1902, 2016

Behind The Scenes Of The High-Tech Golf World

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We don’t usually associate golf with high-tech equipment and cutting edge gadgets. It’s a lazy Sunday morning away from the technology of everyday life. The entire point of golf is to reconnect with nature, not tech! We know that football and the Super Bowl is pretty high-tech, but golf? However, there are some fantastic technology products helping take the game to the next level. If you want to be the best in the game, gadgets can help you get there. Today, we’re going behind the scenes, and looking at the next-generation technology pushing the game further and further.

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First of all, let’s look at the clubs themselves. Modern clubs are so much more than simple metal and wood. There’s a reason why the best clubs cost in the range of $5,000 each! High-tech golf clubs are accurately designed to improve your swing, and improve your game. How? Well, they use a sophisticated MOI technology. MOI stands for ‘moment of inertia’. The best clubs have a high MOI, meaning you’re likely to hit the ball, even if you have a sketchy swing! You most often find this technology in drivers, but a similar stabilizer effect is happening in the best putters.

Just as the clubs are optimized for better performance, so are the best golf balls in the game. Now, if you’re hitting the driving range, you probably don’t want to waste your money on high-tech golf balls. However, if you’re playing a high-stakes 18-hole round, you’ll want the best balls possible! You might not know this, but different balls are optimized for ability. Some balls are harder, and optimized for high speed swingers. Others feel softer; perfect for low-speed swingers and beginners.

Let’s face it, we all […]

1002, 2016

Andy Griffith Advising Cam Newton

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We love Cam Newton and perhaps some criticism is deserved and some isn’t… but on Facebook, user (Gilly Kidd) thought a good Andy Griffith life lesson was more in order.  In the first two days his simple video creation has received three million views… after all, think what you want about Cam, but who doesn’t love Andy Griffith?


Just made this, Andy Griffith giving Cam Newton some advice 󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴󾌴

Posted by Gilly Kidd on Monday, February 8, 2016

802, 2016

Super Bowl Debrief

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The Carolina Panthers were an excellent team
but sometimes records do not tell the whole story.
The Pythagorean Wins Formula is much better for determining how good a team is. The Carolina Panthers scored 500 points on offense and had 308 points scored against them. The Broncos had 296 scored against and scored 355. The formula is: (PW = (pf^2.37)/(pf^2.37 + pa^2.37) x 16 to get your total wins. The Panthers had 12.15 Pythagorean wins while the Broncos had 9.7 wins. This suggests that the Panthers were the significantly better team but that both teams were overrated. The caveat to this is that the Broncos switched between two quarterbacks in Peyton Manning and Brock Osweiler while the Panthers started hot and slowly lost players due to injuries.

Since the Pythagorean Wins Formula established that the teams were both overrated but that the Panthers were better – how did the Panthers lose? Most losses are caused by multiple factors that compound and eventually send the house of cards tumbling down. Carolina was not a fraud and was the second best team, but at some point the math catches up.

Injuries are not the most important reason, but they are an important factor when playing almost twenty games in a year. The Broncos only had one major contributor out for the Super Bowl – Tackle Ryan Clady. The Panthers lost Kelvin Benjamin before the season but as the season wore on two key players were lost for the season at the same position, cornerbacks Bene Benwikere and Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman. Cornerback Robert McClain did not record a defensive statistic until Week 17, and he had to face a combination of Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas. It did not help that the […]

2601, 2016

NFL Group Think

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NFC Champions: Football Principles
we can learn from the 2015 Carolina Panthers
The NFL is a league that has similarities to George Orwell’s 1984. The same retreads are recycled over and over again, the same concepts are run by every team, and there is an NFL group think mindset. Occasionally players or coaches break the mold of the league but are destroyed unless they destroy the competition. Then the others adopt and take credit for the innovator’s ideas. The Carolina Panthers have stormed their way to 17-1 and a Super Bowl by being unique. The NFC Championship game against the Cardinals was a lesson on how NFL teams should operate, and certain principles can be drawn from this game to apply to the league as a whole.

