2708, 2016

Urgent iPhone Security Update

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Have you updated your iPhone with the latest iOS?
According to Apple, everyone should immediately update their iPhones due to a discovered hack where your phone can be used as a surveillance device against you. It seems a group of hackers from a company out of Israel (allegedly) have found a way to turn on your iPhone microphone and listen or your camera and watch you.  The hackers must have been seriously into reality TV and wanted to create themselves unlimited channels, right? Doubtful and according to reports, the hackers were targeting specific people

Doubtful and according to reports, the hackers were targeting specific people. In other words; most of us simply aren’t important enough to watch or listen to. So why did Apple issue a “global alert” for all users to immediately protect themselves with the security update? Well, we’d call that great marketing! News outlets everywhere have reported on this and it promotes the facade that Apple is on top of things when it comes to protecting you.  What Apple cares about more than security or their customers, is their bottom line, and they just helped it out quite a bit with millions of dollars in free publicity.

Did you update? Do you feel safer?


2408, 2016

The Surprising Media Trends Of Recent Years

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We all know that technology is one of those areas which is under constant flux. However, what is often less obvious is the ways in which this tends to manifest. In the world of media, in particular, there are certain trends which we can bring out and analyse. Doing so might just help us to understand what it is that the consumer of today is really after. The answer to that might well surprise a lot of people. The fact is, media is ever-changing in all sorts of weird and whacky ways. Let’s take a look at how it has been developing over the past few years.

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One of the most popular areas of media is, of course, television. As a form of entertainment, television has retained its popularity for a number of decades now. It certainly doesn’t look as though it is going to become any less popular anytime soon. However, that doesn’t mean that it has remained entirely the same. The fact is, television viewing habits are in a state of constant change. If you look at the statistics, television viewing rarely stays quite the same from one year to the next. And we are not just talking about what programs people are watching. There are changes in the way that television is being watched, too. Increasingly, people are turning to online streaming as their primary means of watching television. As streaming becomes cheaper and cheaper, more and more people are becoming interested. Add to that the fact that there are often fewer advertisements, and it becomes clear the younger generation are excited about it. For more on these trends, take a look at http://floatleft.tv/challenges-to-launching-an-ott-service/.


It could easily be claimed that the gaming industry […]

2807, 2016

Is Tech Now More Important Than Employees? The Shocking Truth Revealed

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What would happen if technology suddenly just stopped working? Imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning to discover that your laptop wouldn’t switch on. Your phone wasn’t connected to anything, and you’re caught Pokemon had been lost forever. What would happen? Aside from billions of depressed teenagers, almost every industry worldwide would start to fail. That’s because virtually every business is reliant on tech. In fact, an overwhelming number of businesses now function almost entirely online. There’s good reason for this. It’s a lot cheaper to run a virtual company, rather than to operate an actual business on the high street. Here is the tech at the heart of the modern businesses in 2016.

Automated Software

Automated software is a big threat to employees and massive perk for business owners. It’s present in almost every industry today. For instance, you can look at the example of the Washington Post. The Washington Post recently revealed that they have started to use automated writing software. Obviously, the main page articles are still written by professionals. However, smaller filler pieces can be written using a piece of software. Key information is input through the software, and a new article is written based on that information. Although this software is not yet available on the wider market, it could one day lead to the end of the freelancing writing industry. Of course, business owners will still be able to produce articles but at a far smaller cost.

It’s not the only way automated software is being utilized either. Business owners are also using it for customer services. Rather than hiring a full staff, automated call handling software can be used at a far smaller cost. Essentially, tech is becoming […]

2807, 2016

Water Technologies That Are Saving The World

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The well – the first known water innovation – is almost 10,000 years old. If you were wondering, that pre-dates the wheel by about 3,000 years! This humble invention was essential for early inland communities, and since then we’ve certainly come a long way in the methods we use to get water into our homes. Even now, there are emerging technologies which could save the whole planet! Here are just a few.

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We’ll start this off with the most exciting new tech – nanotechnology. The World Health Organization estimates that 1.6 million people die every year due to the lack of safe drinking water. Recently though, researchers in India have developed a solution to this, utilising the young science of nanotechnology. This tech works by removing microbes through composite nano particles, which release silver ions and destroying water contaminants. This is the first time that cheap and commercially scalable water purification has become accessible to the people who need it most.

