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2401, 2017

Judicial Reform: Appearance of Impropriety

By |January 24th, 2017|South Carolina, State|Comments Off on Judicial Reform: Appearance of Impropriety

Judicial Reform: Appearance of Impropriety

Every year when the South Carolina Legislature goes back into session, there’s a number of things that always happen; the calls for Judicial Reform being among them. Each year, many activists as well as those who feel they’ve been screwed over by the judicial system begin screaming for reform only to be largely ignored.  Who can blame them for trying when no other state selects judges the way South Carolina does?

Legislators appoint judges, many of whom are attorneys, and then those attorneys continue to practice law bringing cases before the very judges they have employed. How can anyone going up against a lawyer/legislator possibly get a fair hearing? At the very least, it screams with the appearance of impropriety making it impossible to determine whether or not there was favoritism if you lose to such a system.

And, what about those seeking to become a judge, like Grace Knie of Campobello? Over the past few years, she and her husband (Patrick) have donated a lot of money to legislators and candidates to become legislators.  If we only focus on the donations which really matter, those to legislators who are currently serving and actually have a say (vote) on whether or not Knie becomes a judge, donations totaling $11,300 have been made to the following 19 legislators:

*Scott Talley (R) = $700
*Mike Gambrell (R) = $250
*Luke Rankin (R) = $500
*Gerald Malloy (D) = $500
Vincent Sheheen (D) = $1,000
*Katrina Shealy (R) = $250
Glenn Reese (D) = $1,000
John Courson (R) = $250

Derham Cole (R) = $750
Gilda Cobb-Hunter (D) = $1,100
*Gary Clary (R) = $2,000
Michael Anthony (D) = $250
Neal Collins (R) = $250
Justin Bamberg (D) = $250
Christopher Hart (D) = $100
*Eddie Tallon (R) = $400
Harold Mitchell (D) […]

1309, 2016

Candidate without a County: Kim Murphy Rises Again

By |September 13th, 2016|Education, Politics, South Carolina, State|Comments Off on Candidate without a County: Kim Murphy Rises Again

An amazing story of public school and statehouse corruption.
This is a long read, but if you don’t already know Kim Murphy’s story, you should get comfortable and take it in.

(Article by Thomas C. Hanson from a telephone interview with Kim Murphy Sept 8, 2016)
Kim Murphy is running against 16-year incumbent Chairman Robert Gantt for a Richland County seat on the Lexington-Richland 5 School Board, from which Gantt had her ousted mid-term in 2013, claiming she was not a resident of Richland County, based on a county boundary manufactured by state mapping between the two counties. The board had Murphy removed and essentially disenfranchised 6,000 people who voted for her.

Murphy took her ouster to Circuit Court, but Judge DeAndrea Benjamin, wife of Columbia Mayor Stephen Benjamin, ruled in favor of the district. Murphy is appealing that decision.

On Aug. 18, 2016, Gantt filed a petition with the Richland County Election Commission to have Murphy removed from the November ballot. However, the Richland elections board voted 3-1 Aug. 30, that Murphy is indeed a resident of the county, and she will be allowed to run for the Richland County seat on the Lexington-Richland 5 board. Samuel J. Selph, elections board director, wrote to Chairman Gantt that the board “denied your Petition to disqualify Mrs. Kim Murphy as a qualified Elector in Richland County.”

Murphy filed to run six minutes before the filing deadline Aug. 15. No one else had filed for the seat.

Murphy was first elected to the school board in 2010, despite efforts of the board to defeat her. She garnered 43 percent of the vote against Gantt in 2004. No one challenged her residency in either of those elections. She has lived in the same location in […]

908, 2016


By |August 9th, 2016|Football, Sports, State, Texas|Comments Off on LONGO’S ROAD TO SUCCESS (PART I of IV)

