1209, 2017

Cruz: Aide Responsible for Accidental “Like” of Pornographic Tweet

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Former presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) endured an amusing gaffe on Monday evening when his official Twitter account liked a short pornographic clip that had been tweeted out by the Twitter handle @SexuallPosts. The clip in question featured what is known as a “cuckold” fetish—in which a person – the “cuck” – views their partner engaging in sexual activity with another partner. The term “cuck” has become a popular insult to lob at politicians on the internet, with many members of alt-right groups using it to attack officials and candidates who they feel are not standing up for their real principals, or merely to jab at people who they feel are weak. The term was applied to Cruz derisively during the 2016 presidential race.

The like remained listed on Senator Cruz’s account for several hours before being removed early in the morning. An archive of Cruz’s likes, which features the tweet in question, was made before the like could be removed (warning:  the content featured in the archive is not safe for work).

Following the incident, Senator Cruz has released an official statement, in which he claims an aide with access to his Twitter account was responsible for liking the pornographic content, apparently by accident. The staffer in question was said not to be acting with malice, and it is currently unclear whether or not their apparent mistake will be met with any consequences, such as losing access to Cruz’s account, or outright firing. Cruz has yet to reveal the identity of the aide in question.

Cruz himself approached the situation with humor, stating “This is not how I envisioned waking up this morning.” He continued, “Although I will say that if I had known that this […]

1109, 2017

Editorial: Understanding Trump’s DACA and Debt Ceiling Strategy

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President Donald Trump’s recent moves regarding DACA and the debt ceiling have left many people, regardless of their political ideologies, confused. After months of constant hysteria surrounding Trump’s supposedly anti-immigrant platform, Trump’s decision to end DACA – the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy which was passed via executive order during the Obama administration – seemed, to many on the left, like confirmation of their worst fears. Trump then made the announcement that he wants to pass a new version of DACA – most likely yet another revision of the DREAM Act (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors), which has been shot down numerous times since 2001 – through congress as an actual law, and his opposition to DACA seems to be primarily because the executive branch does not have the power to institute such a policy. This gave those same people pause. How could this be the man who wants to build a wall on our southern border?

In conjunction with these seemingly contradictory moves, President Trump made good on his threats to work with the Democrats to move his agenda along, which comes following the Republican legislature’s refusal to repeal the Affordable Care Act – known derisively as “Obamacare” – despite the fact that many of these same Republican politicians campaigned on the promise that they would repeal it immediately, and their subsequent refusal to tie debt ceiling approval into a more popular bill for expedited approval. In exchange for freeing up more money for hurricane relief in the face of both hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Trump agreed with Democratic leadership to raise the debt ceiling. This led to one of the most shocking developments of all:  press conferences from Senate Minority Leader […]

3108, 2017

Why Is Violence Such A Commonly Found Political Tool These Days?

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In many headlines lately, most likely brought on by the wider cultural discussion of the very vocal detractors of President Trump, violence is a word on many people’s lips. Recent events in Charlottesville, as well as the picketing and protesting of many conservative pundits, have highlighted the growing cultural and political divide in the country. However, since the dawning of the United States of America, there has always been a difference in opinion and cultural identities.

The whole point of the founding of the nation was that its citizens should have the freedom to openly debate these political issues, in the effort to try and make the best ideas win out. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been the case that these ideas have met peacefully and won through pure merit alone. Some issues, such as the establishment of civil rights for those of all races, were won through repetitive exposure and force. Looking back over history, it’s certain to say that these conflicts resulted in a net positive for the country and general ethical hygiene of its people.

Unfortunately, however, in our mostly peaceful internet climate, violence is being used more than ever to try and back up political points, and the fault lies with both sides of the argument. Recent attacks in Charlottesville have spurned on these issues. While white supremacy is an insidious and hateful problem that needs to be addressed at its root cause, the common means of countering this found today, such as those found in the aptly named ‘Anti-Fa’ groups have not done anything substantial to quiet the fire. In fact, in many cases, they have progressed issues even further.

It would be very wrong to take sides in these instances. Extremism in any […]

3108, 2017

Is The Electoral System Being Rigged?

