1205, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Eric MacLain on Panthers MiniCamp Roster

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You will hear it hear first from William Corbin on PNN:

Eric MacLain will go to the Panthers Rookie mini-camp this weekend and is very excited for this opportunity!

605, 2016

NFL Draft Results and the Clemson Tigers

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Nine Clemson players were selected in the NFL Draft from April 28th through April 30th in Chicago. Some surprising things happened to the Clemson players on draft day both positive and negative. Clemson was projected to have anywhere from one to four first round picks but only ended up with one. However the Tigers had three second round selections and nine in total, almost tying the school record of ten in 1983. They also had the second most players drafted (beating Alabama), only losing to Ohio State whom basically had an NFL roster, especially on defense. Thus, a player by player analysis is in order.

Player: Shaq Lawson

Team: Buffalo Bills
Selection: First Round, 19th Overall
Pre-Draft Early Declaration Grade: 5 Stars
Post-Draft Early Declaration Grade: 5 Stars
Analysis: The Bills did not care about his shoulder injury that may require surgery because they were in shock that he fell to the nineteenth pick. If viewed from a lens of wanting to be highly selected, the draft did not work out for Lawson because of various factors including the Laremy Tunsil video. Aside from money reasons, Buffalo is an excellent landing spot for him and he should thrive there. I was nervous about him playing outside linebacker in a 3-4 scheme but he should be able to transition well. He will make an instant impact in the Bills defense as both a run defender and a pass rusher. This is a rare case where the best player available was at a position of need so this is a match made in heaven.

Player: Kevin Dodd

Team: Tennessee Titans
Selection: Second Round, 33rd Overall
Pre-Draft: Grade: 4 Stars
Post-Draft Grade: 4 Stars
Analysis: Kevin Dodd was not on […]

2804, 2016

Panthers Draft Preview

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The NFL Draft is upon us and Premium
News Network is here to keep you informed!
We will keep you updated on where every Clemson player lands, all of the players the Carolina Panthers take, and much more. Stay tuned throughout the weekend and follow @corbinnfldraft for even more opinions, information, and hot takes.

Panthers Draft Preview: The Carolina Panthers have the thirtieth overall pick in a 31 selection first round as the New England Patriots forfeited their selection from Deflate Gate. It is impossible to take more than a shot in the dark at who the Panthers will take since twenty nine teams pick before them. What it is possible to do is to take a look at positions of interest and who the Panthers could target. The Panthers famously do not draft on need and instead draft to a ‘best player available’ policy. In his press conference last week, Gettleman addressed how in his first year he made a mistake by selecting Edmund Kugbila over AJ Klein in the fourth round (they ended up getting both).
Primary Needs
Cornerback: This is the most prolific of the Panthers needs because of the Josh Norman fiasco. The Panthers have slot cornerback Bene Benwikere who is coming off of injury, Brandon Boykin, and journeyman Robert McClain leading the group along with other roster fillers. The good news for the Panthers is that this draft is chock full of cornerbacks to select. The consensus top prospects are Vernon Hargreaves, Mackensie Alexander of Clemson, William Jackson III, and Eli Apple. Mackensie Alexander would be an excellent player, but I’m not sure if he as a man cover corner fits in the Panthers’ primarily zone scheme. Eli Apple has a super high bust […]

2204, 2016

TJ Green Scouting Report

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Name Position School: TJ Green – Safety – Clemson
Games Watched: Alabama, Louisville, Florida State

Measurables: Green is 6 foot 2 inches and has 32 inch arms while weighing in at 209 pounds. He ran the fastest 40 time in NFL history for a safety at 4.34 seconds. He could play wide receiver, cornerback, safety, and return man at the next level. He also had an elite broad jump at 129 inches and a solid vertical at 35.5 inches. His bench press time was weak but it is not as vital to the type of player he plays as because he relies on speed and instincts. Green is more of an athletic freak than Kearse despite the label being placed on Kearse.

Strengths: He has elite speed and the 4.3 forty time was not a fluke because it showed on the film. He also has elite acceleration which lets him play up close and close holes in the run game, come off the edge in the passing game, or cover down the field. He has excellent instincts and can track the ball well. He has the range to cover the entire length and width of the field. He has the ability to flip his hips and run in coverage which is crucial.