Over the past year, I have been privileged to study the Air Raid offense through various experiences – observing the Eastside Eagles and Rich Hargitt, reading books, watching coaching videos, and talking with coaches on twitter as well as one on one. I had the chance to interview the Offensive Coordinator at Sam Houston State, Phil Longo. Located in Texas, SHSU is one of the premier FCS programs in the country and has both played and won more games in the last five years except for North Dakota State. Coach Longo is an excellent coach who has enjoyed many successes as a coach in both well known and less known places. In order to understand his successes, we must understand his coaching history.
Before Sam Houston State – The Beginning
Before arriving at Sam Houston State, he has coached at the FCS non-scholarship level, Division III, and Division II levels. His break into coaching came when he received an internship with the Philadelphia Eagles. His head coaches as college players were John Bunting and KC Keeler. John Bunting was the defensive coordinator for the Super Bowl Champion Rams, and Bunting helped him obtain the internship with the Eagles. KC Keeler is now the head coach at Sam Houston State and has helped Longo throughout the years.

Longo was the most successful coach in Parsippany Hills High School’s history for four years and then became the offensive coordinator at William Patterson University, a Division III school in New Jersey.
‘One of the Best Coaching Jobs We Ever Did’
His career then took a different turn as he moved up to a unique level of football – the FCS non-scholarship level. This is a […]

308, 2016

Recipe of Champions (Recruiting) Part III of III

By |August 3rd, 2016|Football, Real Deep, South Carolina, Sports, State|Comments Off on Recipe of Champions (Recruiting) Part III of III

Clemson Tigers: Recipe of Champions (Recruiting) Part III
The final ingredient to a recipe of champions is the players that choose to come to Clemson University. As the well-known football saying goes, “It’s about Jimmies and Joes, not X’s and O’s”. Any college football team needs depth and talent in order to compete for conference and national championships, and recruiting is how the players are acquired. Since there is no draft, it is up to coaches to convince teenagers into playing for their program for the next few years. Once the players are on campus, the coaches must help the players develop to the best of their ability. While rankings don’t matter once you are on campus, the talent base a team draws in has a correlation to their level of success. Regardless, recruiting is the lifeblood college football and if you can’t recruit, you can’t coach.

In order to fully appreciate how far Clemson football has come, lets take a look at the recruiting classes from 2002 onwards (when data was consistently available). It is worth noting that in 2001, Clemson signed the third best player in the country in WR Roscoe Crosby whom had a mental breakdown and did not pan out. Here is a chart of the recruiting classes from 2002 until 2008, when Coach Tommy Bowden was fired. The data is drawn from 247Sports Composite Rankings:

5 Star
4 Star
3 Star








Swinney first came to Clemson in 2003 and was the WR coach and recruiting coordinator. It is obvious that it took some adjustment for him to get the hang of the job because the 2003 and 2004 classes were mediocre. It appears that in 2005 he finally found his niche, because he pulled in top […]

3007, 2016

Barilovits on Greenville Health System Takeover

By |July 30th, 2016|Health, South Carolina, State|Comments Off on Barilovits on Greenville Health System Takeover

Tom Barilovits speaks to Greenville County
Republican Women’s Club on the
Greenville Health System
Takeover/Monopolization Plan
and Obamacare 
Here is the text of Mr. Barilovits’ speech:

Before covering my main topic today, I would like make an important point about our Republic.

Simply put, we cannot just elect good people to federal, state and local offices and expect utopian outcomes. That is fantasy.

We all must actively and personally communicate with, manage, assist and inform our lawmakers, public commissioners and other public boards members on a constant basis. Our failure to do that is the root cause of many of our problems today.  If we don’t do this, others will. They are called lobbyists.

It is no different when we hire employees—we must actively manage, train, monitor and communicate with those employees, if we want good results. When we elect our lawmakers, we are hiring them.