Next, we have seawater desalination. This has proven to be a highly effective method for removing salt and other contaminants from harvested seawater, but many put it down for one major drawback. The reverse osmosis tech that this process uses consumes a massive amount of energy, and is therefore very expensive. Despite this, we’ve seen a considerable rise in seawater desalination companies over the past three years. For example, Novatron facilitate water purification using the original reverse osmosis technique. However, this doesn’t mean that less developed economies are completely closed off to desalination and all its benefits. Desalination has been a big part of Singapore’s infrastructure for some time now, and researchers are exploring a more economical alternative method: biomimicry. As the name suggests, […]

1706, 2016

New Technology And The Impact On Small Business Owners

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For small business owners, deciding to upgrade their technology can be a big decision. Unlike larger corporations, they don’t have unlimited funds. This means that the decision to invest in new equipment and resources is one that has to be calculated for and carefully thought through.

For small business owners, if they’re going to invest in new technology, they need to take their time choosing the perfect tools. They need to find things that will help to push their company forward by making the daily tasks easier and quicker to do.

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The question is, what are the best pieces of new technology for small business owners?

Tech that makes tasks easier

For small businesses with small workforces, the most essential pieces of tech are items that make daily tasks easier. This is because for companies with very few members of staff, every second counts. For example, if you’re a content creator, access to sites like Hemingway, is useful. These pieces of tech check writing for errors and recommend edits. This saves time when it comes to proofreading. Or, if you’re a manufacturer that uses boring mills to create products, they should be CNC designs. This means that they run via computers and are automated, saving on the cost of hiring employees. For small businesses, whatever industry you’re in, any tools that can make tasks quicker and easier are essential.

Cloud storage

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Most small businesses start out being run from home, where often there’s a lack of space. Instead of keeping important documents and data in a filing cabinet, using cloud storage can be a good option. The reason that cloud storage is such a popular resource for small businesses is because of how convenient it is. Also, because […]

1005, 2016

The Art Of Making A Great Film – What You Need To Know

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After the recent ‘blockbuster’ flops, you would be forgiven for thinking that you could do better. To be honest, anything is going to be better than Batman versus Superman. Still, it isn’t like you can roll up to your first attempt at a movie and hit it straight out of the park. If you want a piece of the entertainment industry, you have to learn from their mistakes. And, to do that, you need to understand what makes a good film and what makes a bad one.

Solid Storytelling

It is no wonder writers don’t get paid as much in Hollywood – some of them can’t write a decent script. When it comes to making a film, the storytelling must be solid and consistent. If there are any plot holes, the movie will struggle to hold water. By the way, that doesn’t mean that you have to write a Christopher Nolanesque script. A good film can survive with a simple script as long as the story in on point. Before you start shooting, you need to analyze the story in detail.

Authentic Locations

Some movies seem as if film crews go there just to get out of the country for a few weeks. A location needs to add value to the film. Otherwise, it is a waste of time. For the most part, the audience can tell when the location doesn’t fit the remit of the film. And, they can tell when it does fit. The best example has to be The Lord of the Rings trilogy. New Zealand was the perfect location as the rolling hills replicated the description in the books.

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Capturing Images From Every Angle

Using one or several cameras from the same or similar angles makes […]

3004, 2016

Why Are The Best Entrepreneurs So Keen To Embrace New Technology?

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In today’s world, technology is everywhere. However, this is perhaps even more apparent in the business arena. Staying ahead of the crowd in this environment is a priority for many companies, and is seen by many to be the heartbeat behind their ventures.

It’s not too hard to see why, either? Embracing new technology can open up new opportunities for the business, not least when it comes to making a great first impression. In many cases, a company has just seconds to capture the imagination of a potential client.

Of course, the internet is a great way to spread the message. However, new tech can also help you create that content. Using drones is a fantastic method for acquiring footage that would have been almost impossible just a few short years ago. That exciting prospect can grab the attention. In turn, this can be turned into a converted sale.

Improving those chances with the key audience is huge. However, there are plenty of other benefits. An entrepreneur’s life is particularly fast-paced. It’s impossible to be in all those places at once. But video communication makes it possible to stay in control of a situation, even when you aren’t physically there.

