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2902, 2016

Top Ways To Engage With Your Customers

By |February 29th, 2016|Tech|1 Comment

Having a great relationship with your customers
is the only way to have a great business.
It’s the heart and soul of what you do. But knowing exactly how to engage them can be difficult. A bad way to do it is to try and shove your product down their throat with endless communique about the brilliance of your latest product.

The key to success is more subtle than that. You want to nudge your customers is the right direction and make sure that once you’ve nudged them you keep them.

Get Them To Like You

Getting somebody to like you in a business setting is very similar to getting them to like you in a social situation.

Since businesses and customers are just people this should come as no surprise. When you engage with somebody in a business setting you want to make sure that you’re meeting their needs. This means taking the time to find out exactly what is it that they’re looking for. It’s all about that mutual exchange of value.

Taking the time to explore your customer’s needs can also help them to articulate exactly what it is they want. Plus, making sure the conversation is focused on them gives them the sense that you care about them personally. In other words, you’re not just trying to push whatever product you’ve been told to push on them.

Develop A Custom App

Between 2012 and 2013 the use of mobile applications grew by an astonish 115 per cent according to Forbes. And apps continue to grow as a way for people to interact with their devices to this day.

Here is an untapped opportunity for businesses. Apps are an opportunity because of how much time people spend with their smartphones. During […]

2202, 2016

Idea To Reality: Simple Steps For Creating A Tech Product

By |February 22nd, 2016|Tech|Comments Off on Idea To Reality: Simple Steps For Creating A Tech Product

The fact that technology has changed the world is beyond dispute. Every year, it seems, new products hit the shelves that soon become part of the mainstream environment.

But, have you ever wondered how they get there? If you have an idea for a new product, there are a few simple steps to take before it turns into a reality. And, they might not be as hard as you think.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the simple steps that all technology products go through before they enter the market.

Market need

First of all, having an idea is one thing, but making it marketable is another. The amount of research that goes on before a product makes it to the store shelves is incredible. And, if you want success, you will need to do the same. There needs to be a large market for your product if you wish to make a lasting impression. And, just because you have a problem you think you are solving, it doesn’t mean that anyone else shares the same issues. For large scale success, you need to address large-scale needs.


The next step is the product development. Here, you’ll need to take into account parts and machinery, as well as any software contentions. It’s important to be aware of your costs, and start to think about the costs of scaling up production. At this stage, you’ll be looking at building a few working prototypes, but once you start creating thousands of units, every cent will count. So, during the development process, always have one eye on finding cheaper alternatives. Of course, you should do this without affecting the quality of the product.


Don’t underestimate the value of an excellent prototype. You can […]

802, 2016

Tech Talk: The Ins And Outs Of Precision Manufacturing

By |February 8th, 2016|Tech|Comments Off on Tech Talk: The Ins And Outs Of Precision Manufacturing

Today, many businesses choose to focus on producing products instead of offering services. Because of this, the manufacturing industry has had to develop and advance quickly. So that they can meet the needs of the thousands of companies who opt to focus on producing items. Coming up with the idea for the product is only part of the process. The most important part is finding ways to manufacture products perfectly. This means sourcing machinery that can be used to create these products quickly, cheaply and to a high standard. 20 years ago, that would have been a challenge, as manufacturing took time and a lot of money to get right.

The good news is that thanks to advancements in technology, today, production has become much easier. As well as more cost-effective. Over the past few years, there have been various developments that have meant that manufacturing is more accessible. It’s these developments that mean companies, like Newnham Engineering, can meet their needs.

When it comes to precision manufacturing, there are plenty of choices to choose from. Of course, the type that’s used varies from company to company, depending on what their specific needs are. Thanks to advancements in technology, the choice of manufacturing processes have greatly increased. While there are still areas that need to be worked on, the options on offer are incredible.

One type of manufacturing that has become incredibly popular with businesses is digital production. A process that many refer to as 3D printing, which uses a design that’s produced on a computer to print out in 3D. Digital manufacturing has been used for years in factories. But has only just started to become more accessible to small companies, over recent years. Partially because the […]

1607, 2015

Rise of Gaming as eSport

By |July 16th, 2015|Tech|Comments Off on Rise of Gaming as eSport

E3, eSports, and the Rise of Gaming as Spectator Sport Entertainment
Earlier this summer we saw the yearly Electronic Entertainment Expo (or E3, for short) go by as it normally does. Companies tell us (and their shareholders) all about the upcoming games they’ve been working on. As with any E3, we got to see new footage, we got to see dozens of trailers, and we got to watch people make awkward speeches about their new controller gimmicks. But there was something different this year, and it’s a symptom of a larger trend: the Nintendo World Championship.

