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How To Be A Successful Team Player In Sport

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There are very few sports that don’t involve some level of teamwork. From basketball to soccer, the team will perform better when each player has the capacity to work well with others. Being selfish, or focussing solely on individual strengths is not going to cut it when playing a team sport. If you are somebody who wants to take all the glory, you should probably get into golf instead.

If you are currently involved in a team sport or are thinking about joining a club local to you, the following are what you need to focus on to become a better team player.

Focus on ‘We’ not Me’

A ‘me’ player is somebody who thinks only of themselves. They want to be the one who scores the goal on the field, they want to hear the crowds chanting their name, and they want to be the recognized face of their team. These people are not team players, and will probably be universally disliked by fans and other players alike. On the other hand, ‘we’ people understand their specific role within the team. They play in support of others, knowing when to pass the ball for example, rather than always being in control of it. There will be individual victories within a game, but it’s team glory that matters above all else.

Take time to practice

Nobody wants to be the weak link within a team, so practice is crucial. Not only will you become a better individual at the sport, but you will learn how to work better in a team as well. Whether you spend time practicing with your teammates off the field or attend academies such as the FCBC Canada soccer camps, focussing on your skillset will […]

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Get Into Golf: the Easy Way to Start Playing

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Golf has long been a favorite pastime of people all over the world. Pretty much every US president of the last few decades has spent their free time playing golf (some more than others). Even though it’s often seen as a sport only accessible to the rich, country-club set, anyone can get into golf if they desire. You just need to know how to get started and where to go. Once you start playing golf, you could realize that it’s a relaxing way to spend your weekends, and a gentle way to exercise too. If you want to give it a try, here’s how you can start officially calling yourself a golfer.


Try a Taster Session

If you’ve never played golf before, an excellent way to get started is to try out a taster session. Many golf clubs and courses hold regular events where you can go along and give it ago for a few hours. It’s a good way to get just a taste of what playing golf is like, without having to commit to anything. You can also consider the possibility of taking a beginner’s course, which will allow you to get a bit more in-depth. You can learn a few more things, and get a bit more time to play. Plus, you can meet other beginner golfers too.

Play a Few Rounds

Once you’ve got a feel for the sport, and you understand the rules, it’s time to start playing. You probably don’t want to join a club just yet, so find somewhere that non-members can play or make friends with someone who has a membership and can bring guests along. You don’t have to do a full 18-hole course right away. A shorter 9-hole game […]

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Back to Running

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I haven’t run in three years and I’ve been missing it terribly for quite some time and was searching for some motivation to get back to it. Then, I drove right by the place where I first got into running, and thought, “I should go back there.”

It’s been 20 years since a guy I worked with (who was in the Marines) asked me to go run with him, as he felt he needed to train a bit for an upcoming exercise.

I said, “Sure, but I haven’t run since I was in the military, so I’m not certain how I’ll hold up…”

Across the street from his home, was a sidewalk, and if you followed it all the way around the property it encompassed, it was basically a one-mile loop. We ran a couple of laps, after work, several times a week.

My shins would hurt each night after running. I was naïve and thought that was just normal pain anyone must get when doing this. When I mentioned it to a friend who ran all the time, he asked me about what I was wearing (pointing at my shoes). When I told him, I was running in the same cheap tennis shoes that I was wearing all day to work in, he basically laughed at me before instructing me to go buy some “real” running shoes.

The next night after two laps (wearing a pricey pair of new Adidas), the Marine stopped, and I said, “I think I’ll run just one more lap…” but it was like I couldn’t stop myself and ran five more laps for a total of seven miles.

Someone suggested that I keep training and run a half marathon, so I did… training on that […]

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Are You a Spectator But Not a Player? How to Get More From the Sports You Watch

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There is nothing wrong with being a devoted spectator of sports. In many ways, it’s better them actually playing them; besides, who enjoys all that activity and sweatiness? It’s definitely better to kick back and watch sports, while occasionally shouting at the players and coaches for not doing what you want them to. That’s what sports all about.

However, things can get a little stale if you don’t take steps to improve your sports spectating experience. Here are some of the things you could do if you’re struggling for ideas.

