712, 2017

Nintendo Games to be Made Available on Rival Console

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Video game company Nintendo is set to launch their games on a console other than their own for the first time ever.

Breaking with history, the company will make some of its most popular titles, mostly older games from its discontinued Wii console, available on the Nvidia Shield in China. This is a set-top box, rather than a traditional games console, but it is still a big move forward for the company who have traditionally avoided licensing games of its own creations to rival console companies.

New Market

Currently, Nintendo, who is a Japanese company, do not sell their Nintendo switch – their newest games console – in China, with the majority of Chinese gamers using PCs and mobile devices to play their favorite titles, even though the government there relaxed the rules on selling foreign-made consoles three years ago.

Since the Chinese video game market is valued at approximately $24 billion last year, it is sure to be a smart move for Nintendo to making more of their offerings available in a format that the Chinese market can actually play.

The Nvidia Shield, which the titles will be made available on is a box that can both stream TV shows and games. It is thought that Nintendo titles available on the box will include New Super Mario Bros and Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess initially, but should they go down well, it is almost certain that the company will think about adding more.

Mobile Games

Although Nintendo has not bothered to release games for consoles other than their own, like the popular SNES and Wii models, they have, in recent years started to make various titles available for mobile devices, with games like Animal Crossings: Pocket Camp and Super Mario […]

2109, 2017

Confusion Arises Over Tesla and AMD’s Self-Driving AI Chip

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PNN – The internet was abuzz this morning following a report from CNBC on Wednesday that Tesla (TSLA) and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) were cooperating on the development of a self-driving AI chip for Tesla’s autonomous cars. AMD saw a 4% spike in their stock price as the story topped the trending charts of social media. CNBC’s report has been called into question now, however, as AMD chip fabricator GlobalFoundries have insisted that there is no commitment in place between Tesla and themselves, and that at least that aspect of the CNBC story was a misunderstanding. The original article partially stemmed from comments made by GlobalFoundries CEO Sanjay Jha, which were misinterpreted by CNBC. GlobalFoundries does not seem to have made any comment on whether or not AMD itself is involved in the project.

What remains unclear, however, is whether there is any sort of cooperation happening between Tesla and AMD. Following the GlobalFoundries clarification, Engadget has indicated that there is no such cooperation occurring. In CNBC’s story, however, journalist Jordan Novet claims to have a source verifying some of the information being circulated. Novet writes:
More than 50 people are working on the initiative under Keller, the source said. Tesla has brought on several AMD veterans after hiring Keller, including director Ganesh Venkataramanan, principal hardware engineer Bill McGee and system circuit design lead Dan Bailey.
If there is indeed a source familiar with Tesla’s self-driving car project that has indicated the involvement of AMD, then it may be Engadget and several other publications who are jumping the gun by dismissing the entire venture as a misunderstanding rather than just dismissing the involvement of GlobalFoundries. It is possible that AMD is involved without the cooperation of […]

1209, 2017

Nintendo: NES, SNES Classic Editions to Receive Extra Shipments

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Late last year, Nintendo released the NES Classic Edition—a miniature version of the original Nintendo Entertainment System. The system was emulation based and it didn’t take cartridges, so users only had access to the 30 games included on the console and they couldn’t utilize their original NES games. All the same, the miniature console was well received, and it sold out rapidly. Nintendo said that they were going to discontinue the popular device, leaving fans who missed out with few options, unless they wanted to deal with scalpers who were charging up to $500 for the $60 console, and up to $250 for the $10 controllers.

To say that this was a new phenomenon would be far from the truth, as Nintendo has released many products in quantities smaller than the demand of their fanbase. Amiibos – small figurines that add additional content to Nintendo games – are notorious for selling out, with scalpers preying on anyone who wasn’t able to grab them at launch.

Now, with the release of the SNES Classic Edition looming, Nintendo has some good news:  they’ve decided to release more units of the NES Classic Edition, and they’re taking steps to make sure that there aren’t severe shortages for the SNES Classic Edition this time around. Of course, there’s a slight catch, as there often is with Nintendo’s scarcity-based product line:  the next round of NES Classic Edition unites won’t be released until next summer. While fans might groan at the prospect of waiting another year, there’s a chance that the announcement of wider availability will lessen the demand for price-hiked resales.

The SNES Classic Edition is set to include the first official release of Star Fox 2, a game that Nintendo shelved […]

2308, 2017

Could The Internet Make Roads Safer?