I am just an ordinary citizen from Simpsonville who decided to get involved with local issues like the GHS attempted takeover the Greenville County EMS last year. That led me to dig into my main topic today: The Greenville Health System Takeover and Monopolization Plan

Founded by a 1947 state law as a taxpayer-owned political subdivision of South Carolina (like a school district), the Greenville Health System (GHS) has grown into the largest hospital system in South Carolina with 15,000 employees, $2.5 billion in revenues and eight medical campuses spread out across six counties in the Upstate. Over the last five years, GHS has been on a buying binge, acquiring numerous independent medical clinics throughout the Upstate and two financially struggling hospital systems in Oconee and Laurens counties. This shopping spree has given GHS a monopolistic 70 to 80 percent market share throughout Upstate, but it also has pushed GHS into a troubling […]

3007, 2016

SC Pension Under-funding

By |July 30th, 2016|South Carolina, State, Taxes|Comments Off on SC Pension Under-funding

Curtis Loftis: Pension Under-Funding
is Biggest Tax in State History
By Thomas C. Hanson (
South Carolina Treasurer Curtis Loftis spoke to the Greenville County Republican Women’s Club July 28 on unclaimed money and state’s underperforming pension system, which he has sought to repair.

Loftis said that when he took office in 2011, the SC Treasurer’s Office had not had a full GAAP (Generally Accepted Acounting Principles) audit in 27 years. “There’s not a businessman in the world who could get by with that,” Loftis said. Now, with the audit, and other procedures he as has implemented, he said “the protection level of your money is tremendously better than it used to be.”

The Treasurer’s Office has $525 million in unclaimed funds that it seeks to return to individuals and businesses. Here is the link to check if you have funds that can be returned to you.

SC Treasurer Curtis Loftis on unclaimed money and state’s under-performing pension system from Thomas Hanson on Vimeo.

Loftis said that the state’s pension system is a mess, and explained that seventy percent of South Carolina’s retirement money is sent off-shore, where they have different laws and accounting rules. Loftis started repairing this system, and said that he gets good press outside of South Carolina, but within the state, “media tends to go with the establishment, and the establishment says everything is fine.” However, five years later, an independent legislative audit council has agreed that because of poor investment decisions by the investment commission, the pension system has under-performed $7.1 billion.

They have implemented measures to repair the system. Fees that were $465 million a year have been dropped to $300 million, and Loftis expects them to go lower. They have fired managers and renegotiated contracts.

The […]

2007, 2016

Recipe of Champions: Clemson Tigers – Part I of III

By |July 20th, 2016|Football, South Carolina, Sports, State|Comments Off on Recipe of Champions: Clemson Tigers – Part I of III

Throughout the years, Clemson football has varied between average, good, and great. Clemson has had excellent coaches such as John Heisman, Frank Howard, and Danny Ford; and won the national championship with the young Ford in 1981. Clemson is not a traditional blue blood in the vein of Michigan, Alabama, Texas, USC, or Notre Dame; instead the Tigers reside in the next tier down. This tier is the schools that have storied football programs in their own rights, but not the schools that dominated the twentieth century. This is not to put down Clemson’s incredible achievements, but instead to give an accurate historical context of where the Tigers stand.

Currently Clemson is in a golden age of football, playing at possibly the highest level the Tigers ever have. The Tigers are certainly the most consistent they have ever been in their history under Coach Swinney, so how has Clemson created a recipe of Champions?


Clemson has always loved football, but support from administration has varied throughout certain decades. Ever since Coach Bowden took over and was embarrassed to show the locker room to recruits, so much has changed. Death Valley has had facelifts, the press box was changed from below average to enjoyable, the locker room has been remodeled and the West Zone was born. A new indoor practice facility was built, and now an over-the-top football operations facility (complete with a new weight room) will be completed within a year. While throwing money at something doesn’t solve all problems, it certainly helps in the facilities department. Facilities are so finicky and ever changing that a school does not need to have the absolute best ones, they just don’t need to be sub par.

Outside of facilities, Clemson […]

507, 2016

To Play and To Serve – English Chooses Air Force

By |July 5th, 2016|Football, Maryland, Sports|Comments Off on To Play and To Serve – English Chooses Air Force

One of the most patriotic signing decisions
of all time can be credited to Beau English,
a 2017 two star quarterback
from DeMatha Catholic.
DeMatha is the three time defending state champion (two championships behind the arm of Beau English) in Hyattsville, Maryland. On July the 4th he revealed his final school from a list of three finalists – Army, Air Force, and Navy. English chose to go to Air Force which is his father’s Alma mater. Within the neat story, it must be clarified that he was not pressured from his father as he chose to follow his footsteps.