Weaknesses: He made several mental errors in coverage which were devastating to Clemson. He is not good at playing the deep ball and can get burned, the cardinal sin for a safety. He has a slender frame which can be blown up by linemen. His tackling is adequate at best and a liability at worst. He did manage to solo tackle Derrick Henry at the line of scrimmage.

Summary: TJ Green is a one year starter at the […]

2204, 2016

Jayron Kearse Scouting Report

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Jayron Kearse – Safety from Clemson
Games Watched: North Carolina 15, Florida State 15, Notre Dame 15

Measurables: Kearse is an athletic freak at six foot four and 216 pounds. He ran a 4.62 forty time and a 7.06 three cone time. Despite this, he struggles in changing direction fluidly. He has arms as long as offensive linemen at 34 and a quarter inches long.

Strengths: Jayron Kearse has an intimidating size coupled with great speed and acceleration. He has the ability to punish receivers with huge hits. He theoretically can cover well although his lack of agility hurts him in this aspect. He is the nephew of Jevon “Freak” Kearse and inherited his athleticism.

Weaknesses: He has elite athleticism but does not use it. His size causes him to not be that agile. His tackling is terrible because he arm tackles, tackles high, or flat out misses the tackle. He does not have instincts and hesitates to get involved in contact. He also had a couple of tackles that could be penalties because they were on the head or shoulders. His angles are terrible and often times he runs straight into the blocker. He cannot disengage blockers. He will often hit the wrong hole when it is a running play. What is most frustrating about him is his effort. While taller players give the illusion that they are loafing because of their long legs, with Jayron Kearse it is not an illusion. You could visibly tell a difference from when he was ‘on’ and ‘off’. That is one of the worst traits a player can have.

Summary: Teams should not touch him until the sixth or seventh round and even then it would need to be in an established […]

1704, 2016

Carson Wentz is Rising up the NFL Draft Boards

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 Can Carson Wentz become a Franchise Quarterback?
Name Position School: Carson Wentz, Quarterback, North Dakota State

Games Watched: Jacksonville State, North Dakota, Northern Iowa

Measurables: Wentz is six foot five and a solid two hundred thirty three pounds with excellent ten inch hands to go along with his frame. He ran a 4.77 forty which is slightly faster than Goff but not enough to turn heads or cause a defense to have headaches. Wentz has the ideal body to play in the NFL, but he also had a broken wrist that caused him to miss a large chunk of the 2015 season. His measurables are excellent for a prototypical NFL quarterback.

Strengths: Wentz has an adequate arm that can make every throw in the book but it is not a very good arm. Wentz can lead a comeback drive and can lead a team to victory. He does not make many boneheaded throws and usually makes the right decision. He can work through progressions and

Weaknesses: Wentz is not a fast processor of information and in the NFL that problem will be magnified. His arm strength is only okay and will not be able to challenge defenses on all levels of the field in a dangerous manner. In addition to not processing information fast, he also has extremely slow feet in the pocket and cannot reset as fast as Goff can.

Summary: Usually small school prospects are more polished because of the continuity on the staff and the benefit of staying in school or four to five years but Wentz looks to be an exception as he is raw. Wentz checks many of the prototypical boxes that a team values in a prospect but he does not have the mental side […]

1704, 2016

NFL Draft – Is Jared Goff ready for Prime Time?

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Why Jared Goff could be an NFL Franchise Quarterback
Name Position School: Jared Goff, Quarterback, California

Games Watched: Utah, USC, Air Force

Measurables: Goff is six foot four which is a good height for a quarterback. He is not in the extremely tall range where quarterbacks often struggle (like Ryan Mallett at six foot six) but he is not too short to struggle in the NFL (sub six foot). His frame is smallish but he survived his time behind a horrendous offensive line at California. A NFL weight room and conditioning program will serve him well as he prepares to start sixteen games. His hands are small at nine inches but it is not an absolute death knell for a quarterback like it is portrayed to be. He ran a 4.82 forty time.

Strengths: Goff is often knocked for playing in the Bear Raid (a take on the Air Raid) but he shows the mental tools needed to succeed in the NFL. He has extremely quick feet as he moves through his progressions. He can work through progressions both in trips formations to one side of the field or in two by two formations (two receivers on each side of the offensive line) looking at the whole field. He often throws his receivers open and anticipates when receivers will be open. An excellent example of this was when he threw a go (streak) route for a touchdown in the Utah game when the receiver was merely half a step ahead of the cornerback and he placed the ball perfectly. In another example from this game, Goff play action fakes to the running back only to find him being trapped by a defender. He spins out of a sack and […]

1604, 2016

Trading the Farm

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Does Trading the Farm Work?
Analysis of the Blockbuster Rams – Titans Trade
Four years ago, the Rams held the second overall pick and traded back to sixth with the Redskins so they could select Robert Griffin III (RG3). Now the Rams paid the painful price to move up from fifteen to one to select a quarterback in this year’s draft.