Think You Know More Than the Coach? Then Put Your Tactical Ideas to the Test

It’s hardly uncommon for sports fans to think they know better than the coach of the team they support. That’s pretty much the default setting for most sports fans, and there is nothing wrong with that. You might even be right! If you want some added sports fun, you just need to try out your tactics and put your self-confidence to the test. There are plenty of fantasy leagues for you to participate in. And there’s also a growing number of sports management simulators you can play on the computer, so what are you waiting for?

Build a Home Entertainment Setup Designed for Sports

The home entertainment setup you have in place will have a big impact on how much you enjoy watching sports at home. No one gets to the game every week, so it’s important to have a suitable setup at home that you can rely on. Make sure that you have a good TV that’s able to handle fast action. Some TVs don’t handle motion so well, and that has a big impact on the quality of the image when you’re watching […]

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The Importance of Activities and Sports for People Who Hate Sports

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There are some people who just hate the idea of playing sports. This can lead to them doing not much activity at all, and that’s a problem. So, how do we get around this issue? This is where the importance of sports that are not seem as conventional sports come into play. To learn more about why this issue matters and why it’s important right now more than ever, read on.

Some People Just Hate Competition

The main reason why many people just hate the idea of playing sports is that they don’t like to get competitive. This is something that comes down to personality. Some people either love the idea of taking on other people and beating them, while others just can’t stand it. It might be because of the pressure or the intense rivalry. Either way, it’s simply not something that’s for everyone.

It’s important to promote activities to people that don’t require competitiveness. These sports do exist, and it’s important that people know about them. Dance is an example of an activity that involves intense workouts but doesn’t actually involve any rivalry or competition. And there are many other such examples that people can make the most of.

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Activity is Essential in the Public Health Battle

So, why does activity even matter than much? Shouldn’t we just let people get on with living their lives the way they want to live them? Well, that’s a nice idea. But the world is currently in the middle of a public health crisis, and this battle needs to be won. Around half of the major health conditions that people experience can be attributed to lifestyle. And how much activity you do is a big part of that.

We could cope […]

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US vs. UK: Differences in Sports Culture

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Every country has its own sports culture. Within larger countries, it can also vary from one end of the nation to the other. It’s always interesting to note the differences between countries in any area and sports is no different. People love to compare the UK and the US, from a sense of humor to food. Where sports is concerned, there are some significant differences.

The Sports

An obvious difference between the two countries is the preferred sports. American football is clearly big in the US, but it doesn’t really register in the UK, especially when two types of rugby are available. The US loves baseball and basketball, while the UK prefers soccer and cricket.

Professional Levels

In the US, high school and collegiate sports are a big deal. You can get a full ride at college if you’re good enough at your chosen sport. In the UK, people are much less interested in the lower levels of sports, although they might attend events for younger players, especially because they’re cheaper.


Sporting events are often big social occasions in both countries. But while Americans love to engage in tailgating and socializing around the stadium, Brits are much more likely to fill out local bars and pubs. Perhaps this is partly because stadiums in the UK are often more central and easily accessible by public transport.

Betting Odds

If you enjoy placing a sports bet every now and then, it’s important to note the differences between the US and the UK. Betting odds work differently in each country.


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Why Is MMA Is World’s Fastest Growing Sport?

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Mixed martial arts (or MMA for short) is an adrenaline-fuelled sport that pits two fighters against each other in a ring. Due to the various different fighting styles and weight classes, it’s an incredibly exciting sport to watch and it’s easy to become attached to a fighter and support them due to their choice of martial art or their story. Fighters can compete with almost any martial art known; karate, boxing, kickboxing, muay thai, tae kwon do and even wrestling are all allowed in the world of MMA.

In the United States, MMA is currently more popular than both NASCAR and even NHL and it’s incredibly popular among teenagers and young adults. But what has led to this incredible growth and why is MMA now the world’s fastest growing sport?