For those of you who are a little older, you might remember the original Nintendo World Championships (and if you don’t then you can see a snippet here:, which ran in 1990. It was a onetime deal in which people from all around the world, of all age groups, competed to earn the title of Nintendo World Champion. But 25 years later Nintendo decided to resurrect the event. A few years ago we might have laughed at that, but now – in the current video games landscape – it makes perfect sense. Not only did it happen again, but it was the headliner of the biggest video game event of the year (you can watch the entire thing here:

But why is this happening again when it seemed so trivial not so long ago? And why is it suddenly something people care about? To answer that question, I’d like to point you to the roster of contestants from the 2015 Championships: most of them were Youtube gaming celebrities. Compare this to the 1990 Championships, where the contestants were just random folks who were good with a NES. This isn’t a […]

1507, 2015

Bad Scott Walker Ad

By |July 15th, 2015|Politics, Presidential, Tech|Comments Off on Bad Scott Walker Ad

Bad ads… very, very, very bad ads…
Article Sponsored by Compingo Marketing:

We will be taking the opportunity of the upcoming presidential primary election season to analyze many of the campaigns and where they do things right and, more often, where they screw up because that’s just what they do the most… they screw up.

Like I’ve previously disclosed, I’m a Scott Walker fan and I believe his campaign completely screwed up in making a summer announcement that he is running for president. Now they are pushing out some of the worst political ads I’ve ever seen.

This ad (below) which is actual size in pixels is so poorly design, it’s difficult to believe a campaign on the presidential level put this out when we wouldn’t even let an ad go out this bad for someone running for school board.
Okay… WHO is running? WHO? For the 4% of people out there who are hardcore politicos, you will know exactly who this is.  There are probably some others who can figure it out because they’ve seen him somewhere, but Scott Walker’s name ID in South Carolina (where these particular ads were targeted) is not good. Most people have no clue who he even is if you say his name.  With BUSH and TRUMP nonstop in the news cycle, not only has Walker’s announcement been drowned out, he’s not even upping his own name ID with his own ads. This just seems entirely incomprehensible.
Who came up with that creative messaging? When I mentioned to people the other day that Walker just announced he was running for president, the response I received 100% of the time was, “I thought he was already running…”  The average […]

1407, 2015

Batman Arkham Knight

By |July 14th, 2015|Tech|Comments Off on Batman Arkham Knight

Batman: Arkham Knight – A Disappointing Closer to a Good Series
The Batman: Arkham series has become one of the most beloved franchises of modern day gaming, and before we talk about the most recent entry – and the “final” one, if you believe Rocksteady Games, who develop the series – we need to talk about why that is. The first game, Batman: Arkham Asylum, was the first time a video game managed to nail the feeling of being Batman, and it did so with a perfect mixture of rhythmic combat, 3D “metroidvania” exploration, and stealth. When you were punching a criminal in the face you felt like Batman. When you were solving a riddle or hunting down a new item, you felt like Batman. When you were sneaking by armed guards so that you could knock them out from behind, you felt like Batman. Asylum will forever remain a classic because of this. The plot was decent as well, but even if it wasn’t, the game-play alone would have been enough.

The next logical step in the series was to move away from a closed location (the titular Arkham Asylum), and into an open world environment. In comes Batman: Arkham City, which gave players a chunk of Gotham-turned-prison to run around in. In terms of game-play, the only big change was the open world, and this was mostly a good thing. And yet, there was a feeling that it was inferior to its predecessor. It felt less polished and perhaps a little too open. Losing the tight spaces of the asylum and giving players more freedom made for an overall looser gaming experience. But the plot was still good, the game-play had yet to get old, […]

1207, 2015

Stolen iPhone Content Tragedy!

By |July 12th, 2015|Tech|1 Comment

Contents of iPhone is stolen and you won’t believe what was done with it!
Once publicly posted on the Internet; an Internet group begins days and days of harassment.
(This group is so vicious that our source has requested protection of his identity)
We live in an increasingly technology centered world, and it’s become standard for people to store large volumes of personal data on their computers and cellphones. All it takes is one mistake, however, and all of this data can be made public.

On Wednesday July 8th, 2015, a posting on an anonymous message board shared a personal victory with his cohorts: he had stolen 22 gigabytes of personal data from a stranger on a bus. His method was not advanced or high-tech; the stranger had merely requested to use the thief’s laptop USB port to charge his dying iPhone. The thief, seeing an opportunity, agreed. The moment the iPhone was plugged in, he went about downloading its contents onto his own hard drive. For the purposes of this article we will be censoring all of the sensitive information/imagery. We have no desire to harm the victim of this crime, nor do we wish to bring them more unwanted attention, but we do hope the reporting of this incident can help save others.