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During and after the most recent American general election, there were accusations of foul play flying around. Whispers of interference from Russia has been a contentious issue and the validity of Trump’s victory has been brought into question. In the run up to the election, it was Clinton that was accused, and 41% of voters believed that there could have been some kind of election fraud going on. Whether you believe it or not, it highlights an issue that existed long before Trump and Clinton. Mccain accused Obama of benefiting from voter fraud through the Acorn organization and when George Bush was elected for a second time, there were plenty of conspiracy theories about electronic voting machines that had been tampered with. In amongst all of these accusations, and a growing climate of mistrust in the government, it can be difficult to know whether the American voting system can be trusted to give a true representation of the will of the people. So, what’s the truth?

Image From Pixabay

Electronic Voting Machines

Since being the focus of the conspiracy around George Bush’s second election win, electronic voting machines have gathered a lot of suspicions. However, those that are making accusations about Florida in the 2004 election haven’t actually managed to come up with any evidence of tampering. Hacking is another concern that people have but if you look at the facts on Smartmatic, you’ll find that these machines cannot be preprogrammed, they are protected against hackers, and they can be audited after the election to check that there has been no foul play. Those accusations that people are making about tampering with electronic voting machines are not grounded in any truth whatsoever.

Is The System Right?

One of the […]

1508, 2017

Shot Across the Bow

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The City of Aiken, South Carolina saw a surprising victory play out on Tuesday, August 8th as their City Council Republican primary races came to a close and it became clear that the citizens of Aiken wanted some fresh talent in their local government. In District 4, incumbent Reggie Ebner had decided to step down and Ed Girardeau walked into his seat unopposed. In District 5, it was a three way race to replace retiring incumbent Steve Homoki, which was ultimately won by Andrea Gregory. In District 6, incumbent Philip Merry tried and failed to defend his seat from local businessman Ed Woltz, who came away the victor, unseating Merry after just one term on the City Council. While Woltz has a Democratic opponent in the upcoming General Election, Gregory and Girardeau do not, and all three are likely to take their new seats on the Council with little difficulty. This is a replacement of half the council.

Most summer races get little attention and the candidates find themselves struggling to raise awareness, but things were different this year in Aiken, as several issues were coming to a head. The current City Council has been attempting to develop a parking garage in the center of downtown Aiken as part of their Renaissance Project. Also up for construction is a new municipal building, which would house 60 employees if completed. Between these two ventures alone, the Renaissance could cost millions of dollars, and many people in Aiken were concerned with both the price tag and the City Council’s inability to prove the need for these new additions. There were calls for a referendum on the Renaissance Project, for the entire thing to be decided by a vote […]

608, 2017

Phillip Merry – For It before Against It

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All politics are local… or maybe they should be. A look at a small town race where something very typical is going on; developers interests are seemingly being put before the interest of citizens.
Tensions are rising in Aiken, SC, as the District 6 City Council race heats up ahead of this Tuesday’s Republican Primary Election. One of the most hotly contended issues has been the Renaissance project, which seeks to significantly alter the downtown area by adding an unnecessary parking garage in place of a historical landmark. Republican candidate Ed Woltz has been strongly against the garage and his campaign has reflected that. In response to Woltz’s continual call to halt the Renaissance Project – and thus the garage – the incumbent, Phillip Merry, has been vociferously denying that he was ever in favor of the parking garage, going so far as to send out a piece of mail listing his former support of the garage as “false news.”

There’s just one problem:  Anyone can easily look back at old news articles in which he was cited as clearly in favor of the project.

Back on April 27, 2015, the Aiken Standard ran an article in which they discussed the then new – and now controversial – hospitality tax in Aiken. According to the Standard, the tax was introduced by Merry himself with the explicit intent of using it to fund the parking garage.


The same mailer in question also claims that Merry has not supported tax increases—another blatant mistruth, as evidenced by Merry’s decision to not only vote for but to suggest the hospitality tax. Further examinations of Merry’s other recent campaign activities and public appearances give the impression that he would like to distance himself from […]

1106, 2017

Taxpayer Funded Depiction of Trump Assassination

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Shakespeare in the Park is a public theater group that decided to re-write a play about Julius Caesar so a Donald Trump look-a-like can be stabbed on the senate floor.

The theater group, still refers to the main character as Julius Caesar and never say that he is Donald Trump, but they do seem to go out of their way to imply it.

In the original play, Caesar’s wife is not present for the stabbing, but she is in this play (Melania look-a-like with heavy Slavic accent).

In another scene, “Caesar” is holding a cigar in one hand and grabbing the woman’s crotch with his other hand. “Caesar” sports strawberry blonde hair along with a modern suit and red tie.