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As the world of technologies grows and develops, the Internet is promising to enhance even more of a normal life than it already has. Along with making it easier to shop, connect with friends, and find out information, it’s also going to be making the roads safer over the coming years. But, what does this mean for you and is this sort of technology safe? There are a lot of questions which still need to be answered before the Internet can play a large role on the road, and this post is going to help you answer some of them.

To start, though, it’s important to think about how the Internet is proposing to help drivers. Companies like BMW and Toyota are already hard at work on their own neural networking projects which promise to help make the roads safer. With tools like this in every car, they claim that they will be able to eliminate the chances of any crash being caused by the driver. To do this, these networks will be using an array of different methods.

Connected cars

One of the most important functions of these projects is to connect cars to each other. By sharing information like location, speed, and route, cars will be able to seamlessly avoid one another. Along with this, if one car detects that a car will collide with it, it will be able to move out of the way or brake on its own to avoid the threat.

Driving for you

Of course, a feature like the one above wouldn’t be very useful if the car couldn’t make use of the information itself. The dream of companies like BMW is to have most journeys handled completely by the […]

2208, 2017

Eclipsing Science

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Great post, lifted from the Facebook page of Brian Adams:

Heard in the wild today: “it’s amazing that they can predict these eclipses so far in the future ”

Well, that’s kinda how science works.

And it is also how I know that man made global warming is a religion, not a science.

You see, “settled science” is precise, consistent, and ALWAYS true.

If the eclipse today did not occur as scheduled, scientists would be forced to demote the law of gravity back to a theory and find out what went wrong. But it did happen. Precisely as predicted.

On the other hand, the cult of MMGW is not precise, consistent and always true.

In fact, it is never true. It is never precise. It is never consistent.

Not one prediction in the last 20 years has been precisely true. Predictions are not consistent.

If the kind of “science” used in MMGW was used to predict eclipses, today would have been a major disappointment for millions.

And real scientists would be scratching their heads wondering “what went wrong”, not demanding that there was an eclipse even though none was seen. They would not be asking the UN to produce an Orwellian announcement that the sun was indeed eclipsed but regular people were just not able to understand. And they would not be producing fake images to “prove” that it did happen.

Listening to comments about the eclipse for the past week makes it easier to understand how so many have been indoctrinated into the cult of MMGW.

A dj on the radio this morning said her husband asked if it would be safe to mow the lawn after the eclipse.

Image from NASA

2208, 2017

We’re Shipping More Products By Air, And It’s All Thanks To Tech

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When people think about the air freight market, they think about small, high-value products, like electronics. It pays to ship expensive products like these by plane because you can fit so many valuables items on a single shipment. But the world of air freight is changing, all thanks to changes in demand from consumers.

Perhaps the biggest change in the use of air freight is in the shipping of what the industry calls “time-sensitive” cargo. Essentially, this means perishable products, usually food. Shipping food by plane might seem a little excessive, but thanks to changes in consumer demand and tastes, it’s happening, and it’s probably here to stay. Consumers are sick and tired of tasteless vegetables that have been harvested before they’re ripe so that they can survive the long journey aboard a boat. Instead, they want products grown halfway around the world to arrive on supermarket shelves in their optimal conditions.


This is where air freight comes in. With air freight, customers are finally able to access ripe fruit and vegetables from halfway around the world in their own locale, without having to compromise on taste. It’s like having food in-season, all year around. The costs of this are high but not as high as you might think. Innovations in the air freight industry mean that the costs of transporting relatively low-value items, like food, is falling fast, meaning that we could see a rise in fresh seasonal produce from around the world in supermarkets and delis as standard.

What technology is driving the trend? A lot of it has to do with the way in which ball decks and roller decks for air cargo handling have reduced the time taken to load and unload cargo. Labour […]

108, 2017

Securing A Business With A Smartphone

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Digital technology has opened up new security threats to businesses that could never have been dreamt of thirty years ago. However, on the flipside, it’s also enabled us new ways of protecting businesses. In fact, just using a smartphone, there are now all manner of hi-tech security methods. Here are just a few ways that you could use a smartphone to safeguard your business.

Consider a smart lock for your office

You can now lock and unlock your office using your smartphone and a special smart lock. These work by scanning your phone against the lock with a special app open. Some locks can be used in conjunction with normal locks, either as an alternative or an extra means of security. Some can even be voice operated or activated with a fingerprint scan.