What was in that 22 gigabytes of data? The victim’s full name, nude images of his girlfriend, scans of his driver’s license, and an image of his Social Security card, with the number in clear view. All of it was shared with thousands of strangers on the internet. It was […]

1207, 2015

How Reddit Died

By |July 12th, 2015|Tech|1 Comment

Reddit is Dying as a CEO Change Comes
too Late and Users Flee for Greener Pastures
Reddit has been called “the front page of the internet,” as Digg was called before it. Reddit outdid Digg, however, and left it a shadow of its former self. Sure, it still operates and some people still visit it, but it has become an internet relic. People still visit Myspace, after all, and none would argue that Facebook hasn’t crushed it either way. But now it looks like it is time for Reddit to be crushed. The question is: by who?

Before we discuss a successor, let’s retrace what’s been happening on the path to Reddit’s destruction. Having witnessed many of this firsthand, I do not have sources to cite for every event I discuss. I have attempted to provide relevant sources whenever possible, however.

Some have said that problems started as early as three years ago when the popular subreddit (user created/run board that everyone can post to) r/ – a space where people could talk about pretty much anything, including Reddit itself – was shutdown. It still exists as an archive (, but users can no longer post in it. This took away a common forum for discussion about Reddit’s policies. Following that, many other popular subreddits saw their ownerships change for various reasons, and some were concerned that certain users had control over too many subreddits at once.

Sometime later, the popular subreddit r/IAMA (which has a double meaning, as IAMA stands for “Informal Ask Me Anything,” and IAMA is “I am a,” combining to mean “I am a ___, Ask Me Anything”) became less open. It used to be a platform where anyone could hold a Q&A, but now it […]

1007, 2015

Faster than a Speeding Bullet to Pluto

By |July 10th, 2015|Tech|Comments Off on Faster than a Speeding Bullet to Pluto

Pluto Bound: Faster than a speeding bullet
What is currently traveling at approximately 10 miles per second?

The New Horizons spacecraft which is nearing Pluto, just 9 ½ years into its journey. The science and wonder of this is impressive and fascinating on so many levels, but the shear speed in which we’ve been able to get to Pluto amazes me.

Pluto is 3,000,000,000 miles away – that’s three billion for those short-changed by a government school.

The spacecraft has traveled there in just 9.5 years.

This means it has covered an average distance of 315,789,493 miles per year.

That breaks down to an average distance of 865,176 miles per day.

Breaks down further to traveling 36,049 miles per hour.

Or 600 miles every minute of the day.

Or 10 miles of distance travel per each second for nearly a decade. Compare this to the average bullet traveling from a gun at 2500 feet per second, which means the spacecraft is traveling more than 20 times the speed of a bullet.

The craft will take some photos of Pluto and its five moons as it passes by which will give us amazing sights and information which we’ve never before been able to obtain. “We’re not planning to rewrite any textbooks,” said Alan Stern in a New York Times documentary regarding the mission. “We’re planning to write them from scratch.”

New Horizon won’t slow down for Pluto, it will snap photos as it passes by, then it will keep on moving right out of our solar system and continue to explore for us. Along the way, it is carrying the ashes of Clyde Tombaugh, the astronomer who discovered Pluto 85 years ago.

1606, 2015

Native Advertising

By |June 16th, 2015|Tech|Comments Off on Native Advertising

These are the pieces you must have at a minimum and you
must have them all working together as part of your marketing arsenal!
Article sponsored by Compingo Marketing Firm:

Marketing has changed quite a bit over the years, but lately it has been changing rapidly, like technology, and this is no coincidence as marketing quickly takes advantage of the latest technologies to sell, sell, sell…

Now, with all the firms out there pitching marketing, most are not technologically savvy enough to truly take advantage of the latest trends and techniques and to make things even more complicated, marketing has actually become a strange merger between art and technology. Most don’t realize just how difficult it is to find a technological artist who can make the best out of what’s out there.

Now when we talk about art, we’re not just talking about logos and pretty layouts, but rather we are talking about having a decent command of the English language as your most successful marketing is really being driven as much by relative content as it is technical savvy.

Native Advertising is not a billboard, neon sign, obnoxious pop-up ads, or anything remotely among those lines. What Native Advertising is, is the ability to blend in to the consumer’s environment, to be a part of their world without intruding, to be helpful, to build confidence, which ultimately will lead to a comfort/trust level by the time the trigger is ready to be pulled on a purchase.

Right now, there is a major shift happening in how we market our businesses. Gone are the days when you had to have a website to be real and any old website will do. Websites are now a key part of your marketing package and […]