3110, 2017

Spartanburg Party Leaders Unify Around ‘Penny Tax’ in Joint Press Conference

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Early Monday morning, a curious alliance of Spartanburg’s political spheres presented their unified support for the new “Penny Tax,” a temporary 1% increase in the county’s sales tax, being offered for the consideration of the voting public. The funds obtained via the new tax would be used solely for the purpose of building a new courthouse.  Standing in the cold air in Morgan Square was Allen Smith, President of the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce; Shelly Roehrs, chairman of the county Democratic Party; Josh Kimbrell, Chairman of the county Republican Party; and Karen Martin, president of the county’s Tea Party organization.


The condition of the court house has been a looming problem for over a decade, put off and kicked down the road one year after another, culminating in today’s multitude of issues including overcrowding, hazardous mold in the walls and floors, and the security hazard presented by proximity of jurors and citizens involved in family court with individuals considered dangerous. It seems that almost everyone agrees on the need for a new courthouse structure.  The question is:  how will we pay for it?

Proponents of the 1% sales tax argue that the need for funding is urgent and that it is necessary to a core government function. The bill has been written so as to provide a few reassurances:  it directs the additional revenue specifically to the courthouse project and it has a ‘sunset’ date built in, at which time the tax rate will return to its present level.

There are, however, those standing against the measure. Those opposed to the tax increase have argued that the county could cut costs elsewhere, adjust business tax rates, or hold court in an existing building that could be bought or […]

1710, 2017

Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis Accused of Sexual Assault

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PNN – Greenville County Sheriff Will Lewis has been accused of both sexual harassment and sexual assault in a newly filed lawsuit. These accusations echo those made last year by former Greenville County Sheriff Steve Loftis, who produced documents outlining a 2011 internal investigation into then-Deputy Lewis’ behavior towards female officers. Lewis resigned shortly thereafter–a move that Loftis insists was done to avoid the firing that Lewis knew was eminent.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of former Greenville County Sheriff Department employee Savanah Nabors. Nabors served as Lewis’ assistant starting shortly after his election to the position last year, and she continued on until April. In the lawsuit, Nabors alleges that Lewis began his inappropriate behavior almost immediately, starting with remarks as early as December, before culminating in a physical assault in March, which led to Nabors’ eventual resignation in April. Nabors believes that Lewis added some form of drug to her drinks on the evening of the alleged assault, as she lost consciousness and awoke to find Lewis on top of her. Nabors claims that she was assaulted once more the following evening, despite Lewis’ insistence earlier in the evening that the behavior would not reoccur.

Following the assault, Nabors claims that Lewis acted obsessive. According to Nabors, Lewis was instructing her to avoid dating, prying into her personal affairs, and making excuses to come by her home. Nabors offered up her resignation with a two week notice on April 24th, but was instructed to cease working there immediately by Lewis. Nabors claims that Lewis then contacted her on the following day to beg for her to return as his assistant, going so far as to offer her a raise. Nabors declined this offer and […]

210, 2017

58 Killed, 500 Injured in Largest Terrorist Shooting in US History

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PNN – A domestic terror attack in Las Vegas, Nevada has left more than 500 people injured and at least 58 killed. The attacker has been identified as 64 year old professional gambler Stephen Paddock. Paddock carried out the shooting from his hotel room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino on Sunday night. His target was the Route 91 Harvest country music festival happening below. Paddock, who has no history of criminal behavior, took his own life after the attack. His motives remain unclear and thus far investigators have not found a manifesto or memoir to shed light upon the situation. Paddock has no known political ties, nor does it appear that he was involved in any form of extremism, religious or otherwise. Paddock was relatively new to the area, having moved to the nearby town of Mesquite in 2015.

Following the attack, several groups have already attempted to take credit, though Sheriff Joseph Lombardo has referred to the Paddock as a “lone wolf.” ISIS has claimed, via their Aamaq propaganda outlet, that Paddock was acting on their behalf as a soldier, and that he had converted to Islam several months prior. No evidence has been offered to support these claims, and authorities have been dismissive of the idea so far. It would not be the first time that ISIS has falsely claimed an attack, as was the case with a similar attack on a casino in the Philippines earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Facebook page Melbourne Antifa made a post, which has since been deleted but remains available as an archive, claiming responsibility for the shooting. Several legacy media outlets have incorrectly reported said post as a hoax, claiming that no such […]

1409, 2017

Martin Shkreli Jailed Over Bizarre Satirical Facebook Posts

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Millionaire pharmaceutical investor Martin Shkreli has had his bail revoked and has been jailed while he waits to receive sentencing for securities fraud.  U.S. District Judge Kiyo Matsumoto made the decision to revoke Shkreli’s bail following a series of Facebook posts which culminated in Shkreli offering $5,000 to anyone willing to obtain a hair sample from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as she embarks on her new book tour. Shkreli has said that the post in question was meant as a joke. Shkreli has been out on a $5 million bail since he was arrested in December of 2015.