Dual Threat Quarterbacks Are An Advantage

The NFL is in the midst of this transition but it took over a decade for the league to truly evolve. Mathematically, a dual threat quarterback makes you play eleven on eleven football as opposed to ten on eleven. The pass rush is not as simple as attacking with interior or edge pressure and watching the quarterback cower. Cam Newton is both quick enough to evade sacks and strong enough to extend the play and throw. In pass coverage the defenders must stay disciplined and with their assigned man or zone. When Newton recognizes that he can’t pass, he takes off for a first down. The quarterback must be a suitable passer and growing pains will occur, but Newton has become so proficient of both a passer and runner that there is no way a defense can win: (http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2016012401/2015/POST20/cardinals@panthers#menu=gameinfo%7CcontentId%3A0ap3000000627858&tab=videos )

College Football Principles Can Work in the NFL

The NFL has long engaged in the group-think lie that […]

2501, 2016

Clemson Players and Draft Decisions

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Clemson Players and Draft Decisions: Rights and Wrongs
This only takes into football factors into consideration. This does not take into account financial situations or academic situations. Peyton Manning (for example) chose to stay for his senior year when he would have been the number one overall pick, as have other notables.
Leaving Players

Mackensie Alexander –

Mackensie is the definition of a lockdown corner. He is widely regarded as the number one or two cornerback in this draft class and he has two years of stellar tape. He is my number one cornerback and he has elite man coverage skills.

Shaq Lawson –

First team All Americans with his draft projection, film, and measurables don’t stay unless they want to enjoy college. He will enjoy a long career in the NFL and could be better than Vic Beasley.

Kevin Dodd –

He only has one year of tape as a starter, but it is impressive tape that improved as the season wore on. Word has it that some teams are grading him above Lawson. He is 24 right now and would have been 25 if he had stayed, so that further helps his decision to go. Six months ago declaring would have been absurd, but he made a lot of cash this season.

Zac Brooks –

He is a late round prospect at best, and that is being extremely optimistic. Brooks could have started as a graduate transfer next season but he chose to go to the NFL instead. He showed flashes his entire career but never started consistently. Brooks has enough talent to go to training camp, make the practice squad, or be a reserve running back. But he was injured at the most inopportune times, including a season […]

2401, 2016

Final Four: Hating on the Carolina Panthers Continues

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We are down to the final four teams with the AFC and NFC Championship Games being played today.

I don’t believe any team could possibly have been dismissed more this season than the Carolina Panthers. Many sports commentators were referring to them as “the worst four and 0 team in the NFL” early in the season. Even though the Panthers would win one game after another, week-after-week, the media would remain dismissive and most would pick against the Panthers.

I’ve heard “the Carolina Panthers haven’t played any real teams this season” a few times even though they beat teams like the Seattle Seahawks (twice) and Green Bay Packers.

So here we are, at the NFC Championship Game. It’s being held in Charlotte (because the Carolina Panthers earned that) so they will have a home field advantage. The Carolina Panthers, led by Quarterback Cam Newton, didn’t lose a game this year until Week 16 when they lost in Atlanta to the Falcons, ending the third longest winning streak in NFL history. The Carolina Panthers haven’t lost a home game since November 16, 2014 (also to the Falcons).

Yet… in watching Inside the NFL last night on Showtime, all three picked Arizona Cardinals over the Carolina Panthers. It’ll be interesting today to watch the talking heads on CBS and Fox later today as we head into the games. If I were a betting man, I would place a bet that the majority of commentators will pick the Arizona Cardinals over the Carolina Panthers. For whatever reason, they simply do not like Carolina.

Who’s NOT picking Arizona over the Carolina Panthers, the bookies! If you want to bet on the game, there is a four point spread with the Carolina favored meaning those […]

2012, 2015

Norman vs Beckham

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Field Goals with William Corbin presents:
Norman and Beckham fighting on the field during Panthers / Giants game.
Coaches across the country are frustrated with Odell Beckham Jr’s (OBJ) one handed catches and some have resorted to making kids who show off with one handed catches do push-ups. Now coaches have another reason to be upset at Beckham: Fighting.

The highlight in this game was not the battle between the whistles but the extracurricular activity between Josh Norman and Beckham. Beckham claims that “the second guy gets caught.”

This was unusual and out of bounds of how football is played especially at the NFL level. Norman says that if Beckham was a defensive player that he would have been ejected.

Here are videos of the three main altercations:

#SuspendOBJ (part 1) pic.twitter.com/tHFtxvburY
— CAR Panthers News (@CarPanthersNews) December 20, 2015

#SuspendOBJ (part 2) pic.twitter.com/SosllO1xsd

— CAR Panthers News (@CarPanthersNews) December 20, 2015

#SuspendOBJ (part 3) pic.twitter.com/3GvCR32xyk
— CAR Panthers News (@CarPanthersNews) December 20, 2015

Josh Norman is regarded in the league as a trash talker who some would regard as troubled. He has excelled this season and embraces the use of trash talk to take his opponents off of their game. He is arguably the best corner-back in the NFL this year (definitely top five any way you can break it down).

