving the others in their dust.

Research Materials

The internet is starting to play a huge part in the world of engineering. Nowadays, there are hundreds and thousands of materials that a student can access to improve their knowledge of the industry. One look at http://www.mdti.net/magnacore/self-drilling-anchors is all you need to learn about drilling anchors. It is fair to say that wasn’t the case for engineer students that studied in different eras and generations. If they are willing to learn, the industry is their oyster.


Portfolio Development

It is a fact that there has been a shift with engineering firms that want students to show them they are capable before they hire them. In this day and age, almost every student that studies engineering has a portfolio of projects that they can show an employer at a moment’s notice. The result is that there is a host of great candidates in the market that has experience as well as brain smarts. Ask any employer what they want, and it will be that mixture.


Not Enough Candidates

However, it is worth pointing out that there is a lack of engineering candidates for all of the posts that are on the market. In simple terms, there are not enough students to fill all of […]

403, 2016

The Best Uses Of Scientific Research

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Recently, we published an article on here about scientific research. It detailed some amazing facts that you probably didn’t know about this field. Today, I’m bringing you a follow-up article to that post. You’ve seen some of the brilliant facts, but now we’ll look at scientific research in action. Throughout this article, I will talk you through some of the best uses of modern research. You’ll see some ways that research is being used, and the benefits it has brought. Without further ado, let’s jump into it and see the best uses of scientific research:

Everyone is worried about the environment. It’s a fact that the earth is getting hotter, and polar ice caps are melting. How do we know this? Because of scientific research. It’s helped us identify the problems, and come up with ways that we can counter them. But, this isn’t the only type of research we see in this field. Many companies will use environmental science to test the health and fertility of the soil. This helps figure out whether or not it’s good to grow things on, and whether plant life can be sustained. Research like this can help find places with the best soil to plant more trees and grow more plants. Both of which will be beneficial for the environment.

Scientific research is perhaps most important in the medical field. For centuries, doctors have relied on research to help them treat patients and cure diseases.  Without it, we wouldn’t have a lot of things today that we take for granted. Penicillin is considered one of the greatest discoveries ever. And, it was found thanks to scientific research. If it were never discovered, we would have a much lower standard of […]

303, 2016

Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Scientific Research

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Are you thinking about going into scientific research after you finish your college degree? Perhaps you just want to know a little about what your taxes are spent on? That’s right, many scientific research facilities are government funded. That means that your taxes are being spent on these science projects that you probably have very little knowledge about. So let’s jump right in with some interesting facts about scientific research you probably didn’t know.

It Costs A Fortune

Yes, scientific research is costing our government an absolute fortune. People might complain about the amount spent on the military. But each year millions of dollars are spent on scientific research. Why is it so expensive? Most research studies are quite complex. Even the studies that are run in the confines of the university take a lot of time and planning. Not to mention tools and apparatus used for methods like cell culture. Cell culture is the process of separating a cell from an animal or plant for study. Make no mistake, to get it right requires a lot of apparatus that you’ll most likely be paying for from your taxes. That’s not to say this spending isn’t important. It’s these types of studies that are leading to cures for some diseases and advances in medicine.

It’s Highly Ethical

Many people worry about scientific research and how ethical or moral it is. There’s a lot of talk about whether it’s right to conduct studies on animals and humans. Even psychological studies are questioned in the press and the media. What many people do not know is to even get a study commissioned researchers must be given the okay by an ethics committee. These are a group of prestigious scientists or superiors […]

2902, 2016

Top Ways To Engage With Your Customers

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Having a great relationship with your customers
is the only way to have a great business.
It’s the heart and soul of what you do. But knowing exactly how to engage them can be difficult. A bad way to do it is to try and shove your product down their throat with endless communique about the brilliance of your latest product.

The key to success is more subtle than that. You want to nudge your customers is the right direction and make sure that once you’ve nudged them you keep them.

Get Them To Like You

Getting somebody to like you in a business setting is very similar to getting them to like you in a social situation.

Since businesses and customers are just people this should come as no surprise. When you engage with somebody in a business setting you want to make sure that you’re meeting their needs. This means taking the time to find out exactly what is it that they’re looking for. It’s all about that mutual exchange of value.