In the posts, Shkreli encouraged his followers to join him at a Clinton book signing to chant “lock her up”, joked about cloning Clinton, posted several times with what appears to be amino acid sequencing, claimed that he was being followed, posted an image of a computer chip that he claimed had 10 million deleted emails from Clinton, claimed to have a sample of Clinton’s DNA, and finally offered up $5,000 to anyone would could provide him with a hair sample to check against the DNA he claimed to already have. The post in which Shkreli made the offer seems to have been removed, but screenshots were taken and circulated online.

Shkreli is a notorious prankster and he has since explained that the posts in question were meant to be satirical, remarking on a September 7 Facebook post that “It was just a prank, bro!” Judge Matsumoto was not amused and argued that one of Shkreli’s 93,000 followers might have taken the offer seriously. The posts were not protected under the first amendment, said the judge, because they constitute a “a solicitation of assault in exchange for money.” […]

1209, 2017

Cruz: Aide Responsible for Accidental “Like” of Pornographic Tweet

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Former presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) endured an amusing gaffe on Monday evening when his official Twitter account liked a short pornographic clip that had been tweeted out by the Twitter handle @SexuallPosts. The clip in question featured what is known as a “cuckold” fetish—in which a person – the “cuck” – views their partner engaging in sexual activity with another partner. The term “cuck” has become a popular insult to lob at politicians on the internet, with many members of alt-right groups using it to attack officials and candidates who they feel are not standing up for their real principals, or merely to jab at people who they feel are weak. The term was applied to Cruz derisively during the 2016 presidential race.

The like remained listed on Senator Cruz’s account for several hours before being removed early in the morning. An archive of Cruz’s likes, which features the tweet in question, was made before the like could be removed (warning:  the content featured in the archive is not safe for work).

Following the incident, Senator Cruz has released an official statement, in which he claims an aide with access to his Twitter account was responsible for liking the pornographic content, apparently by accident. The staffer in question was said not to be acting with malice, and it is currently unclear whether or not their apparent mistake will be met with any consequences, such as losing access to Cruz’s account, or outright firing. Cruz has yet to reveal the identity of the aide in question.

Cruz himself approached the situation with humor, stating “This is not how I envisioned waking up this morning.” He continued, “Although I will say that if I had known that this […]

2508, 2017

Recent Arrest of Anti-Statue Activist

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Nothing like prefacing a “peace rally” with “TAKE IT DOWN” followed by three exclamation points. Bit of a mixed message there.
A group calling itself FIT (Fighting Injustice Together) seems to be advocating the desecration of a cemetery, along with the removal of another statue, in their flier:

What makes this even more interesting, is that FIT founder, Bruce Wilson, was arrested two months ago and charged with kidnapping, domestic violence and three counts of child neglect. But yet, it is statues which are apparently offensive, not how you allegedly treat women and children.

According to WSPA:
Greenville County sheriff’s deputies say Wilson assaulted the victim multiple times and held her against her will before she managed to flee the home and drive to the Greenville County Law Enforcement Center.
In a statement released from Greenville County Sheriff:
Deputies learned that while operating the vehicle, the children were not restrained and Wilson did place the children in danger by driving erratically in an attempt to stop the victim on the roadway.
The victim referred to is apparently Wilson’s wife as another arrest was immediately made seemingly in conjunction with this incident, where a man by the name of  Joseph Bledsoe (referred to in a story by WSPA as the boyfriend of Wilson’s wife) was accused of ramming Wilson’s car.

In a bizarre twist in the second arrest, Bledsoe held a press conference about the incident, in which Derrick Quarles (founder of Upstate Black Lives Matter) attended and was arrested on the spot for “Failure to Appear in court on charges of Obtaining Goods Under False Pretenses.”