The terms of the trade were the Titans receiving the 15th (1st round), 43rd and 45th (second round), and 76th (third round) selections this year from the Rams as well as their 2017 first and third round picks. The Rams receive the first overall selection from this year as well as the Titans’ 113th (fourth) and 6th (sixth) round selections this year. These types of trades usually leave the team moving up devoid of a core to build around the player (usually a quarterback).

However the Rams four years ago moved from second to sixth to fourteenth and received a bounty of players. The Rams selected Michael Brockers, Janoris Jenkins, Isaiah Pead, Rokevious Watkins, Alec Ogletree, Stedman Bailey, Zac Stacy, and Greg Robinson as a result of the big trade and the smaller trades with those picks. Michael Brockers turned out to be a solid defensive tackle for the Rams. Janoris Jenkins was a very good player before he left this off-season to get paid by the Giants while Isaiah Pead was a disappointment who is now with the Dolphins. Watkins is out of the NFL. Ogletree is an average player while Stedman Bailey was an okay player who got shot in the head and looks to make a comeback this year. Stacy was very good in 2013 and dropped off in 2014 before the drafting of Todd […]

1204, 2016

Clemson Spring Game

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A record fifty thousand fans clad in orange came
to watch a hundred odd college football players
don the orange and white to play in
a game where the score doesn’t matter.
The Orange team won 17-9 but what matters is the performance of individual players. Of course Deshaun Watson will light up the defenses, but what is more important is how the younger players and backups played.

The good performances:

Adam Choice showed why he won more awards at the 2015 Team Banquet than Deshaun Watson as he cemented his status as the backup behind Wayne Gallman. Choice showed impressive acceleration and selected the correct holes to run through. While Wayne Gallman should be the entrenched starter it has nothing to do with Choice’s performance, especially coming off of an ACL tear. Choice could start on most teams in the country and should have a heads up on the starting job if Wayne Gallman likely leaves after this year.

Ray Ray McCloud shined as he caught three passes for 98 yards and a touchdown including a sixty one yard pass where he had a step on the defender, Watson dropped it in the bucket, and he beat the tackle to score. McCloud showed many facets of his game including his ball skills, agility, and speed. Something to note is that McCloud is not that tall yet won on the deep balls thrown to him. Artavis Scott is already an All ACC player, but he excelled in both the receiving and returning games this Saturday. He showed a willingness to play larger than his size and break tackles until the end. To be fair, the special teams were diluted so many players could play according to Coach Swinney.

The Davis twins have […]

2803, 2016

Shaq Lawson Scouting Report

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Image Credit: TigerNet.com
Clemson University’s Shaq Lawson
Scouting Report
Shaq Lawson will forgo his senior season at Clemson and opt for the NFL draft.

Measurables: Shaq Lawson checks in at six feet and 2.75 inches and weighs at 270 pounds which are solid measurables for an NFL end. His arms are shorter than the NFL pedigree which is 33 inches while he has 32.75 inch arms. This is some cause for concern because he could struggle with NFL tackles that have longer arms. His 40 time at 4.70 seconds is adequate, and his ten yard split is 1.63 seconds. His bench press abilities are unknown because he did not lift at either the NFL combine or the Clemson pro day. His vertical jump was 33 inches and his broad jump was 120 inches. His shuttle time was 4.21 seconds while his cone time was 7.16 seconds. The measurables are not the most important part of an evaluation but it can alert teams to red flags or athletic freaks.

Games Watched: Florida State, North Carolina, Alabama, Notre Dame

Medical: Note that he was injured during the Florida State game and again during the Oklahoma game. He played the Alabama game at around fifty percent and he had a shoulder issue from his freshman year that was tagged for recheck at the combine. He turned out to not need corrective surgery. He has mild medical concerns but nothing that will have his stock slide.

Strengths: Shaq Lawson uses his hands well and has a variety of pass rush moves in order to beat offensive linemen. He can choose to go around or through you, but he is not exceptional at either. His spin move is excellent. It appeared that his first responsibility was to […]