Turn your phone into a security camera monitor

Can’t afford to hire a professional CCTV service. There are now cheap but reliable security cameras that you can buy to monitor on your smartphone through an app. Such apps even allow you to play back video footage (although you may only be able to store a limited amount compared to a professional CCTV service). This could be ideal to have outside your office or inside a retail outlet to monitor and deflect criminals.

Verify client ID with your phone

Some businesses may require you to carefully vet clients or employees for security purposes. This may involve checking that a person matches their ID. There are now apps that can provide a trusted identity service using biometric facial recognition to ensure that the person really is who they say they are on their identification papers. Such a procedure has previously involved expensive tech but now can be done with […]

2007, 2017

Today’s New Car Technologies Are Straight Out Of Minority Report

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It doesn’t seem like there’s a day that goes by where cars don’t aren’t affected by some new technology. During the 1980s and 1990s, car technologies improved, sure. But today, thanks to smartphones and other wizardry from the world of digital tech, these new innovations are coming to our vehicles on a monthly basis. The pace of technological progress is truly impressive,.

Honda Is Making An EV Powered By AI

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An EV powered by AI? It’s an alphabet soup of a sentence. But all it means is no more gas and no more drivers. Right now, thousands of people every year have to get a DUI defense. But Honda, the company behind the NeuV concept vehicle, thinks that getting pulled over from dangerous driving might soon become a thing of the past. Powered by an “emotion engine,” it is hoped that the vehicle will help bring down accidents and also congestion, thanks to its incredibly small size.

Minority Report In-Car Gesture Control

Our phones have gesture control, so why not our cars? Surely it would make more sense in a car where your hands are constantly busy with other things? BMW is planning on introducing a pioneering gesture control system to some of its flagship 7-Series cars. The idea is to provide free floating holographic projections inside the car itself, a little bit like those seen in films like Minority Report. Gesture control consoles are most likely to appear right beside the steering wheel which a camera tracking the position of the driver’s fingers. Spooky.

Driverless VR

Wouldn’t it be great if your car could take you somewhere while you floated about in a virtual world of your own? That’s the dream of Hyundai. They’ve begun testing a fleet of […]

1707, 2017

Beware Of Your Smartphone

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Your smartphone can do many wonderful things. On top of being a communication tool, it can also be used as a GPS to stop you getting lost, a camera to help you record every moment of your life and an online bible for helping with any emergency query you may have. However, owning a smartphone isn’t completely free of drawbacks. In fact, there are some real dangers that everyone with a smartphone ought to be aware of such as cybersecurity risks, addiction and even physical health risks. Here are just a few ways to avoid these dangers.

Protect your personal data

Our phones are full of personal details given out in text messages, via log-in forms to sites and perhaps even stored in our notes. Whilst password protection (and now fingerprint recognition) has made it harder for thieves to then access our phones, there are still hackers out there getting into our phones through unsecure wi-fi hotspots and email traps.

It can be worth downloading extra security onto your phone. There are also cloud services that allow you to back up your details on the web, in case your phone is stolen or attacked by ransomware. A good rule of thumb is also to be careful what information you put on your phone. Don’t allow your log-in details to be automatically filled in on online forms and never email or text private details to someone you’ve never met. Also be careful of apps that enable geo-tagging. A hacker may be able to find out where you are by hacking into a jogging app (details of your routes and where you are may be stored on a server somewhere). Burglars have been using this to find out when […]

3005, 2017

The International Space Station: What’s It For?

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The international space station is one of humanity’s greatest achievements. A hundred years ago, it was the kind of thing that would only be found in science fiction stories, but now it’s a reality. We hear it about it fairly often in the news, particularly when we send people up there, but we don’t really hear too much about what exactly it is that they do up there. There are various things that go on up there, here are a few of the more important ones.

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Water Purification

Clean drinking water is vital for our survival, unfortunately not everybody has access to it at the moment. Work that NASA is doing on the space station is going some way to change that. Technology that was initially developed for use on the space station has been taken on by international water aid agencies and redesigned for use back here on earth. It’s already in use all over the world.

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Protein Crystals

Proteins are an important part of nature, and we can use them to our advantage if we tailor them well. The best place to grow and study different proteins is in space. The low levels of gravity create the perfect environment to produce protein crystals that we can use for medical treatments in the future. One of the most recent experiments has started the preliminary steps towards an effective treatment for muscular dystrophy.


One of the biggest problems that astronauts have while they are in space is the lack of space. Developments that are designed to address this issue are helping us make a big leap forward down on Earth. Lack of space means that medical equipment has to be limited and make use of space effectively. […]