Yes, the problems in our society would be so few and far between if only statues were removed from cemeteries. The so-called peace rally to be held tomorrow […]

1508, 2017

Shot Across the Bow

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The City of Aiken, South Carolina saw a surprising victory play out on Tuesday, August 8th as their City Council Republican primary races came to a close and it became clear that the citizens of Aiken wanted some fresh talent in their local government. In District 4, incumbent Reggie Ebner had decided to step down and Ed Girardeau walked into his seat unopposed. In District 5, it was a three way race to replace retiring incumbent Steve Homoki, which was ultimately won by Andrea Gregory. In District 6, incumbent Philip Merry tried and failed to defend his seat from local businessman Ed Woltz, who came away the victor, unseating Merry after just one term on the City Council. While Woltz has a Democratic opponent in the upcoming General Election, Gregory and Girardeau do not, and all three are likely to take their new seats on the Council with little difficulty. This is a replacement of half the council.

Most summer races get little attention and the candidates find themselves struggling to raise awareness, but things were different this year in Aiken, as several issues were coming to a head. The current City Council has been attempting to develop a parking garage in the center of downtown Aiken as part of their Renaissance Project. Also up for construction is a new municipal building, which would house 60 employees if completed. Between these two ventures alone, the Renaissance could cost millions of dollars, and many people in Aiken were concerned with both the price tag and the City Council’s inability to prove the need for these new additions. There were calls for a referendum on the Renaissance Project, for the entire thing to be decided by a vote […]

608, 2017

Phillip Merry – For It before Against It

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All politics are local… or maybe they should be. A look at a small town race where something very typical is going on; developers interests are seemingly being put before the interest of citizens.
Tensions are rising in Aiken, SC, as the District 6 City Council race heats up ahead of this Tuesday’s Republican Primary Election. One of the most hotly contended issues has been the Renaissance project, which seeks to significantly alter the downtown area by adding an unnecessary parking garage in place of a historical landmark. Republican candidate Ed Woltz has been strongly against the garage and his campaign has reflected that. In response to Woltz’s continual call to halt the Renaissance Project – and thus the garage – the incumbent, Phillip Merry, has been vociferously denying that he was ever in favor of the parking garage, going so far as to send out a piece of mail listing his former support of the garage as “false news.”

There’s just one problem:  Anyone can easily look back at old news articles in which he was cited as clearly in favor of the project.

Back on April 27, 2015, the Aiken Standard ran an article in which they discussed the then new – and now controversial – hospitality tax in Aiken. According to the Standard, the tax was introduced by Merry himself with the explicit intent of using it to fund the parking garage.


The same mailer in question also claims that Merry has not supported tax increases—another blatant mistruth, as evidenced by Merry’s decision to not only vote for but to suggest the hospitality tax. Further examinations of Merry’s other recent campaign activities and public appearances give the impression that he would like to distance himself from […]

1106, 2017

Taxpayer Funded Depiction of Trump Assassination

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Shakespeare in the Park is a public theater group that decided to re-write a play about Julius Caesar so a Donald Trump look-a-like can be stabbed on the senate floor.

The theater group, still refers to the main character as Julius Caesar and never say that he is Donald Trump, but they do seem to go out of their way to imply it.

In the original play, Caesar’s wife is not present for the stabbing, but she is in this play (Melania look-a-like with heavy Slavic accent).

In another scene, “Caesar” is holding a cigar in one hand and grabbing the woman’s crotch with his other hand. “Caesar” sports strawberry blonde hair along with a modern suit and red tie.

When “Caesar” is murdered, those stabbing him to death are all woman or minorities.

Even though Shakespeare in the Park receives taxpayers funding, it also has private sponsors, some of which consist of:

Bank of America

The New York Times

American Express


The play opened two weeks ago (May 23) and is scheduled to run through June 18, being performed in New York’s Central Park.

106, 2017

Ethanol Explosion Kills One, Injures Others

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Yet another ethanol explosion has happened in the past few hours and where most of these explosions have been happening during the shipment of ethanol, this one happened in a processing plant, killing one worker and injuring several others, along with knocking out power for most of the town of Cambria, Wisconsin.

“We are praying for our team,” Riley Didion, the president of Didion Milling, told WISC-TV. “There’s a lot we don’t know right now. Our prayers are with everyone.”

Ethanol is a byproduct of corn used as fuel and is highly volatile.