Beau started playing football when he was five as he played both quarterback and defense. He eventually specialized as a quarterback, but he strives to keep a balance in his play style. English prides himself on being an all-around quarterback who is able to run and pass with equal ability; as the first play in his highlight reel shows:

While English is not a highly ranked recruit, he looks to transition seamlessly in the Air Force offense. While Air Force uses the flexbone a la Georgia Tech, they also have more diversity in their offense and will use different formations at times.

He started receiving interest once he became the starting quarterback as a sophomore. Navy gave him his first offer and then he acquired offers from Army and Air Force. Headlines from earlier in the process predicted him staying in Maryland to attend Maryland, or attending Army. English investigated all three schools and he visited all three service academies. His father helped him and presented him with facts, but he did not pressure or influence him in his decision.

English had positive words to say about all of the academies. He loved […]

2605, 2016

Haley’s Massive Violations of the South Carolina Constitution

By |May 26th, 2016|Constitution, Politics, South Carolina, State, State Senate Races|Comments Off on Haley’s Massive Violations of the South Carolina Constitution

Patricia Wheat holding press conference in Spartanburg today on this subject. Press conference will be at Daniel Morgan Square at 4PM

The following is by Patricia Wheat

Nowhere in the US Constitution is the Federal Government given authority over immigration, migration or importation.  However, the States have not done their duty in these matters or in upholding nor creating an entity to do the duty of the State in immigration, migration or importation but Art 1 sec 9 recognizes that States hold authority in these matters, not the Federal Government who only has authority to set rules for naturalization.   Perhaps this fell through the cracks because Art 1 Section 8:15 has not been fulfilled in over 100 years.


At the urging of the United Nations and the regime of Barack Obama, not the people of South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley has engaged in activity that is beyond the authority of her office in accepting said “refugees” into South Carolina.  She implanted a state refugee plan without doing any projections or impact investigation. This action endangers the very fabric of our culture and will change the daily life of South Carolinians.

By making this unlawful agreement, Governor Haley has violated our State Constitution in several ways:

Article 1 Section   All political power is vested in and derived from the people only, therefore, they have the right at all times to modify their form of government.

Nowhere in the enumerated powers of the Governor is authority to engage in unilateral agreement with any foreign, State of Federal government nor the UN.
Article 4 Section 18 She has failed to recommend for consideration by the General Assembly
Article 12 Section 1, the General Assembly is to determine appropriate actions and agencies, their […]

2405, 2016

Stack the Deck and Never Lose

By |May 24th, 2016|Politics, South Carolina, State|Comments Off on Stack the Deck and Never Lose

Let’s imagine a scenario in a courtroom…

You’re finally suing that backstabbing good-for-nothing what’s-his-name who wrecked your car, blew up your house, and kicked your cat on the way out.  After all these months, he will at last find justice, or at least what semblance thereof the state can provide.  As you take a seat, you see what’s-his-face’s lawyer talking to the judge.  But wait, his lawyer is a senator, and serves on the Judiciary Committee, where he appointed the very judge he’s now trying a case before, and yep…  You’re screwed.

Or, perhaps you’re a business owner (there are still a handful in America) and the State claims you owe $4000 in court fees for each of the tens of thousands of letters you sent to potential clients, because they claim your marketing department didn’t dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s (an actual case being appealed in SC right now). The case was initiated by the former Attorney General.  Across the room sits the AG’s hand-picked lawyer who funded his campaign, and who just hi-five’d the similarly hand-picked judge. They’re getting bonuses today. You’re surrounded by lawyers who are also politicians – your two favorite kinds of ‘business partners’ – who collectively elect, fund, and personally appoint one another, and yep… You’re screwed.

That will be $327 million please! You can make the check out to the State of South Carolina, and then we’ll write a massive check to the attorneys so they can continue to fund our election campaigns!

Of course, in Upstate South Carolina, the facts are stranger than fiction.  Two elections are underway (and very soon to be resolved) in which there are bold conflicts of interest between judges, lawyers, and the […]