When “Caesar” is murdered, those stabbing him to death are all woman or minorities.

Even though Shakespeare in the Park receives taxpayers funding, it also has private sponsors, some of which consist of:

Bank of America

The New York Times

American Express


The play opened two weeks ago (May 23) and is scheduled to run through June 18, being performed in New York’s Central Park.

3005, 2017

Senate 3 Strike 3: Dems Are Out!

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As, of this writing, with 42 of 43 precincts reporting, Richard Cash wins with 82% of the vote; 3,034 votes to 679 write-in votes.
For the third time in a row, the Democrats attempt to swipe the SC District 3 State Senate seat from conservative Republicans, and for the third time, they failed.

Last year, during the normal election cycle, the Democrats were busing out in support of Carol Burdette, nearly overcoming a 17 point deficit at the last minute.

In the Special Election this year, it was Burdett again who went into a Republican Runoff Election with Richard Cash and again, there was a large push for Democrats to vote in the republican’s selection process but they fell short again.

With no Democrat on the ballot for the Special General Election, and typically a very low turnout for any election with no opposition on the ballot, the Democrats mobilized for a third time in a year, to undermine the process and elect Burdette via a write-in campaign. There is a sore-loser law in place to prevent such campaigns from being launched by someone who has lost, but that law applies to the individual who lost and not to anyone else who may want to organize such a campaign.

Implementing Registration by Party would go a long way to resolving the shenanigans that go on in races like this.

1105, 2017

The Gas Fee (Tax) Debt Bomb

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Why swapping one three-letter word for another is a BIG deal.
I can’t recall ever seeing such a groundswell of opposition to anything greater than this new 12 cent gas tax being shoved down our throats in Columbia.  By now, many know that the new tax will fund college tuition and many things other than the roads we’ve so desperately wanted to be repaired, but what about them changing this from a tax to a fee?
WARNING: Continuing to read will likely cause a serious increase in blood pressure.
If it had remained a gas “tax” then those in Columbia would be prohibited from using an incoming tax as leverage for more money, but if it is a “fee” then they are allowed to leverage into more money. In other words; they are already planning to use the billions more they are taking from us to BORROW money and put the people in debt billions on top of those billions!

Governor Henry McMaster was obviously complacent in all this or he would have held his vote for the five days and used his bully pulpit to back down a couple more senators. Instead, he quickly vetoed and returned knowing they barely had the two-thirds majority in the senate to override him.

2404, 2017

Driving Democrats and Invoking Jeff Duncan’s Name

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From driving Democrats out to vote in a Republican Primary Election to invoking the name of the very popular Congressman Jeff Duncan:
Political campaigns in South Carolina can rival dirty politics anywhere else in the world (nothing to brag about).
In Carol Burdette’s last run for South Carolina District 3, she was 17 points behind incumbent Senator Kevin Bryant. Her campaign made up most of the difference by driving democrats out to vote in the Republican Primary Election, closing the gap to almost nothing using this unscrupulous (but not illegal) tactic.

Bryant ascended to Lt Governor following the appointment of Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the United Nations and the ascension of Lt Governor McMaster to now Governor. This chain reaction generated a need for a Special Election for the vacant seat in Senate District 3 and Burdette is running again.

Things aren’t looking good for Burdette this round either, so in the last hours of campaigning a robo-call goes out across the district from Friends of Jeff Duncan, encouraging folks to vote for Carol Burdette. Just a minor little problem; Congressman Jeff Duncan had nothing to do with it and with the speed of social media, everyone is learning of it via this Facebook post from Congressman Duncan:


With the Runoff Election taking place from 7AM to 7PM on Tuesday, April 25, the Burdette campaign has been pulling out all the stops.  They also triggered this mailer:

The mailer is blasting Richard Cash for saying that Burdette “Isn’t pro-life.”  The campaign was already reeling from the blowback on this one because Richard Cash had actually defended Burdette as being pro-life which can be seen in the following video.

For the Record

Some people have asked about Carol Burdette’s negative attack ad. It was as best egregiously deceptive or at worst a flat out lie. To set the record straight this is a video of the only statement I have made about Carol Burdette’s pro-life or second amendment record.

Posted by Richard Cash for SC Senate on Saturday, April 22, 2017

But… for the record, we asked the following of Ms. Burdette when she […]