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It moved out of the underground

MMA was very popular in the past but it took some time to become a mainstream sport. Because there weren’t many regulations, MMA wasn’t allowed on pay-per-view television. In response to this, organizers began to regulate various things in the MMA scene. For instance, they created weight classes that were used to categorize the fighters and make the sport easier to follow for the masses. Its underground reputation gave it a cult following that eventually spread to the general public, and it’s now an easy-to-watch sport that is enjoyed by everyone around the world.

Gambling and gaming

As with a lot of sports that involve physical contact, there have been many video game incarnations of MMA that have been popular with gamers. This draws their attention to the sport itself and could convince them to watch MMA or get involved with the scene. In addition, since MMA is a sport there are many […]

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Little League Coach: The Best Gig In The World

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There is no greater honor than that of influencing, educate, motivate and inspire the precious asset on the planet, our children. That is why being little league coach is one of the greatest and one of the most humbling responsibilities any adult can ever hope to achieve.

It doesn’t matter if you set out to become a little league coach from a young age, or from the moment you first became a parent. Nor does it matter if this all happened from a momentary loss of sense when you signed your little one up for the tea, and then ticked the box that said you willing to coach, not believing you would ever be asked in a million years.

Whatever the reason you ended up in this hallowed role, don’t worry, because we are here to help you become the ultimate little league coach, we are here to help you have some of the best times of your life and – with the right tips, tricks, equipment, and advice – you’ll be able to pass the torch onto the next generation, and see them adopt a real love for the sport you coached them through.

Know The Rules

If you’re coaching little league, then chances are you either have an idea of the rules or you have been sent a pack that contains a list of the rules, which can chop and change depending on what age the kids in your team are. What’s more, the rules are probably not going to be the same as the ones the MLB follow and adhere to, the rules you actually know. So make sure you sit down in the evenings and understand what is considered acceptable at the level you […]

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Coach Longo Part IV of IV- Situations in Coaching

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Play calling

Play calling makes your life easier. If you are in this coverage then I have certain things I will run but I’m not going to go to a ‘cover X beater’. I don’t want to make a play call BE wrong. This way if I don’t make the best call they can still have a high probability of success. I’m in the minority, I have heard a lot of coaches say that play calling is overrated or not as important but I disagree because I know how difficult this is. I’m a much better play caller now than before. It comes from instinct and knowledge. I take that part of my job very very seriously because if I don’t it can negatively effect a game. I don’t make a play call without watching the opponent inside and out. I want to have knowledge of what the defensive coordinator wants to do. Yes we need to know what coverage or down linemen they are in but the human nature aspect is more important. You can play four cover two teams in a row but each team they are going to play it differently because of details – everybody has their own take on it. Even if you coach it the same way the players may play it differently. So instead of coaching out of a rigid playbook we approach it this way. Here is your route. If the corner attacks you do this, bails you do that, runs with you do this. What matters is what a player does. Just because a linebackers coach teaches them to read the offensive line and not the backfield, that doesn’t mean that’s what they do. Even though the […]

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Coach Longo Part III of IV – The Air Raid Way of Life

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In Part III, Coach Longo discusses the Air Raid offense!
Air Raid Takes: Leach and Kingsbury

The greatest coaching influence I have is the Air Raid purist, Mike Leach. Mike is still running what he ran ten years ago at Texas Tech. When I visit with him each year I am reminded of one of the main rules of the Air Raid, and that is to remain simple in order to be really good at a few things. In his world they can beat anybody with what he is running, it doesn’t matter what he calls, they can beat any coverage. It comes at a high premium because it is hard to play instinctively at a high level consistently. He caters to his talent base and he wants to be really good at a few things. The other influence I have is Kliff Kingsbury at Texas Tech, he was Leach’s quarterback at Tech. Where Kingsbury excels is that he thinks outside of the box, he is the master of game planning and wrinkles. He is not restricted by what people say you can do. He is as good as it gets with game planning outside of the box and offense, putting the defense in conflict and getting the ball in space. They are two high-character guys, two of the best people in college football. They are also exceptional coaches and surprisingly humble for their success. They have been really good to me both personally and professionally. How much can you ask for when you embrace somebody’s approach for an offense?

Air Raid Theory

We at Sam Houston State are no different than Mike Leach’s offense. We are going to run a few good plays that will beat the defense […]