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1508, 2016

Documents Given to FBI by Sheriff Chuck Wright’s Opponent

By |August 15th, 2016|County, Politics, Sheriff|Comments Off on Documents Given to FBI by Sheriff Chuck Wright’s Opponent

Sheriff’s races tend to get nasty and Spartanburg County is no exception. A yet unnamed person delivered approximately 2100 documents to Russell Lynch who is currently running as an Independent in the Sheriff’s race against incumbent Sheriff Chuck Wright (Republican). Election to be held in November 2016.

The Lynch Campaign released the following press release today:
Spartanburg, SC – Russell Lynch, candidate for Sheriff of Spartanburg County, was contacted August 3, 2016 by a person who felt he was in possession of some information that might be of interest to his campaign. Lynch met this person on August 9, 2016 and was given a jump drive containing approximately 2100 documents, mostly emails. Upon review Lynch was immediately aware that the correspondences were in reference to several different instances of possible unethical behavior, up to and including misconduct in office, by the current sheriff, Chuck Wright, and persons within his administration. Wrongdoings are for occurrences ranging from disregarding procurement ordinances to accepting gifts and benefits, all appearing to be outside the parameters of the South Carolina ethics laws. Lynch spoke with the person who gave him the jump drive several times over the past week, at which time he was also told of other instances of additional unprincipled behaviors by Sheriff Wright. Lynch states that nothing was asked for in return for the jump drive and nothing was offered. The person has agreed to cooperate fully with authorities in the investigation into these allegations. A copy of the jump drive was turned over to the FBI in Columbia this morning, August 15, 2016.
We contacted Sheriff Chuck Wright for a comment regarding this and he simply responded with, “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Editor’s Note: Attempting to fairly report and […]

1108, 2016

YouTube Labels Trump Video Inappropriate

By |August 11th, 2016|Culture, National, Politics, Presidential|Comments Off on YouTube Labels Trump Video Inappropriate

It is mind-boggling how much YouTube has become part of our society.  Last year, I read somewhere that Google was the number one search engine (no surprise) but the number two search engine was YouTube – a website which was designed for videos, not to compete with Yahoo, Bing, or Google had risen to be the second most-used search engine on the internet. That’s pretty incredible.

There’s not much you can’t find on YouTube, from old full-length television shows to thousands of home-made DIY instructional videos. Forget about the radio, you can play non-stop music videos on YouTube.

There’s also simply no shortage of stuff that’s not useful; stupid videos, crude videos, and nearly any level of material that someone could find inappropriate.  Of all the videos I’ve ever watched on YouTube, the first time I ever saw the following screen was when I attempted to watch a Donald Trump video called the Vicious Snake.

The video has been out for several months and has nearly 5 million views (at the time of this writing). The content of the video is largely Donald Trump reading an old poem while playing mainstream media news clips.

So what’s offensive about the content that it has to be marked “inappropriate”?

Is it offensive because it’s Donald Trump reading the poem?

Is the poem supposed to be offensive to people who like snakes?

Or… could it be that the subject matter in the news clips is; destructive muslim refugees?

Perhaps, if snakes could possibly be offended, then they could be offended by the comparison of themselves to muslims? But, snakes don’t watch YouTube silly, so that can’t be it.

Video embedded below bypasses the content warning – click here to view directly on YouTube.

606, 2016

Evert’s Electables – June 2016 Primary

By |June 6th, 2016|Politics|1 Comment

Evert’s Electables
Republican Primary
June 14, 2016

For candidates already in an office, I have been able to check voting records. My comments reflect their voting records over the course of their tenure.
For those who have never run for office before, and who claim a position, I will state their claim, but understand I have nothing by which to verify that claim.
Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. A photo ID is required to vote in South Carolina.