Taking the time to explore your customer’s needs can also help them to articulate exactly what it is they want. Plus, making sure the conversation is focused on them gives them the sense that you care about them personally. In other words, you’re not just trying to push whatever product you’ve been told to push on them.

Develop A Custom App

Between 2012 and 2013 the use of mobile applications grew by an astonish 115 per cent according to Forbes. And apps continue to grow as a way for people to interact with their devices to this day.

Here is an untapped opportunity for businesses. Apps are an opportunity because of how much time people spend with their smartphones. During […]

2202, 2016

Idea To Reality: Simple Steps For Creating A Tech Product

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The fact that technology has changed the world is beyond dispute. Every year, it seems, new products hit the shelves that soon become part of the mainstream environment.

But, have you ever wondered how they get there? If you have an idea for a new product, there are a few simple steps to take before it turns into a reality. And, they might not be as hard as you think.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the simple steps that all technology products go through before they enter the market.

Market need

First of all, having an idea is one thing, but making it marketable is another. The amount of research that goes on before a product makes it to the store shelves is incredible. And, if you want success, you will need to do the same. There needs to be a large market for your product if you wish to make a lasting impression. And, just because you have a problem you think you are solving, it doesn’t mean that anyone else shares the same issues. For large scale success, you need to address large-scale needs.


The next step is the product development. Here, you’ll need to take into account parts and machinery, as well as any software contentions. It’s important to be aware of your costs, and start to think about the costs of scaling up production. At this stage, you’ll be looking at building a few working prototypes, but once you start creating thousands of units, every cent will count. So, during the development process, always have one eye on finding cheaper alternatives. Of course, you should do this without affecting the quality of the product.


Don’t underestimate the value of an excellent prototype. You can […]

802, 2016

Tech Talk: The Ins And Outs Of Precision Manufacturing

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Today, many businesses choose to focus on producing products instead of offering services. Because of this, the manufacturing industry has had to develop and advance quickly. So that they can meet the needs of the thousands of companies who opt to focus on producing items. Coming up with the idea for the product is only part of the process. The most important part is finding ways to manufacture products perfectly. This means sourcing machinery that can be used to create these products quickly, cheaply and to a high standard. 20 years ago, that would have been a challenge, as manufacturing took time and a lot of money to get right.

The good news is that thanks to advancements in technology, today, production has become much easier. As well as more cost-effective. Over the past few years, there have been various developments that have meant that manufacturing is more accessible. It’s these developments that mean companies, like Newnham Engineering, can meet their needs.

When it comes to precision manufacturing, there are plenty of choices to choose from. Of course, the type that’s used varies from company to company, depending on what their specific needs are. Thanks to advancements in technology, the choice of manufacturing processes have greatly increased. While there are still areas that need to be worked on, the options on offer are incredible.

One type of manufacturing that has become incredibly popular with businesses is digital production. A process that many refer to as 3D printing, which uses a design that’s produced on a computer to print out in 3D. Digital manufacturing has been used for years in factories. But has only just started to become more accessible to small companies, over recent years. Partially because the […]

1607, 2015

Rise of Gaming as eSport

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E3, eSports, and the Rise of Gaming as Spectator Sport Entertainment
Earlier this summer we saw the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3, for short) go by as it normally does. Companies tell us (and their shareholders) all about the upcoming games they’ve been working on. As with any E3, we got to see new footage, we got to see dozens of trailers, and we got to watch people make awkward speeches about their new controller gimmicks. But there was something different this year, and it’s a symptom of a larger trend: the Nintendo World Championship.

For those of you who are a little older, you might remember the original Nintendo World Championships (and if you don’t then you can see a snippet here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXC20eO8QiU), which ran in 1990. It was a onetime deal in which people from all around the world, of all age groups, competed to earn the title of Nintendo World Champion. But 25 years later Nintendo decided to resurrect the event. A few years ago we might have laughed at that, but now – in the current video games landscape – it makes perfect sense. Not only did it happen again, but it was the headliner of the biggest video game event of the year (you can watch the entire thing here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9H8VcU21j4).

But why is this happening again when it seemed so trivial not so long ago? And why is it suddenly something people care about? To answer that question, I’d like to point you to the roster of contestants from the 2015 Championships: most of them were Youtube gaming celebrities. Compare this to the 1990 Championships, where the contestants were just random folks who were good with a NES. This isn’t a […]