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In fact, ship communications even make it possible for business owners to stay in contact when they’re at sea. Successful entrepreneurs cannot afford to switch off completely, even when they are on holiday. Boasting those facilities can make a world of difference to their enjoyment levels. Besides, time is money, and the opportunity to use theirs more wisely is very attractive.

One of the most time-consuming business processes is finding new staff. Nowadays, though, you don’t even need to hire employees that you’ve met. Outsourcing certain roles can […]

1804, 2016

Can Auto Accidents Become A Thing Of The Past?

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This year over a million people will die
from crashes involving motor vehicles.
And if nothing is done about it, that number will continue to rise as universal auto ownership arrives in India and China.

Deaths from car accidents create pain and suffering for millions more people around the world. That’s why something has to be done to stop it.

For the longest of times, actually solving the problem of car accidents seemed like an impossible task. It was science fiction to propose that cars might be able to drive themselves. How could a computer possibly drive a car, given the millions of un-programmable scenarios cars encounter on the road?

But back in 2004 DARPA launched a grand challenge to see if the impossible could be done. They challenged teams from all over the world to design a car that could safely navigate a course. To begin with things didn’t look good. All the teams failed and the naysayers said, “look, I told you it wasn’t possible.”


But by 2007, the technology and expertise had advanced to the point where one car did succeed. The effort by Carnegie Mellon University and General Motors bagged the $2 million prize and the self-driving car was born.

Once the concept had been proven, others wanted to find out more and improve on it. Google began their own self-driving car project back in 2010. The car has now completed over 1.5 million miles driving itself around Californian roads. It has successfully navigated a myriad of hazards on the road and usually come out on top.


The purpose of these efforts is to reduce the number of accidents by an order of magnitude. Accidents are expensive. Each year millions of people contact their auto accident attorney because […]

804, 2016

Where Would The Business World Be Without Information Technology?

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Most people reading this post won’t be old enough to remember the world without computers. For that reason, we wanted to enter the time tunnel and show you how far things have come. Up until around twenty years ago, most companies did not use information technology in any form. Even today some firms are yet to make the switch. The article you’re reading will highlight some of the benefits you would miss were it not for tech companies like Microsoft and Apple. As you can probably imagine, your life would become much more challenging if that technology was taken away today.

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Snail Mail Communications

Up until the birth of the digital age, most business owners had to rely on the postal service when sending documents to clients. You don’t need us to tell you how tedious that must have been. There was always the chance that the letter would become lost in transit, and there was no way of telling if it had been received. That made it exceptionally difficult when businesses were pressing people for money. Perhaps a client failed to make their monthly payment, and you wanted to rectify the issue? Well, twenty years ago that could have taken months if they were trying to give you the slip. These days, business owners can just send an email and ask for a receipt.

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Non-Existent Mobile Tech

Many professionals access their computer systems using a remote desktop. That allows them to work anywhere in the world, regardless of their schedule. In the past, that was impossible unless you carried hundreds of pages of paperwork. These days, reliable technology services of that nature are abundant, and they’re cheap too! Companies only have to pay a small fee […]

2903, 2016

3 Industries Technology Is Impacting The Most

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Technology is sculpting modern life, but how is it impacting the business world? In today’s article, we’ll take a look at three industries that are most impacted by technology.

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Everything that you touch has been made by someone, somewhere. The manufacturing industry is massive and keeps getting bigger. There are new things that need to be made, and these new things require new technologies. Lots of manufacturing companies are using high-tech equipment to get their work done. Think about automotive manufacturing companies for a second; they use robotics to assist them. On the shop floor, there will be loads of robotic machines that work on fitting parts together. The need for humans is becoming less apparent in this industry! And, there’s the growth in 3D printing which has made it easier to make objects. In my opinion, we see some of the most advanced technology in this sector.

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Oil & Gas
The Oil & Gas industry is one of the biggest and most productive in the world. All over the globe, there are huge structures mining for oil and gas. Given that it’s such a huge business sector, there’s a need for technology to provide assistance. These days, there’s a wealth of oil and gas software for people within the sector to use. Commonly, engineers can use this software to build mining structures off-shore. But, there’s also some technology that helps the public too. There’re new and updated means of checking your gas meter, making life more convenient for you. And, some gas central heating systems can be controlled using apps on a mobile device. With regards to oil specifically, there’s a tonne of computer software to help with the drilling and mining […]