This year there are two important dynamics running in the primaries: 1) Democrats will be voting in Republican primaries; 2) Many of the social conservatives and Tea Party conservatives have opposition. Many of them have been targeted by the Chamber and other business interests. Nationally, the Chamber of Commerce has targeted Tea Party and non-establishment Republicans for not supporting amnesty. The Chamber and the big-business interests wish to use immigrants to drive wages down. They know immigrants will be willing to accept one-third of the pay a citizen will accept and they’d like to make that wage the new standard. They are also very upset with the Tea Party for removing Boehner and for not cooperating with the president on a host of legislation, like ObamaCare and the Pacific trade pact. Lastly, they are upset with states that wish to protect the religious liberties of their citizens. So understand that the Chamber of Commerce may not support or endorse someone who has a pro-business voting background if that candidate is a social or a Tea Party conservative. Also understand that in the last election cycle many outsiders and Tea Party candidates were elected. The establishment has decided to take those people on, especially in the […]

2605, 2016

Haley’s Massive Violations of the South Carolina Constitution

By |May 26th, 2016|Constitution, Politics, South Carolina, State, State Senate Races|Comments Off on Haley’s Massive Violations of the South Carolina Constitution

Patricia Wheat holding press conference in Spartanburg today on this subject. Press conference will be at Daniel Morgan Square at 4PM

The following is by Patricia Wheat

Nowhere in the US Constitution is the Federal Government given authority over immigration, migration or importation.  However, the States have not done their duty in these matters or in upholding nor creating an entity to do the duty of the State in immigration, migration or importation but Art 1 sec 9 recognizes that States hold authority in these matters, not the Federal Government who only has authority to set rules for naturalization.   Perhaps this fell through the cracks because Art 1 Section 8:15 has not been fulfilled in over 100 years.


At the urging of the United Nations and the regime of Barack Obama, not the people of South Carolina, Governor Nikki Haley has engaged in activity that is beyond the authority of her office in accepting said “refugees” into South Carolina.  She implanted a state refugee plan without doing any projections or impact investigation. This action endangers the very fabric of our culture and will change the daily life of South Carolinians.

By making this unlawful agreement, Governor Haley has violated our State Constitution in several ways:

Article 1 Section   All political power is vested in and derived from the people only, therefore, they have the right at all times to modify their form of government.

Nowhere in the enumerated powers of the Governor is authority to engage in unilateral agreement with any foreign, State of Federal government nor the UN.
Article 4 Section 18 She has failed to recommend for consideration by the General Assembly
Article 12 Section 1, the General Assembly is to determine appropriate actions and agencies, their […]

2405, 2016

Stack the Deck and Never Lose

By |May 24th, 2016|Politics, South Carolina, State|Comments Off on Stack the Deck and Never Lose

Let’s imagine a scenario in a courtroom…

You’re finally suing that backstabbing good-for-nothing what’s-his-name who wrecked your car, blew up your house, and kicked your cat on the way out.  After all these months, he will at last find justice, or at least what semblance thereof the state can provide.  As you take a seat, you see what’s-his-face’s lawyer talking to the judge.  But wait, his lawyer is a senator, and serves on the Judiciary Committee, where he appointed the very judge he’s now trying a case before, and yep…  You’re screwed.

Or, perhaps you’re a business owner (there are still a handful in America) and the State claims you owe $4000 in court fees for each of the tens of thousands of letters you sent to potential clients, because they claim your marketing department didn’t dot all their i’s and cross all their t’s (an actual case being appealed in SC right now). The case was initiated by the former Attorney General.  Across the room sits the AG’s hand-picked lawyer who funded his campaign, and who just hi-five’d the similarly hand-picked judge. They’re getting bonuses today. You’re surrounded by lawyers who are also politicians – your two favorite kinds of ‘business partners’ – who collectively elect, fund, and personally appoint one another, and yep… You’re screwed.

That will be $327 million please! You can make the check out to the State of South Carolina, and then we’ll write a massive check to the attorneys so they can continue to fund our election campaigns!

Of course, in Upstate South Carolina, the facts are stranger than fiction.  Two elections are underway (and very soon to be resolved) in which there are bold conflicts of interest between judges, lawyers, and the […]

705, 2016

Are Lawyers People Too?