Odell Beckham Jr. has had one of the best first two years in NFL history. In 26 games he has an astounding 182 catches for 2701 yards, over 100 yards per game, and 25 touchdowns. He has patented the one handed catch which made the cover of Madden 16 and was key to their new improvements in the game. Beckham caught six passes for 76 yards with a long of a 40 yard touchdown which is […]

1109, 2015

Revenge Tour: New Side of Eastside

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Watch out! Here comes Eastside!
I wanted to learn more about the Air Raid offense, so I was awake at six thirty in the morning on one of my last days of freedom before fall classes begin again. I drove the forty minutes from my house to Eastside High School and witnessed something more interesting and more important than the Air Raid passing concepts of Flood, Stick, or Smash.

The grass was wet from the dew of August and the humid heat beamed down on this large grassy field. I did not know a single soul there but I was looking for the offensive coordinator Rich Hargitt. I introduced myself to the man I found on Twitter of all places, met the other coaches, and observed the military-like organization of the stretching routine.

From there I learned various minute details that non-players would never think about and realized the amount of detail and precision that go into the game of football. I observed head coach Steve Wilson install stunts to the defensive linemen so well that I knew what every stunt involved by the end of that period.

The day wore on as I continued to soak in the football knowledge I was privileged to be able to observe. The guys grew tired and didn’t meet the tempo expectations of Coach Hargitt. He confided, “This, Mr. Corbin, is called dragging a–.” Followed by, “You won’t see this in a couple of weeks,” he stated with confidence. He then ordered the entire offense in an impromptu set of up downs which resembled a form of torture. After three long hours, the practice ended in FSU drill – four downs, ten yards, and winner takes all. The defense won on fourth […]

2008, 2015

Carolina Panthers Preseason Review

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Carolina Panthers: My thoughts as we head
into preseason game 2 with the Miami Dolphins.
Panthers football is back and Premium News Network has you covered with in depth analysis by yours truly. I also like paying close attention the the thoughts of fans regarding the NFL and the Carolina Panthers and value the feedback and opinions. The Panthers are back-to-back NFC South Champions – but last year was not pretty at all with an 8-10 record (7-9 regular seasons).

Preseason football does not matter for the established veterans on the same team or concerning wins and losses. The preseason is a great time to evaluate rookies, new players, training camp bodies, potential guys on the bubble, and get excited about football! Little game planning is done as it is more about what the players actually accomplish. Without any further ado, here is Panthers football debut on Premium News Network!
Thoughts by Position
Quarterbacks: Cam had some terrible overthrows (think way beyond the receiver) and this has plagued him since his electric debut in 2011. This concerns me, especially since he is completely healthy (for the first time) and has yet to fix this problem. Fortunately for the Panthers, Cam is always off in the preseason (including his rookie year), but shows up big come Week 1. To be fair, Cam’s attributes are not conducive to the preseason – scrambling, extending the play, and throwing lasers across the field. Cam did go 4-4 for 68 yards and a TD in his last drive. Derek Anderson did not look particularly sharp which is surprising since he is one of the best backups in the league. He made some nice fade throws – but he caused two “delay of game” penalties and […]

2307, 2015

Real Deep with Jovan Haye

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“I cried after the first day when I didn’t get drafted.” ~ Jovan Haye
“I moved to America when I was six years old. In Jamaica we were poor – you fended for yourself. You cooked outside, butchered your own meat, had your own garden, used an outhouse and took a cold shower.” Jovan Haye described his early childhood in Jamaica before moving to the United States. He wants better for himself and his family, and he perseveres for it daily. His advice to me was “It’s gonna be tough, but keep believing. Fight the good fight. It will build character and manhood or womanhood. Always strive to better yourself, and strap on your boots.”

Jovan Haye was recruited by many top level programs such as Miami, Ohio state, and Michigan because of his abilities on special teams. He turned down these offers to go to Vanderbilt because “I’ve always believed in being different.” This includes being dyslexic.

He made noise at Vanderbilt and decided to go professional instead of play his senior year. He does not regret his decision because he would rather lose at the highest level than to play at college. But this does not erase the false promises of the draft process. “I had people saying I would go late first to early second round, no later than the third round. I cried after the first day when I didn’t get drafted.” The draft was split into rounds 1-3 on day one and 4-7 on the second day. He didn’t care about the money involved with a higher draft slot; he just wanted to be justified in leaving for the NFL. But then the fourth round went by. His feelings went from confident to […]