Little League Coach: The Best Gig In The World

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There is no greater honor than that of influencing, educate, motivate and inspire the precious asset on the planet, our children. That is why being little league coach is one of the greatest and one of the most humbling responsibilities any adult can ever hope to achieve.

It doesn’t matter if you set out to become a little league coach from a young age, or from the moment you first became a parent. Nor does it matter if this all happened from a momentary loss of sense when you signed your little one up for the tea, and then ticked the box that said you willing to coach, not believing you would ever be asked in a million years.

Whatever the reason you ended up in this hallowed role, don’t worry, because we are here to help you become the ultimate little league coach, we are here to help you have some of the best times of your life and – with the right tips, tricks, equipment, and advice – you’ll be able to pass the torch onto the next generation, and see them adopt a real love for the sport you coached them through.

Know The Rules

If you’re coaching little league, then chances are you either have an idea of the rules or you have been sent a pack that contains a list of the rules, which can chop and change depending on what age the kids in your team are. What’s more, the rules are probably not going to be the same as the ones the MLB follow and adhere to, the rules you actually know. So make sure you sit down in the evenings and understand what is considered acceptable at the level you […]