By |May 7th, 2016|Politics, State Senate Races|1 Comment

Attorney John White and his Pay-to-Play Politics…
The title of this article may seem like a strange question to be asking, but you’ll get the point in a moment.

When the former South Carolina Attorney General (now Lt Governor) Henry McMaster was awarding very large state contracts to Attorney (now senate candidate) John White; White and his law partners, in turn, made substantial donations to Henry McMaster.  The Wall Street Journal exposed this in a 2009 article where they noted:
Mr. White’s law firm contributed the same amount on the same day, and Mr. White later added a personal maximum donation. All told, the law firms, their lawyers and spouses have contributed more than $60,000 to Mr. McMaster since 2006.
You wouldn’t think something like this would even be legal and as much as some people have been clamoring for Ethics Reform, that will likely do little-to-nothing to stop such activity of profiting off the state while in office.  And should Ethics Reform on this level even be required when, as the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) points out:
Consider due process. Both the U.S. and South Carolina constitutions make clear that the state and its lawyers must be guided by justice and the public interest, not monetary gain.
So it would seem a mechanism is in place to protect the people from such activity, right? So do we need more laws to protect the people from this sort of thing? Well… as the WSJ also eloquently states:
In 1991, South Carolina passed a law specifically prohibiting individuals with no-bid state contracts from donating to officials in a position to act on those contracts. Mr. McMaster claims the law doesn’t apply to lawyers, despite clear language (“any person”) to the contrary.
White claims he […]

2104, 2016

John White made $2.3M off the State in 2015

By |April 21st, 2016|Contested Races, Politics, South Carolina, State, State Senate Races|1 Comment

Trial Attorney John White addressed a downtown Spartanburg women’s group Monday night and was asked about his Statement of Economic Interest (SEI) and the fact that he made $2,335,462.41 off the state of South Carolina last year.  White wasn’t familiar with his own SEI and had to borrow a copy from the audience member asking the question. Upon reviewing his own SEI, White began defending the lawsuits in such a way that he was justifying it as though he’d done the state a huge favor with all the money he’d won for the South Carolina.

At one point, Representative Doug Brannon jumped in, in an effort to assist White asking, “Mr. White, thank you for your service to the state of South Carolina, could you please estimate, just in the past five years what amount of money that you, and/or your firm have indirectly contributed to the general fund in the state of South Carolina.”

Trial Attorney John White, looking uncomfortable with the question, estimated the figure at a quarter billion dollars.  White bragged about having worked with six different South Carolina Attorney Generals (AG) throughout the past.  What isn’t mention here is how these law contracts have been consistently handed down from AG’s in a no-bid process, meaning with all the thousands of attorneys across the state of South Carolina, John White has consistently been given preference over everyone else. Another important note of interest is that John White and his firm consistently give large campaign checks to those in the position of AG and recently, when Lt Governor Henry McMaster was busted by Ethics, it was because he was found to have taken more money than legally allowed while he was serving as AG, including […]

704, 2016

Press Release: Wheat Versus Shealy for Senate

By |April 7th, 2016|Contested Races, Politics, South Carolina, State, State Senate Races|3 Comments

Patricia Wheat is gearing up her Campaign in Lexington
Patricia Wheat filed to be on the Republican ballot for State Senate District 23

Lexington, SC – Last week, Patricia Wheat made the decision to run for State Senate District 23, a seat currently held by Katrina Shealy.  Since then, she has been busy making phone calls, getting her website up and running, and creating a presence on Facebook. Numerous people have already stepped forward to help with her campaign, all of which helped or supported her opponent four years ago.

“She has completely forgotten about the grassroots folks who helped her get where she is,” stated Wheat in regards to Senator Shealy. “She has gone from being pro-gun to anti-gun and from being anti-tax to actually promoting tax increases.  That wasn’t the representation the good people of Lexington County voted for and quite frankly, we deserve better.”

Patricia Wheat is laying out her strategy for meeting as many voters as possible between now and the Primary Election which takes place on June 14, 2016.  Where her opponent has played the “gender card” over and over, Wheat wants no part of that, she wants to be elected because she is the best person for the job. Wheat is a “survivor” of domestic violence, refusing to be called a “victim” as she isn’t looking for sympathy but believes her experience and expertise in being an advocate in the field of Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) will go a long way in passing meaningful legislation.

“Domestic Violence laws are being used to disarm entire households upon arrest, before a conviction. What has become law in South Carolina actually increases the risk of domestic homicides,” stated Wheat. “A piece of paper is only a record for […]

2703, 2016

S429 PTSD Bill

By |March 27th, 2016|Editorial, Politics, South Carolina, State|Comments Off on S429 PTSD Bill

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Two State Senators Stand in the Way of Treatment
On February 2, 2015 State Senator Paul Thurmond introduced a bill (S429) to fix a loophole in our state’s Worker’s Comp law. There is also a complimentary SC House bill (H3699). Senator Thurmond was working with Charleston County Deputy Michael Ackerman, who lost his partner and friend on a call when he was murdered in front of him. This bill would provide for PTSD treatment for our First Responders across South Carolina. This includes every Law Enforcement Officer, Paramedic, Firefighter, and EMT. These folks report to duty everyday to keep us and our businesses safe.

From Web MD:
Post-traumatic stress disorder, also known as PTSD, is among only a few mental illnesses that are triggered by a disturbing outside event, unlike other psychiatric disorders such as clinical depression.

Many Americans experience individual traumatic events ranging from car and airplane accidents to sexual assault and domestic violence. Other experiences, including those associated with natural disasters, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes, affect multiple people simultaneously. Simply put, PTSD is a state in which you “can’t stop remembering.”

Recently we learned that two State Senators have blocked this bill and are keeping it in the Judiciary Committee. Typical South Carolina politics, right? Senator Ross Turner of Greenville and Senator Shane Massey of Edgefield. Senator Turner has placed a Minority Report on it and Senator Massey is refusing to allow a vote to remove it from the bill so it can move out of committee and to the Senate floor. This bill has bipartisan support. Senator Nikki Setzler (Senate Minority Leader) and Senator Tom Davis (The Senate’s most fiscally conservative member) are among it’ sponsors. There are fifteen sponsors, total. We […]

2303, 2016

Veterinarian Protection Bill is Back

By |March 23rd, 2016|Politics, South Carolina, State|Comments Off on Veterinarian Protection Bill is Back

Senator Danny Verdin is at it again as his
Veterinarian Protectionism bill is back.
Danny Verdin … you know … the SC Senator whose father and brother are veterinarians … just cannot stop trying to interfere with licensed veterinarians who choose to practice medicine in their own way, using a business model that serves clients who choose not to visit the more traditional vet practices. What is WRONG with him??? If more rabies vaccines are given because mobile vets choose a different business model, who does that hurt? Did you know rabies is transferable from dog/cat to humans, to your kids? Why would Danny Verdin want to limit the opportunities for clients to get rabies vaccinations? It’s a public health issue, especially here in South Carolina.

Do you think about the taxpayer burden that is eased by these mobile vets? More rabies shots, and simple preventative medications such as worm meds or flea prevention aids public health, keeps dogs out of shelters (many dogs/cats are turned in because owners cannot afford preventative care, and when their pets get sick they drop at shelters). Who pays for animal control salaries and shelter contracts? Taxpayers.

How about pet owners who choose a mobile vet to purchase their flea medications and parasite preventative … did you know that fleas don’t care who they bite, your cat or your kid? Why would Danny Verdin want to limit a licensed SC veterinarian from helping pet owners? Did you know that there are some worm/parasites that can enter your home with your pet and end up with a human host? Why would Danny Verdin want to interfere with the business models of trained, competent veterinarians who treat their patients by traveling to them instead of […]